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gotta love 'em tassels!
if anyone's 10D and decided against your preorder, please let me know!
first Gitman's ordered! Thanks to Mike!
^that's awesome. Thanks! So I suppose I will assume that's the same as making an appointment.
@Kent Wang Hi Kent, I am going to NYC in the end of February and would like to make an appointment with you about getting my first real suit. How many fittings do I need to do with you?
Hi Clag, thanks for the reply. I am not in a hurry. I think I will make an appointment with Kent Wang when I go to NY next month.If you were to compare Ring Jacket and RLBL, which one would come out?
nice kop!
Not sure if this is the right thread to post the question, but I do need some advice on improving my business wardrobe. So I am up to grab two suits for under $2500 and I am currently thinking about Ring Jacket Model 184, RLBL Antony, Southwick suit from Epaulet, and MTM by KW, what are your gents' priority on these brands, and what are some other suggestions? I have been reading a lot about the canvass construction, but cannot understand the difference between full and...
FYI, I got mine from Leffot last year the wait was about 3.5 months.
Franclegg bag?
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