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thank you!
anyone know if this Brooks Brothers peal and co loafer is made by Q&J on the 314 last? only asking b/c they look a lot like the Boston/Harvard line.
ah ha, there we go. but BB version has a nice leather sole than the rubber sole on presidio...
quick question, does AE makes these? the AE Made in USA Penny Loafer. If it is AE which model, anyone know? they don't look like Randolph to me at all. more like Cole, which they discontinued long time ago.... link
i got my chinos from Rugby during the November sale for $40 a pair
surprise that they carry rancourt shoes! but i doubt those will ever go on sale.
yes 15.5 fits like a medium
i can only really tell the difference from the first picture, not so much on the second picture. and the rest of them I can live with, plus the price is right!
that looks like a defect to me, but won't hurt tho.
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