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just pulled the trigger on the french blue rivets. Got it without the tape and with zip fly, hope it will be a good business casual pants to wear to the office!
Thanks guys. I will start looking for new tailor then!
this is exactly what I would hope. But I can still get by with the 35 measurements that you said. My tailor won't taper any of my pants, says it's too much work...she would only take in our let out the waist.
Can anyone be so kind as to provide their size 35 Rivet chino's thigh, full rise, and waist measurement?
Those postman blue cotton flannel is so boss! Wish I got them!
If Rivet 34 is tight in the heap, should I go for a 35 or 34 and get it tailored?
they ARE yours! When I saw this pic on instagram I was thinking about you!
miss the entire event due to family emergency, and was happy to find that Antique Grey Cross-Hatch Tropical Wool is still available. Needed something for work. I am debating whether I should pick up the Patchwook Woodblock Natural Indigo. It looks so boss! I am thinking Rivet chino fit might be the best for that fabric? @EpauletMike, any belt restock soon? I am going to stock by the Brooklyn store when I hit NY the end of the month!
can anyone post the 10D list?
I am TTS 10.5D. Have a 10.5D CXL loafer over 2 years now and it stretched a bit, so when I go sockless I got some obvious heel slip. But when I wear a thin socks, it's okay. I am getting another CXL boat shoes and this time I will be getting a 10D in account for CXL's stretching.
New Posts  All Forums: