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Ya, I loved it when you showed us the first time you got it. I'll need to buy it one of these days...
love these!
Had a chance to play with a couple pairs of made in japan prodesign Denmark glasses. Gotta say they are really really nice in person! And for Asian, prodesign is a really good fit for Asian.
Thanks! And Indy is so comfortable to wear!
Navy cxl Indy! As you can see, this is not a true navy, but I love the olive tone it has.
Thank you Uncle Mac! I love 'em!Ha, have been busy lately. But got to have a spare moment to take a maiden shot. Hope I have time this weekend to take photos of my Navy cxl Indy.
Maiden voyage!
really hope this GMTO will go through
I can't wait for the sweatpants. Just in time when I needed it the most. I am going to order some Garand with it too.
still can't believe I gave up my cigar lwb...
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