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This actually looks really good!
your order is probably one of the best order
well said. respect.
I think RL Sander is only in D width
Tts?Sent from my HTC Butterfly s using Tapatalk
after much efforts spent on getting the RL Sander to fit (had cobbler stretched the width twice, but my pinky still hurts after all day wearing), I decide that I will give up on those. It's just too narrow for me. FWIW, I am TTS on the 5 lasts and a little on the wide side of my brannock 10.5D size. I guess Sanderson is not meant for me.
How are the width of the wingtip compared with Barrie? Sent from my HTC Butterfly s using Tapatalk
already some seller on grailed.com selling RRL low straight and officer chino.
hum, I hope that I am those TTS on Marlow, otherwise, don't know when will RL ever restock 10.
ya, i heard ya.out of all loafers out there, I'd also vote this as the cleanest design. I would've kop but already way over my spending limit for the month.........oh well, maybe i'll look for ebay or the marketplace next month.did you size down on the loafer?
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