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up to 80% off from JCrew? I am definitely going into the city tmrw then.
don't think there will be anything else except the 20% off going on right now as that doesn't expire till 12/28. there might be store sale, but i have no idea about it.
anyone got the matthew 60/40 jacket? i am really liking that jacket, will try to go to the store tomorrow see if i can find any sale in store.
i'll be getting some of those heat tech tmrw.
ya that's what i just got, too. i hope if they further reduced the price then it'd be great with the 40% off. we'll c tmrw.
ya i ended up packing a pair of wingtips and a pair of loafer with one shoe trees. so far it's holding pretty good. i also packed my gym shoes, hopefully i can get to the gym sometime during the holidays.
the grey down jacket is pretty good looking especially with the 30% off, it's a good price.
that's what I did, but the SA never called me back when he said he will call me back, guess they too busy. i ma call again tomorrow.
very good price, comes down to like $186 shipped to the US.
hum, lemme go check it out in NYC. thanks for the info.
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