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Man, I really like those Slim Walt trousers given the consistent good feedback and the MTO options, but the measurements listed online are slightly narrow for my some-what big thigh. Do they stretch out a bit after wear? I am going to try them on when I visit NYC in late July! Can't wait!
^no doubt that's the best option
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Thought I'd post my marlow WT that got a quick treatment today.
^must resist the tassels!!
^wow. speechless and drooling at the same time.... If I take 10D Barrie and 10.5D brannock. Should I go 9.5UK on the Detroit last? I have only tried on the Utem last which I need a 9UK.
Many would tell you both, including me. But if I have to picke one, I'd vote for Ravello, given that the new cigar is getting very dark.
Yeah, that blanket is a real steal. I grabbed a scarf and a bow tie. Most of the stuffs that I want is already sold out when I saw the sale.
Not sure, somewhere around 12 or 1am EDT? I saw it on their instagram post.
The Hill Side sample sale. http://sample-sale.thehill-side.com/collections/everything
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