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got myself two TSFs. One is blue thin strip, the other is regular blue shirt, both are cutaway collars without pocket. These shirts feel really good and gotta say I really like Kamakura shirts, unfortunately they are one size too small at 39-83. Going to put them on the Market soon for $100 shipped CONUS. If anything is interested PM me.
In the best situation, I would want to get both. But if one is stuck between Leffot #8 or cigar lwb, what should he get first? I know cigar don't come that often these days.
if those are shell, that's real good price. I just never saw those on RL.com, maybe a B&M only style?
oh wow, the navy coat looks so sleek. do want! what kinda materials are we expecting for MTM coats?
just wonder how many of people with brannock D width ended up with C on the barrie? Having been wearing D width on my barrie, I sometimes think maybe C will fit me better, because I still get some tiny space around the pinky at the end of the day, which I don't mind.
some Leffot #8 LWBs with Antique edging are avaliable on site http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/new-arrivals/97581-longwing.html 10.5E and 12D
Thanks Mdubs. $ is not the issue, I'll try calling the store. I am just being impatient about the navy cxl indy that I preordered...
Has anyone wrote to Yenni at JGilbert lately? I have emailed her twice without any reply. Wonder if I should just call.
hum....with time...yes....
first day wearing my rivet chino that I picked up early August. Absolutely loving them. Now, the problem is what colors should I get next...
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