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that's what I do too.
My understanding is that once you fall in love with Epaulet, sooner or later wife will start staring at you when they see a box from Epaulet. But we still kopp anyways.
Please order these in any style combo you think it looks good!
my pair I left at the old house. Won't be able to get them until August. I sure will post some pictures.
They look awesome! I wouldn't wanna say you stole my ideas, because you have it with two eyelets where mine is three.I gotta say tho the parisian blue cxl ages so well!
I was talking about the REDA blue hopsack. I hope I can get a pair for the next run, if there's anything left...
man those REDA blue is so amazing. I recall it was offered before, anyone has real life picture?
I have a similar size to you. Both of my feet are about 10.5D on brannock. I have a slim heel and a slightly wider forefoot. When I went into Alden D.C. earlier this year, Kathy measured me a surprising 9.5D on the Van last penny loafersm because 10D was somewhat loose. I do suggest that you try them on.
do you mind let me know what's your chest size? this is the one thing that I worried the most. I am a 39 chest.
I wear a medium in INDIGO DYED PIQUE TEE and a large in LONG SLEEVE HENLEY 8OZ UNION JERSEY, and I bought two medium SHORT SLEEVE HENLEY SLUB. Crossing my finger they will fit...
New Posts  All Forums: