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sorry for the confusion. I meant when click thru some of the items that I like it will show all sizes are still available. It will only show out of stock when I try to add it to the cart.
looks like I'll be going to the LES store on Friday! Hope to pick up some Rudy's and the EPLA henleys!
based on the measurement, I think Rudy will be the right fit to me as it is similar to the Club Monaco davis fit and Davis fits me really spot on.
not sure what your brannock size is but here's my take. My beefroll is TTS and I have it for over 2 years now, and I get heel slippage when going sockless, and that was not the issue when I first got the shoes.
going to NYC on Monday. Will try to drop by the store and try on some rudy's, can't wait!
is there a way that I can look at what are still in stock?
Thanks for the pictures!. I think I am sold on the chestnut color!
Thanks! But somehow I cannot seem to see the pictures.Regarding to the American Briefcase, I actually compared it many times with the British Briefcase and not sure which one to get. I guess British can be easily dress down and the American is more strictly business. And if I decided that I will definitely pickup the lawyer's briefcase then I guess I'll go for the American so that I have one with rounded edge and one more angular.
Rancourt just posted on their website that they will now include their coasters for every shoe purchase! Hope I get some for my next purchase!
Brandeis. I am new to the lawyer world and am looking for a nice briefcase, and I have been eyeing Clegg's for a while. Your two suggestions are very helpful! I suppose I'll also go with the chestnut English Briefcase first, then down the road to pick up the Lock Briefcase for, maybe, the cleaner design.Also, do you mind post a pic or two of the cases that you have? I'd be very interested in seeing how they have aged.Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: