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Hi Mike, The more I look at the Spiewak Snorkel, the more I love it. Too bad to learn that they shut down all their US factories. But I learned that they are making some of their products in Canada. If that's the case, would you consider bring them back next year? If not, I guess I'll have to see if I can buy the golden fleece down-filled snorkel from other retailers, but again, they might be too warm for urban wear after reading all the reports on this thread saying how...
This is my take on your question. I am a TTS 10.5D but a tad towards the wide side. I wear 10.5D on AE 5 last, and 10D on Barrie. I wear Rancourt's CXL loafer in 10.5D. They were a very good fit at the beginning, but after about a year of constant wearing, they stretched a bit and I cannot go sockless without seeing some heel slippage. But if I am wearing socks they are fine. If i am to order the made to fit i would probably go with 10.5D and 10D in CXL. I won't worry...
OMG, such a killer indy. Wish I had thought about this pair before I ordered my navy CXL from JG.
damn, missed out this one big. Needed a 33x32 or 34x32 slim fit...
haha gotta say it's absolutely awesome!
New model?
@CityConnection Hi City, do you know about the quality of Thom Browne's made in Japan glasses? For example http://blackoptical.com/products/tb401-3.
I'd be interested in proxy too
They are awesome! I too was looking for my size in 10D
Mike, love you little tweak on the laces! Happy holidays!
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