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I guess I will size down and find out....
how did the old fit fit you?
tried to dig out the new Rivet's fit but can't find it so I have to ask here: For those who have gotten some new Rivet fits, how do you size compare to the old fit? I recall Mike saying that if the old fit is spot on then stay the same size, if the old fit is a bit big then size down 1. Also, how do you size the new fit compare to the Walts and Driggs? Do you size the same? Thanks!
When you said it didn't fit, did you mean that it's too big on you? I am 38/40 depends on brands. And I wanted to buy this but don't want it if I can't layer with a thick sweater for cold winter.
Haven't been on for a few days, did I miss the Innsbruck LWB restock?
that's what I do too.
My understanding is that once you fall in love with Epaulet, sooner or later wife will start staring at you when they see a box from Epaulet. But we still kopp anyways.
Please order these in any style combo you think it looks good!
my pair I left at the old house. Won't be able to get them until August. I sure will post some pictures.
They look awesome! I wouldn't wanna say you stole my ideas, because you have it with two eyelets where mine is three.I gotta say tho the parisian blue cxl ages so well!
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