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Could be. I only washed it once. I will see how it goes. I do cold wash and hang dry. All the Kamakura shirts that I have did not shrink much at all, I hope this could be different. Otherwise, it will be going to my tailor.
Tokyo Slim. 40-84My cut away oxford is larger than the other shirts
recently bought some shirts from the Japanese site and found that the sizing has been somewhat inconsistent. Hope this doesn't continue to happen...
I will be all over this make up for sure. Alternatively, I would be also down for punch cap toe alpine grain plaza last Innsbruck boot.
I think the grey ST is calling my name...SO DAMN SEXY
beautiful shade!
I visit them whenever I go back. Nice little shop and the sales are always nice too. They had some nice calf makeups but not in my size...hope they continue to grow!
Just got the saddle trainer!
If you can only get one, what would you get? Sport or Tennis trainer?
^I believe all the options are in the drop down menu.
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