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Congratz! I consider them as one of the staple Alden bals.
I'll take the old cigar, more versatile in my taste.
couple of minutes left for the 9D Cigar bal-captoe on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/381055658995 wish it was 10.5D...
now that's really nice combo, v tip cigar...
Not too late for next year, but again, I doubt they will reply individual's email. I tried myself without any success. However, if someone's in Seattle, a stop by the office may do the magic, who knows.
+17 = 103,487
Just saw this already sold-out Ravello Dover by LS. Anyone on here got a pair can share some pictures? http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2014/11/11/alden-shoe-ls10-lsw-lsdt/
Essential elements in Taiwan
awesome boot, I should call them and see when will they restock these! This is by far the best non-shell indy I have seen except the Innsbruck Indy.
this seems like a nice combo. Tan Calf leather tanker on commendo.
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