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just bought 6 shirts, each at about 50% retail. not a bad deal.
that could be Ring Jacket
The more I see this make up the more I love it!! Good looking shoes Mike! Happy Holidays to you!
these are nice. I went tts but didn't work out. the last just don't fit me well.
I agree with FrankCowperwood that your fit should be fine given that the ball of your feet fits and only a little heel slippage. That heel slippage should go away as you break-in your boots. enjoy and post some action pics!
cant wait!!!Thanks Mike for the long reply. I agree with your point, if at $700 I would rather buy a nice down jacket like those OSC Cross jacket that you have. I guess I'll also try my luck on Rakuten see if I can find myself a Japanese slim fit snorkel that's made in the US.
Just buff it up. cxl is rather oily.
Ravello/Olive Cigar NST, Brass Eyelets, Dark Edge, Commando/Double Waterlock Sole Plaza last
Hi Mike, The more I look at the Spiewak Snorkel, the more I love it. Too bad to learn that they shut down all their US factories. But I learned that they are making some of their products in Canada. If that's the case, would you consider bring them back next year? If not, I guess I'll have to see if I can buy the golden fleece down-filled snorkel from other retailers, but again, they might be too warm for urban wear after reading all the reports on this thread saying how...
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