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time to pick up some suits for myself!
Bosh is always soft always sucking at finishing up strong....
it's more likely still going to be 30% plus 15% kicker.
^that is some stunning pair of LW!
I buy my shoes exactly just like you with 1 or 2 loafers in the rotation.gotta love wingtips.
for those of you who like the Williams shoes. RL's Sanderson is on sale for $315+tax if you can find yourself a private-sale code.
u mean all wingtips? or Sanderson will be your first "different" shoes?
u are right, my bad...but if you like it I think it's a good price, consider its much better constructed than the regular AE's. It's the Independent Collection after all.
^interesting color should age really nice.
Sanderson for slightly under $300 is a good choice and a sleek shoe.
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