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Boat shoes in action! Sized down 1/2. Not very comfortable to begin with now, but I m sure they will stretch nicely.
if anyone is looking to sell a medium hoodie, I'd be happy to buy that off you.
I like mint, derby, ecru, and forest. I know I am definitely getting mint the way it's shown on the page. Now should I get derby, ecru, or forest? I definitely can't get all 3. Leaning towards derby and ecru, and crossing my finger that I can pick up the forest in 2016. Damn can't believed how much I love these sweaters that I am thinking about getting them next year already....
Love the natty blake wingtips. Should be a real nice casual shoes. I might need to place an order of that!
amazing color!
@Epaulet Mike, can I pick up the EFF Walts in store? I am heading to LES store on Sunday.
^that bomber looked real nice on you! great score!
I never got any coasters. I guess I am out of luck!
just saw all the canvas driggs up! they look real nice. One question for everyone who have the canvas pants, how do they age? I am not familiar with the fabric. Should I worry that it will fade very quickly with weekly wearing and washing?
Thank you!
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