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if anyone is looking to sell a medium hoodie, I'd be happy to buy that off you.
I like mint, derby, ecru, and forest. I know I am definitely getting mint the way it's shown on the page. Now should I get derby, ecru, or forest? I definitely can't get all 3. Leaning towards derby and ecru, and crossing my finger that I can pick up the forest in 2016. Damn can't believed how much I love these sweaters that I am thinking about getting them next year already....
Love the natty blake wingtips. Should be a real nice casual shoes. I might need to place an order of that!
amazing color!
@Epaulet Mike, can I pick up the EFF Walts in store? I am heading to LES store on Sunday.
^that bomber looked real nice on you! great score!
I never got any coasters. I guess I am out of luck!
just saw all the canvas driggs up! they look real nice. One question for everyone who have the canvas pants, how do they age? I am not familiar with the fabric. Should I worry that it will fade very quickly with weekly wearing and washing?
Thank you!
For those who have cotten twill pants and cotten canvas pants, do you mind tell me which fabric is better for business casual attire?
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