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damn how did i miss this!
Uni strip in Med is already sold out??? Damn
Talking about belts. I need some new ones. My old ones have faded on both end belt, and will likely to need new ones soon. Any plan to restock casual belts by any chance?
Thanks for all the ideas. I was thinking Tennis trainer with Ecru and Green leather, but that reminded of Addidas that I see all over on the street. So I am now down to either Teak or Navy.
Anyone who have pulled the trigger on the custom white tennis trainer might share what's your combo? I am thinking about ordering one too.
Dreams come true!
what's the different between the limited edition and the regular ones besides the price?
Warlow sounded great. I might have to finally jump in on the MTO for the first time. Given the low exchange rates and the awesome makeup. Just gotta decide if I should stay TTS like I did on my Marlow or size down when this is happening.
missed the air force blue...should I go for Iron Olive Melange or the Feldmaus Brown for versatility with m jackets/sports coat?
I do exactly the same here without shrinking. If there is any, it's just very minimal and not at all noticeable. I also put it in dryer from time to time to pre-dry (low heat for about 5 to 10 minutes).
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