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who should I contact for this makeup?
This is on fire!Don't feel like creating a new post, so I'll ask my questions here: what would be a more versatile shoes to own firstThe Epaulet Innsbruck LWB or Snuff Suede Chukka?
Was ordering a pair of shoes for my friend as a bday gift and realized how much up charge is being charged for a MTO. Miss the good old days when MTO didn't cost any extra.
I would vote for Venetian with a slightly pointy toe. That Epaulet special leather sounds like it would fit for both dress up and down, especially it'll be in a brownish color. Are you planning on this being handsewn or?
Another all Epaulet day! Belt not showing in the picture.
Rivets with sports coat
@Epaulet will you be restocking gunmetal rivets soon? or Cramerton Chinos in greyish colors?
just kopped the REDA cross-hatch as a suit. First grey suit! Can't wait!
Just in time! I need a new suit and maybe some sports coat.
don't know about Seraphin. but for PS, I believe their Japan-made frames are still considered good. But those are made in Italy is made out of the same factory as Prada and all other brands, which means quality isn't the best.
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