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I'll post some more pictures when I get time to take some photos under natural light.
this is the Parisian blue. bad in house lighting.
Just got these in the mail!! Can't wait for warm weather! I requested the cinnamon lace, but these doesn't look very cinnamon, does it?
missed the discount by 8 minutes! wanted to buy those Rio sports multi-gingham!
I have a 39 chest. I went with 40 NY Slim for a slim fit. But if you are like me with short arms, you will need to get that sleeves tailored.
What a good way enjoy the espresso Monday!
^looks like someone tried on in-store. I would exchange for another pair.
^I like this boot very much. Nice collab!
oh wow! New leather, new soles! This is really amazing. Enjoy it!
Got my khaki driggs in the same size as walt and wore it through 16 hours of flight and another 14 hours on the ground. They broke in real nicely and now I am in love with it. Going to order some navy ones!
New Posts  All Forums: