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Ya, I have been really busy lately. And I have only 40 pages left in this thread to pick up!Maybe the new cigar will give east coasters a better choice. But don't know any retailer that has a list for them tho.
J Gilbert has similar model on Barrie.
Went to the LES shop on Friday afternoon for the first time and tried on whole bunch of sizes for chinos, trousers, and blazers. Ended up picking up my first rivet chino, will be taking them to my tailor. Also picked up the last formal belt and it was a surprise that the 36 belt fit my regular 32 waist. The indigo washed pocket tee is abosolutely awesome, I can't wait to wear the crap out of it. Special shout out to Matt and Alex. They were very helpful. Matt also wrote...
sorry for the confusion. I meant when click thru some of the items that I like it will show all sizes are still available. It will only show out of stock when I try to add it to the cart.
looks like I'll be going to the LES store on Friday! Hope to pick up some Rudy's and the EPLA henleys!
based on the measurement, I think Rudy will be the right fit to me as it is similar to the Club Monaco davis fit and Davis fits me really spot on.
not sure what your brannock size is but here's my take. My beefroll is TTS and I have it for over 2 years now, and I get heel slippage when going sockless, and that was not the issue when I first got the shoes.
going to NYC on Monday. Will try to drop by the store and try on some rudy's, can't wait!
is there a way that I can look at what are still in stock?
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