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I know that I didn't see any coupon code since December ,but there was a 40% off after xmas sale
this is super clean. I like it a lot.
just ordered my color 8 LWB, this will be my first pair of Alden!! Can't wait!
cool thanks for the info.I picked the 2nd pair cuz it fits my face better. the 1st pair is cool but not as practical as the 2nd imo.
they look so clean. just ordered my pair of ranger moc and Kyle told me should be here by May 2nd. Can't wait!! I'll post pics when I get it.
so I guess the difference is really personal preference over practicability?
Hi SFer I have a NIB Brown Florsheim VEBLEN 10.5D. I bought it not long ago with a good deal but decided I am gonna sell this to get some more casual shoes. This is brand new I only tried on at home. I will ship to you for $100 notice, there seems to have some tiny spots of glue on one of the vamp, but should be covered if you polish it. please pay by paypal gift or 4%.
would they a little more durable than leather sole or they are just about the same?btw, it really looks like topy to me, if it's more of a topy then won't it destroy the leather itself quicker than without it?
does anyone has experience with this sole? Is it good in the rain?
some pictures can definitely help me to decide
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