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some nonshell Aldens on sale on the Bureau with one size 9.5D shel #8 dover with light edge.
^I assumed that you sized down .5? and some pictures for the peeps on the board would be much appreciated!
Sorry to hear what happened to your shoes. I have always have things send to my hotel and never had any problem. Anyways, the Eastbrook looks like it's a double leather sole instead of the regular single sole made by Rancourt. I think the plug looks longer because of the pictures. To answer your question, I don't think you'll go wrong with the Eastbrook.
wonder what kind of cordovan did RL changed to? Moved away from Hornween because of the recent shortage?
Eastland shoes' Made in Maine shoes are pretty much all made by Rancourt.Also Harrison Limited sells RancourtRalph Lauren Made in US boat shoes are also made by Rancourt.And Winnperry.
^maybe it's trick so that someone will buy both. ha ha.
My was 6/5 also and got pushed back to 6/20 when I asked for the new ship date. They are extremely busy. Btw, my order was placed on 5/1.
^ that's only if they still do sales on Marlows...haven't seen them in the past 3 sales.
that must be from the oiled sole. I have seen many of those in Tassels.
If there are ever another offer of Whisky or Ravello NST boots, I think a lot of us will all jump on it. They look amazing!
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