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that's awesome. Was it offered for sale on the site as a regular item?
that looks awesome in color! And based on your pictures, I kind of want to guess it is CXL.
What's that jacket? Looks super awesome!
not sure if they are CXL. but if you plan on wearing it sockless, then I would recommend size down. Otherwise TTS should be fine.
It's raining here today. that make me want to buy the innsbrook LWB, but my size is already sold out....
I want them all in Cigar and Ravello....
+ 150 = 111,150
oh lord, perfection!
Good price, just remember that Rancourt does not resole a shoes that does not have their logo on. But B.Nelson does a fine job on resoling.
Congratz! I consider them as one of the staple Alden bals.
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