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not sure what your brannock size is but here's my take. My beefroll is TTS and I have it for over 2 years now, and I get heel slippage when going sockless, and that was not the issue when I first got the shoes.
going to NYC on Monday. Will try to drop by the store and try on some rudy's, can't wait!
is there a way that I can look at what are still in stock?
Thanks for the pictures!. I think I am sold on the chestnut color!
Thanks! But somehow I cannot seem to see the pictures.Regarding to the American Briefcase, I actually compared it many times with the British Briefcase and not sure which one to get. I guess British can be easily dress down and the American is more strictly business. And if I decided that I will definitely pickup the lawyer's briefcase then I guess I'll go for the American so that I have one with rounded edge and one more angular.
Rancourt just posted on their website that they will now include their coasters for every shoe purchase! Hope I get some for my next purchase!
Brandeis. I am new to the lawyer world and am looking for a nice briefcase, and I have been eyeing Clegg's for a while. Your two suggestions are very helpful! I suppose I'll also go with the chestnut English Briefcase first, then down the road to pick up the Lock Briefcase for, maybe, the cleaner design.Also, do you mind post a pic or two of the cases that you have? I'd be very interested in seeing how they have aged.Thanks!
nice natty ranger moc! Enjoy!
wow, what a special make up!
^I need those in 10D!
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