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so sexy!can't believe they run out of the parisian blue that fast. I guess too many people saw the shoes on this thread and started ordering them.
how's the fit on that peacoat?
I moved from JCrew urban slim fit to Davis chino and find that Davis has a must better fit. But their dress Davis chino also faded with a few washes....Now I am officially defining all CM's chino as my casual chinos. Gotta find another brand for as my dress chino.
Ya, I made it knowing that it'll pop because it's summer time!Also, I think I might need another boat shoes with Parisian blue and pistachio suede next summer.@fairlynerdy My shoes is still on its way to me. I promise to upload more pics when I get them in the mail.Hope to see some great make ups from PDG in the coming season.
This might be a wrong season to ask this question, but can someone name a few of brands that make a nice overcoat/topcoat that I can wear over my suits in the fall/winter? Thanks in advance!
Interesting, I am also TTS (10.5D) on AE 5 last. Barrie 10D. I am waiting my 10D Alden CXL boots on barrie. Hope they fit okay.
Congratz! Enjoy them! Did you size down or stay TTS? I stayed TTS for both the penny and the WT.
The Bureau Belfast just posted these navy cxl Indy boots, and now I cant' wait to see my nexy cxl indy boots from JGilbert!
I just use kiehl's given that it claims it's all nature. But how's Paul's Choice? Looks like another good option.
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