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Are you going to upload them to the market? I am not the same shirt size as you, but we have the same shoe size, wonder what are in your RL blue boxes....
were they too wide?
because of the sale maybe?
I guess you are right on the darker colors. But is the Venetian on BB a true natural shell? No dying at all?
^must be something new.If they can have something like Revello-ish color, I would probably jump on for a venetian loafer with that, because I need something for traveling between airports...
If I wasn't in between sizes (39) I would probably cop it right now.
Thank you for the kind note, I'll follow up with you via PM.
I think tassels has a very across the board review of 1/2 size down, but hey, everyone's feet is different right? I'll wait for Mike's confirmation!
http://www.ralphlauren.com/search/index.jsp?kw=marlow&f=PAD%2FDivision%2FMen&fbn=Division%7CMen%7CSee+All&ppp=99 both penny and tassels are on sale! Not a good price compare to Eddie's tho.
I am so happy for this! But my wallet is about to cry. LOL.Hi Mike, would you offer full canvas option for suits?
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