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I will probably swing by tomorrow or earlier next week to try that jacket. i have been eyeing on that jacket. I will let you know. I have a 40" chest and am thinking about getting a M.
there's 40% off on the site right now.
this one went for about $400 on ebay.
thanks for all the reply i do have a 10.5E strand which is on the 5 lasts and i heard that's pretty similar to 2 lasts. I usually wear 11D. i guess i'll need to go to the store and try them before i pull the trigger.
^so i guess i should size down on length and size wider on width?
very tempting in buying the players from nordstrom. how does the 2 lasts fit?
ya uniqlo is a good place to pick up basics.
everyone is wearing that in NYC. lol.
there are still pretty good stocks on those in the 5th ave store.
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