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did you ordered the snuff suede or the dark chocolate? I wanted the dark chocolate but they don't have it in my size...so I went with Sand.
lol.and yes, please share the information on the consolidation sale.
^ imo the chili definitely looks better with a lighter color sole.
^yes those #8 shell + honey sole is the shiet
^I believe navy shell ranger moc was a MTO to Japanese customer. But you can always have them MTO just for you.
these are on rancourt's twitter page. i think the outer sole is just the regular leather sole, but I m not positive tho. no idea what the midsole is.
here are two of my fav MTOs green shell w/ red stitching navy shell with leather sole/white eye-lets personally, those navy shell are on FIRE!
last winter they don't have dark chocolate Dalton in my size. this time around there's no North Platte in my size either. I guess I will have to pay full-price for my Dalton...
mine is very similar to the #8 ranger moc that just posted today, but mine is #8 cxl with white eye-lets and white stitching, orange lining, and dove-tail heel tap.I am looking at something a little more business casual so i went with the tempest sole. I guess if you can draw some ideas down on a paper and contact Kyle then he can probably let you know what they have that would best suit ur needs. they have a pretty wide range of color leather. green, blue, orange,...
ya I think i read somewhere that Kyle is looking to get a MTO system to go on their website, but there's no time frame.the #8 cxl looks so good. I can't wait to get my MTO to come in!!
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