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as far as I know, stitching can always be MTO to something you personally like best to go on the shoes.
thanks for the explanation. I guess I will have to spend sometime to make my decision. but i agree with you that for a $88 wallet to have those tiny bit of glue that comes out because of wear would make me think it's kinda cheap.
whodini do you mind post some pics of yours about the glue that you mentioned? I am thinking about picking up this wallet but the glue worries me a bit. i m really digging this navy color http://ofakind.com/editions/597-INDIGO-RINSE-BI-FOLD-WALLET
I m thinking about getting the standard bifold as well, but I am also thinking about the potential "bubbles" that you were talking about.
that sounds like an interesting combo
i sized down from a 34 to 32 in my rigid slims and it has been stretched out for about .75 inches on the thigh, but not much on the calf tho.
picture could help
nice, mind post some pics once you got them?
did you ordered the snuff suede or the dark chocolate? I wanted the dark chocolate but they don't have it in my size...so I went with Sand.
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