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what's the different between the limited edition and the regular ones besides the price?
Warlow sounded great. I might have to finally jump in on the MTO for the first time. Given the low exchange rates and the awesome makeup. Just gotta decide if I should stay TTS like I did on my Marlow or size down when this is happening.
missed the air force blue...should I go for Iron Olive Melange or the Feldmaus Brown for versatility with m jackets/sports coat?
I do exactly the same here without shrinking. If there is any, it's just very minimal and not at all noticeable. I also put it in dryer from time to time to pre-dry (low heat for about 5 to 10 minutes).
second this.
who should I contact for this makeup?
This is on fire!Don't feel like creating a new post, so I'll ask my questions here: what would be a more versatile shoes to own firstThe Epaulet Innsbruck LWB or Snuff Suede Chukka?
Was ordering a pair of shoes for my friend as a bday gift and realized how much up charge is being charged for a MTO. Miss the good old days when MTO didn't cost any extra.
I would vote for Venetian with a slightly pointy toe. That Epaulet special leather sounds like it would fit for both dress up and down, especially it'll be in a brownish color. Are you planning on this being handsewn or?
Another all Epaulet day! Belt not showing in the picture.
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