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Thanks Mdubs. $ is not the issue, I'll try calling the store. I am just being impatient about the navy cxl indy that I preordered...
Has anyone wrote to Yenni at JGilbert lately? I have emailed her twice without any reply. Wonder if I should just call.
hum....with time...yes....
first day wearing my rivet chino that I picked up early August. Absolutely loving them. Now, the problem is what colors should I get next...
page 6000, let's see when will it hit 10k!
looks like leathersole just got some nice Aldens in. No shell, but some real nice calf/cxl.
now, that's a good looking blue combo and nice pairing with the shoes!
Those look great! Olive CXL is definitely in my next rancourt custom shoes.
^sounds like a good combo, pics be appreciated when you can. cheers!
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