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Will there be restock of the dark brown and burgundy dress belt any time soon?
can anyone PM me the 2nds list in 10D and 10.5D? Thanks! These emails never come to my inbox until I rerequest them on their website.
everything just flies off!
^thanks for the info. I guess if I can get it at around $300 I'd still cop.
I guess i'll try to press it but not ironing it and see if that makes a different because I always cold wash and hang dry.
I have not yet received my shipping info, but according to their instagram, they just shipped out their first batch yesterday. So I guess we'll be getting it soon.
thanks. do you think you can wear blazer under it? I am mostly M, but that pea coat in M is out on the website. I guess I'll buy the S and see if I can locate another M somewhere else if I can fit a blazer under.
did she tell you when they expect the next delivery? I am pretty surprised that they are out of the parisian blue cxl given that they just got a new batch in April.
so sexy!can't believe they run out of the parisian blue that fast. I guess too many people saw the shoes on this thread and started ordering them.
how's the fit on that peacoat?
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