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Suggestions and recommendations needed here. I have a three gussets Frank Clegg zip-top briefcase that I use all the time when I travel and absolutely love it. I also ordered a zipper pouch that I also carry with me when I don't need the entire bag for brief meetings on the road. That being said, when I am back in the office I find it the three gussets a bit too much for daily commute, and the leather pouch a bit too small. So I have been considering buying another...
Medium shirts is usually spot on, but I've had shirts that's a bit tighter than others.
Thanks. That looks like a good size on you chest and arms. My chest is a bit bigger at about 39.5 so I suppose sizing down might not be a good idea...
Thanks for the input guys. The length of the body and the sleeves are good. The body length is not too short and stops above my hip, sleeves has been long enough to cover my shirt underneath. I suppose I'll stick with this size and put that money towards the blouson!
Saw the HEIRLOOM HANDKNIT SHAWL CARDIGAN INDIGO in the sales section in 38 (medium), and wanted to ask about sizing. So I have ordered 3 size 40 (large) in the past and while they all fit pretty good (neither relaxed nor slim), but I can never layer this awesome sweater under a slimmer winter jacket. When I wear my heirloom I'll either need to pull out my Spiewak or Crescent Down Works. I am a 39 in Southwick and takes medium in button down shirts, can anyone who has a...
Thanks. Trying to decide if I should buy the natty cxl on sale or wait for the brown cxl to return.
Just wondering if anyone could share a real life shot of their pair of the innsbruck alt wien in natty cxl?
oh man, how did I miss all the sample sale!! I need some 33" pants!
Could you provide comments on what's your usual suit size and what size of the Al trench did you end up with? Thanks!
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