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would you say this would fit a size 39~40 person?
these are absolutely gorgeous!
Oh! these are sweet!
I don't think suede stretches that much compare to cxl, I would go TTS.
Thanks for the input. I am generally medium across all RRL goods. Good to hear that You can learn a shawl collar cardigan under a L, because that's what I plan on wearing if I get to pick them up.I usually assume that even if they are sold out online, they'll have them in store. Can I assume that the in store discount is the same as online?
has anyone picked up this season's peacoat? how's the quality and fit?
that overcoat and navy suit is waving at me, but I don't live in NY anymore.......
wish that you have a 38R or 40R
looks real nice. I would like to know where can I find them on sale!
Sorry I did not see this until just now.Thanks for the reply about TB's eyewear. I am looking to get TB 701, 704, 401, or 402. I think they are really classic and will probably never go out of styles. Especially about TB's navy tone, it's so deep, almost black. I like 'em a lot.About Dita, I just recently found out about them and took some time to go through that website you gave me. Dita does offer really decent glasses!
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