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the 10% works great, but i got a $11 dollar shipping tho.
nice darlton, but 1/2 size too big for me.
I am only gonna be buying tan/brown/dark borwn shoes from now on, and keeping my only black pair of dress shoes for very formal events.
i do like to brown's better compare to the walnut, too. I also think that the brown version will grow better in time than walnut especially the Daltons.sounds like a good plan! were you able to get the 25% off the $99?
that's definitely worth kopping than the Uniqlo $10 jeans
that cardigan on page 37 is pretty interesting. also, all the models are wearing shoes from Rancourt & Co. wondering if they will carry those in store.
^ have you tried to call jcrew and have them find it for you?
cool, I will still just go cuz I wanna also check out eastland shoe. Plus, I ma put myself on their emailing list, I never get anything from the outlet just the retail.
anyone know if there's any sale going on in the shoe bank? thinking about hitting the Maine store this weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: