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My was 6/5 also and got pushed back to 6/20 when I asked for the new ship date. They are extremely busy. Btw, my order was placed on 5/1.
^ that's only if they still do sales on Marlows...haven't seen them in the past 3 sales.
that must be from the oiled sole. I have seen many of those in Tassels.
If there are ever another offer of Whisky or Ravello NST boots, I think a lot of us will all jump on it. They look amazing!
hum, the owner of Skoaktiebolaget just posted on their thread that Horween is experiencing very very low stock on cordovan. But aren't we just all ordered some shoes in rare shell recently? What's the deal? Is it because Alden has better relationship with Horween (I wouldn't doubt that)?
awesome collection you got there. And thanks for the sizing info! I am sure I'll pick up those parisian blue wt for a casual shoe in the near future.
WT Boot
wow!!! simply a beauty!how's the fit? similar to the ranger mocs and loafer?
I am also interested in a GMTO.
If you have to go with the two I'd go with Sazon's choice. Alpine is not something you regularly see everday and JCrew's make up is always available with all sizes.
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