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there was no wool newbury just the cotton newbury is on sale. did you pick up the white shirt with a collar tab?
thanks, just ordered the wool jacket.
thanks for the pic!
I am thinking about picking up either the wool sports coat or the cotton striped newbury jacket as my go to coat for casual weekend. which one is better for the price? cotton Newbury at $150 Wool at $250.
^any shoes in size 11? what rugby jacket did you get, mind post a pic for that jacket?
i checked out some of the RRL wallets on eBay. every seller is selling them at retail price, which is $200+ and my budge is $100 and the fact that they probably got those from outlets make me even less willing to pay the asking price. I was able to found some pics of used Maxx wallet on SF and it seems like the leather is too thin and gradually shows a shape of the cards that you have in it. I don't think I like that.
FWIW, I am a 10.5E in 5 last find 11D (my usual size) in 2 last fits me fine.
I have a pair of the walk-over derby buck suede for sale. $120 shipped. blow is the description from walkover website. Classic New England Elegance, in colors sure to add sophistication to any attire. Suede upper Calfskin lining Cushioned leather footbed Goodyear welt construction Red brick EVA outsole Made in the U.S.A. paypal gift or 4%.
as far as I know, stitching can always be MTO to something you personally like best to go on the shoes.
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