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Thank you for the kind note, I'll follow up with you via PM.
I think tassels has a very across the board review of 1/2 size down, but hey, everyone's feet is different right? I'll wait for Mike's confirmation!
http://www.ralphlauren.com/search/index.jsp?kw=marlow&f=PAD%2FDivision%2FMen&fbn=Division%7CMen%7CSee+All&ppp=99 both penny and tassels are on sale! Not a good price compare to Eddie's tho.
I am so happy for this! But my wallet is about to cry. LOL.Hi Mike, would you offer full canvas option for suits?
I am late to the 2014 Purchase game, but here it is 990 from Alden SF - First Alden!! #8 LWB with Antique edge from Leffot Navy CXL Indy - JG Cigar LWB - Also from Alden SF but returned it because the cigar was too dark for my liking 2015 pre-ordered Ravello LWB Cigar LWB - Hope this time I get a lighter color 2015 Wish list King 975 Cigar/Ravello Balmorals - either captoe or perf captoe would do, or both! I need them for work! BB #8 SWB Ravello SW Boot King...
I am in the market for a new suit. This introductory price is tempting and the fact that I will be visiting NY in February makes me want to stop by your shop!
looks a bit lighter than the cigar lwb that I returned in October. They must be from a different batch!
http://www.styleforum.net/t/441850/november-14-rl-shoes-cordovan-and-purple-label-modelshere, buy the tassels so i don't buy it.
I'll vote for boot or longwing
the peacoat? mind providing some fit pics?
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