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last winter they don't have dark chocolate Dalton in my size. this time around there's no North Platte in my size either. I guess I will have to pay full-price for my Dalton...
mine is very similar to the #8 ranger moc that just posted today, but mine is #8 cxl with white eye-lets and white stitching, orange lining, and dove-tail heel tap.I am looking at something a little more business casual so i went with the tempest sole. I guess if you can draw some ideas down on a paper and contact Kyle then he can probably let you know what they have that would best suit ur needs. they have a pretty wide range of color leather. green, blue, orange,...
ya I think i read somewhere that Kyle is looking to get a MTO system to go on their website, but there's no time frame.the #8 cxl looks so good. I can't wait to get my MTO to come in!!
rancourt just released a new green shell 4 eyelet ranger mocs. looks pretty interesting. link to more pics on their site
Pics for north platte on ebay looks exactly like Dalton but with lug soles and 3 speed hooks on the top. I might cop this and a pair of player's in sand/navy/chocolate suede.
I have a pair of pre-owned peal & co loafer in size 10.5E, even though it marks 10.5E but I believe it's a mistake because it fits my 10.5D feet quite well. I wear 10.5D in Alden Barrie last and generally a 11D otherwise. As you can see from the picture there is a scar on the left heel, and some minor scratches which can be buffed off if you use some wax on it. I believe this is on the 314 lasts, the same as C&J Boston/Harvard model. here's a link to the Brooks...
this should be the shoebank sale. I just emailed Edward at Freeport and still waiting on the lists to come thru my email in my sizes.
time to pick up some suits for myself!
Bosh is always soft always sucking at finishing up strong....
it's more likely still going to be 30% plus 15% kicker.
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