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anyone know if Saturdays NYC will do an after Xmas sale?
anyone know if Saturdays will do a after Xmas sale?
i think CM is a good quality when they go on sale. and yes they are owned by RL since 1999.
1st quality strands for $169 is a steal.
for that reason, u win!
i can only find a cognac one in meidum...but i guess it's still cool to keep!
if anyone got a navy fair isle sweater is medium and want to return it, I will be glad to buy it off from you.
thinsulate bayswater is down to $215 plus u can use that 30% off sorry if this is late, as I remember they were $255 I last checked
yes, NM is where I would suggest you to go. selections are always great.thanks, I bought the top one, will post some fit pic when I get it.
i guess it really depends on the SA, I was able to do it in the two stores close to me.
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