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double post....
Turns out Rancourt did not miss place my shoe lace. Here is a pic under natural lighting. Parisian blue + Essex leather + brass eyelet + cinnamon lace + red brick sole
can't wait to see more color choice!
I'll post some more pictures when I get time to take some photos under natural light.
this is the Parisian blue. bad in house lighting.
Just got these in the mail!! Can't wait for warm weather! I requested the cinnamon lace, but these doesn't look very cinnamon, does it?
missed the discount by 8 minutes! wanted to buy those Rio sports multi-gingham!
I have a 39 chest. I went with 40 NY Slim for a slim fit. But if you are like me with short arms, you will need to get that sleeves tailored.
What a good way enjoy the espresso Monday!
^looks like someone tried on in-store. I would exchange for another pair.
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