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^u got everything that I think it's made by Rancourt. those buckle styles are so hard to pull off, at least for me. the one with the American flag can be found on Rancourt's FB page if you dig the pics. btw, Rancourt just fired up an updated website! There's a mentioning of MTO but still no actual shopping options to choose from.
during the November sale I was trying so hard to find a pair in 10.5D penny loafer but all the ones I found have some heavy scratch and dents on them so I ended up returning all of them. I also missed the offer by one of the SFer in January for $299 a pair and now I am banging my head because it will probably never go below $400 again.....
I ordered a #8 ranger moc with white eyelets and leather sole. and yeah I know when I get it I will be super happy based on all the reviews that I have read online. where did you find out about the sale? Do you know what's included? UD usually offers crap +1
^ FWIW I have already waited for 3 weeks... that is wrong information. i only waited 2 weeks + 3 days.
I have 2 white +j white shirt that I don't wear anymore. Bought them last November and wore it no more than 5 times each and they have been sitting in my closet because they are too slim for me. the collar of the one pocket shirt seems to have some dirt on it but should come off after a wash. there's a very tiny tear on the two pocket shirt. I am selling them for $15 each or $25 if you take both. price includes shipping. please pay by paypal gift or add 4%. approx....
just got my walnut player's and the sand suede player's. Even though I take both pair in the same size, but the suede player's is too tight on the pinky, so I am going to do an exchange.
imo, NH is a hit or miss thing, but the store just has tons of stuff in there and you need to dig.
I think from what I understand about shining a shell is to use minimal, more if needed, cordovan cream and just vigorously brush them then buff it with a flannel cloth here's a link to a similar one but urs looks much better imo.
I am looking for a pair of NIB or lightly used marlow penny loafer in size 10.5D. I purchased a 10D and they are hurting my feet, gotta go TTS. If you have one for sell or if you want to trade with my 10D, please PM. Thank you.
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