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size 10D went out of stock about 5 mins after the pre-order is opened. So, I also saved myself some money.
now, I am tempting to get that reverse chaomis WT boot as a winter beater boot in addition to my navy cxl indy that should be coming by the end of the month (crossing my finger on this one)!! got a couple more hours to think about this.
for those looking for chino/pants similar to the Davis fit, I find that RL's straight-fit pants has a very similar fit/cut.
wonder if they have any available for those that did not preorder.
Thanks for the tip. I do not plan on throwing them into the dryer, but I will still do a wash before I hem them.
thank you
one quick questions for y'all rivet chino owners. Should I tailor the length only after wash? or that doesn't really matter?
what? this is happening? For my love of blue, I will need to jump on these! Can someone give me more info on these please?
Sounds like a plan. I'll give them a call and see. I am also planning on calling Cathy and Alden SF to see if I can be placed on the list for the next ravello LWB (even though who knows when will it happen!)
Sizing on these Marlows are truly dependent on each person's feet, if you take some time to look through this thread you'll find many people size down from for the loafer but many also stated they stayed TTS.
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