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Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 You may know chinos as "khakis", that may be in different colors than khaki. Credit to Get Smart for the example: Gotcha, yeah I think I might go pick up a pair of khakis. Maybe black? I don't like the other colour.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 Do you have chinos? Surely there must of have been some semi-formal occasion for you to attend in your life so far. I realize most 19-year-olds have no concept of appropriate dress, but you did come to the Men's Clothing forum and ask our opinion so you at least appear to want to set yourself apart. I'm sure you could wear your G-Star jeans, Pumas, and D-Squared shirt and your friends would think you look...
Well we're all only 19 years old. I dont think everyones going to be that dressy. Wool pants eh? Any other suggestions?
Okay guys, my friends birthday party is tomrrow. It is a dinner party, but the dinner will be held at a high class/dressy type of restaurant. So I need something I can wear. I don't usually dress up in a dressy type of style. I'm normally rocking my jeans and some zip up top. I need something quick that will make me look "dressy". I was thinking of wearing my G-star jeans and getting a black dress shirt with my real leather puma shoes (harry rosen stuff). What else...
Alright! I'm gonna try his style, now I gotta find myself some cheap small tshirts! Hmm maybe I'll get some puma ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by lowrey they dont look too well fitting. unless your going precisely for a baggy look, I'd look into something else. my opinion is biased though because I really dislike the whole brand it's all good man I bought the right size. I got myself a 29x32 and it fits PERFECT. I love em! Next jean is my PUMA EVISUS!
I have J Lindenberg belts and Guess ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN I wonder how putting raw to the end of the name affects their sales I know eh... Seriously haha. I gotta get some more jeans.
Yeah man. Trust me 335i won't let you down. I love that damn car. It handles like no other. It's 335i or M3. No other! Go with your heart brother. The 335i is simply breathless. Procede Vishnu ECU chip cranks that car to 420HP! The stock 335i can leave a mustang in the dust, the 335i acutally beats SEVERAL cars on the market with the 300hp. I've drove IS + 335i, 335i feels like there is so much power that just goes up, UP, UP! Telling you. Gotta love the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Those aren't raw. the name of the brand is "G Star Raw", one of the most idiotic brand names ever made. Its like changing the name of your car from "Escalade" to "Escalade Hydrogen". Oh wow is it hydrogen powered? No, it's just called Escalade Hydrogen. Yeah I know, they're regular quality jeans. They just call it G-star raw.
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