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^I like this boot very much. Nice collab!
oh wow! New leather, new soles! This is really amazing. Enjoy it!
Got my khaki driggs in the same size as walt and wore it through 16 hours of flight and another 14 hours on the ground. They broke in real nicely and now I am in love with it. Going to order some navy ones!
Just want to shout out to Mike for being so helpful with all the sizing and all the cool information about upcoming items! Also want to shout out to Dylan for helping me to get my suit size determined. Now I will just have to wait for the suiting special order to show up so I can pull my trigger!
that looks real god!
omg, was taking my NY bar exam and missed the great sale! Congrats to everyone who got something from the sale!
+50 = 14849
Hi Ian,I just sent an email via your website's contact us link. Hope to hear from you soon!
blue bottom essex collar.
I just put in a boat shoes with parisian blue cxl and the essex leather combo. Will put up pics when I get them in hand.
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