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do you mind let me know what's your chest size? this is the one thing that I worried the most. I am a 39 chest.
I wear a medium in INDIGO DYED PIQUE TEE and a large in LONG SLEEVE HENLEY 8OZ UNION JERSEY, and I bought two medium SHORT SLEEVE HENLEY SLUB. Crossing my finger they will fit...
given that you have read the entire thread, you must have came across Namor's chart, I would say go with that chart. I went TTS on my Marlow wingtips and they are a bit loose, but I like it that way. The best way for you is to buy two sizes from and try them on and see how you like them.
miss out the speckled chambray rivets in 34....
how are the new henleys different from the old ones?
very good shade of cigar and whisky, congrats!
Are we going to see Luchino polo back? btw, the new check-out page looks very clean, I like it.
the US sale already started
Could be. I only washed it once. I will see how it goes. I do cold wash and hang dry. All the Kamakura shirts that I have did not shrink much at all, I hope this could be different. Otherwise, it will be going to my tailor.
Tokyo Slim. 40-84My cut away oxford is larger than the other shirts
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