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what a great thread! subscribed!
2pm, that's 3am here in Asia. Guess I will have to miss this good boot! Will my wallet thank me?
I am between 38R and 40R and this seems almost like a 42R from the measurements, not sure if this would fit me. But this is a killer price for such a RJ suit.
I'd vote for commando, no speed hooks, matching eyelets, and on either barrie or aberdeen.
Possibility of alpine grain in those "new designs"?
Missed out on the pre-orders, guess I'll have to fight for it when they are in stock.NST, Commando, Antique Edge, Brass eyelet? I am down for that for sure.
Dear all, I am looking to sell my pair of navy cxl indy that I bought from j gilbert late last year. It has served me well and still got a lot of life left, despite some scratches at the heel by me. They are build on the Trubalance last with double waterloc sole. I will throw in the original waxed lace alone with the orange that's already on. These are initially sold out on j gilbert for $585 + tax. I am looking to let go for $325 shipped CONUS. Here's some pics from...
I have a Navy CXL indy, although I do like it, but I think it's not as versatile as the innsbruck. So I actually thought about letting go of the navy and get the innsbruck. If that's the case, I might even buy the lwb all together. thanks guys!
can't decide whether I should first acquire the innsbrook indy or lwb....
Mike, would you consider bring the Brixton boot with Alpine grain leather? I'd jump on that for my foul-weather-sleek-looking-boot.
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