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Hi SFer I have a NIB Brown Florsheim VEBLEN 10.5D. I bought it not long ago with a good deal but decided I am gonna sell this to get some more casual shoes. This is brand new I only tried on at home. I will ship to you for $100 notice, there seems to have some tiny spots of glue on one of the vamp, but should be covered if you polish it. please pay by paypal gift or 4%.
would they a little more durable than leather sole or they are just about the same?btw, it really looks like topy to me, if it's more of a topy then won't it destroy the leather itself quicker than without it?
does anyone has experience with this sole? Is it good in the rain?
some pictures can definitely help me to decide
ya i think navy on navy is really tough to pull it out. so brown and green is really the debate. if loden green could get slightly darker then I will probably go with it. or I'll just buy brown for now and another pair later.
well, I kinda get the idea that Navy is the best seller, but Navy is such a tough color to pair with "everything," especially when I have so many blue colored chinos/jeans.the Loden Green is really getting a lot of my attention on top of Brown. But I wonder if the color will darken with time. if it will then it might be a good consideration, because loden green does go pretty well with chinos and jeans imo.I like the Cherry color, but....
thanks for the input guys. I ordered #2. This is a pair of Roosevelt Chestnut from Warby Parker. I am aware of the slightly poor quality glasses, but I guess I will try and see how it is. If it's not that good I will get new ones when I go back to Asia in the summer. Glasses are much cheaper back in Asia. Anyone has any idea why? are they all made in China?
thinking about picking up one of the trial oxford, what do you guys think is more versatile to go with different colors of chinos and jeans. Brown or Navy?
do you mind also provide some pics of your ranger mocs? I am really interested in buying the exact model that you bought.
are u normally a 34? I sized down to 32 on my slim fit and the thigh is a little too slim I am trying to see if I can make it stretch out a little more...
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