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still can't believe I gave up my cigar lwb...
I have to say that the navy peacoat is so awesome! Hi Mike, is there a plan for a regular wool top coat? I mean an above knee/single or double breasted wool coat (I personally prefer single breasted).
PSA: I had to return my Cigar LWB to Alden SF, because I was not able to sell my leffot color 8 in time. So someone who's 10D may want to contact them and see if they have received my shoes. I guess I'll have to wait for the next batch, and the game starts again...but man, those cigar with dark edge are some real gem! I do prefer them over the antique edge.
Went to Alden SF over the weekend. Saw some whiskey chukka being packed, and another Cigar chukka on the display rack. This is the very time that I saw whisky in person, and I gotta say the color is amazing! Will post some of my new cigar LWB with dark edge when I get time to take some pictures! Someone should buy my leffot #8 LWB!
finally got to see my leffot #8. what a sweet pair of shoes, too bad I need to let them go to fund my cigar LWB! See my sig and msg me if you are a 10Der.
Just got notification of the Navy CXL Indy from Yenni. Will post more pics when I get them!
Can I assume they are $1K+? Why are they so expensive? Quality, comfort? I better convince my gal not to buy these.
Gentlemen, I have a pair of BNIB Alden Leffot color 8 Antique Edge Long Wing Blucher in size 10D for sale. Sad that I have to part with them so fund my other Aldens. I don't have any camera with me now, so here's a stock photo from leffot. Please see more on Leffot. I will ship to anywhere in CONUS for $725 + 4% paypal fees. International will pay for actual shipping + paypal fees. Here's the description from Leffot: This pair of color 8 longwings is one of our...
What nice pair of Navy CXL, almost got them!I heard these loboutins cost more than Aldens, is that true?
I guess I'll list my 10D Leffot #8 soon then.
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