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I'd love to hear how your X8 washes and if it shrinks a bit post hand wash. For what it's worth, my X8 fits a lot like yours and, I think, as intended. I was initially apprehensive about it - and I actually returned my size IV as a result, but I immediately regretted it and picked up another in the same size. I think NAMOR, 90shilling, and nicelynice have it right.
Yes - a Size IV X8 fit well under my Memory coat (as did a medium Scott & Charters crewneck from NMWA), even with the liner. My chest is about 40 inches. Good luck!
I have both. I sized down on my Memory coat (IV) after originally ordering in my Merino size (V). In my view, the Memory has a more generous cut and longer sleeves/body. It also feels larger because of the smaller liner.
I'm late in finding out about the list. I placed an order for a black/black TOJ0 in or around November 2013 ($380). Would prefer my jacket over the money, but also want to support the movement to compel the best possible result.
My wishlist includes camel and another charcoal option.
Spectacular -- same sizing guidance as the original Merino?
Thanks for sharing this info, Kyle. Do you know if sizing is consistent with NMWA's Merino reissue?
Can I trouble you for your height, weight, chest size?
Thanks, Aldenwear -- I actually have the Leffot version of that shoe and love them. I'll definitely check out Carmina as you suggest.
Thanks -- I thought the same thing, but snuff ptb's on double leather or double waterlock have been elusive. Lots and lots of single/flex soles out there, but no doubles. I've hit all of the usual suspects, including Shoemart, Citishoes, Alden Madison, Moulded Shoe, Alden SF, Alden of Carmel, Leffot, Leather Soul, J Crew, etc. with no luck. If anyone knows of a specific retailer that has these, I'd very much appreciate it.
New Posts  All Forums: