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don't know about Seraphin. but for PS, I believe their Japan-made frames are still considered good. But those are made in Italy is made out of the same factory as Prada and all other brands, which means quality isn't the best.
dbl post...
Good Lord! They are so beautiful! I missed my size already. Gotta wait for preorder!
just have to shout out that the new Indy is absolutely amazing!
are u usually L in other brands?
+100 = 94,610
I guess I will size down and find out....
how did the old fit fit you?
tried to dig out the new Rivet's fit but can't find it so I have to ask here: For those who have gotten some new Rivet fits, how do you size compare to the old fit? I recall Mike saying that if the old fit is spot on then stay the same size, if the old fit is a bit big then size down 1. Also, how do you size the new fit compare to the Walts and Driggs? Do you size the same? Thanks!
When you said it didn't fit, did you mean that it's too big on you? I am 38/40 depends on brands. And I wanted to buy this but don't want it if I can't layer with a thick sweater for cold winter.
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