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those Strands looks like the regular brown burnish calf on AE.com
I have medium width feet, so I guess either full or split toe won't matter right?
thank you all.
thanks uncle, I am keeping this pair. I can live with the slight discoloration!
hard to tell from the back but the length looks like it's a beaufort jacket
just received my first pair of #8 LWB from TSM. altho they are seconds but I think the flaws that I can find is easily ignorable. the right vamp has a very slight discoloration than the left and you cannot really tell. There is a tiny scratch on it which is invisible if you are actually wearing it. the moment I open that box that picked up the shoes I know that my indulgence will never end. but, I LOVE IT. here are some pics, pics did not show the minor discoloration...
like i have previously stated, I believe it's the best to call Kyle if you have doubts in sizing. I was confused when I saw the size-down recommendation and I called, problem solved! hope that helps.
^yes, their beefrolls are on my lists!
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