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Do you know when the next run of pre-order trousers will be that has some of the "standard" fabrics, like the cotton twills and navy flannels?
Hey Mike,I've been trying to send an e-mail and receive a delivery failure on several of the Epaulet addresses, such as I wanted to check if I have the wrong address or if there's a e-mail issue.Thanks.
Epaulet Red Chambray Utility Shirt (L) - NWT. This is up for sale because it does not fit me. The measurements per Epaulet's site are: Chest - 21.5", Shoulder - 17.5", Sleeve - 26.5", Length - 30" Payment is accepted through Paypal, shipping is USPS. Price is shipped. I've sold to notwithit and vilinx on here in the past, and I think they can provide feedback. I can also provide feedback via eBay.
I have a pair of epaulet gunmetal gray rivet chino (the Japanese twill version) in size 33. These have been hemmed to a 31" inseam (measured using BIG style from The leg opening is still 7.75". The other measurements per Epaulet's site are: Waist - 33.5", Full Rise - 11", Inseam - 35.5" 31", Thigh 12.5", Knee - 8.75", Leg Opening - 7.75" These have been worn less than 10 times and...
Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. Mostly I'm concerned with slippage on ice and I wasn't sure how that sole would work in those conditions. I'm sort of debating between the Danner and the Thorogood (I know they're very different aesthetically). I'm leaning toward the Thorogood because it's a sleeker boot and I kind of what to go that direction with my next purchase, but I'm still somewhat undecided.
Thank you again for the help. After e-mailing Christian (who was very helpful) I ordered the Nisshinbo and am very happy with the purchase. I really like the look of the denim, the construction is top notch, and I think it's very well priced. It's different from the Stanton which is nice because I didn't want something that looked the same. I just did a soak and then I'll be having them hemmed at a local tailor.
I have a question for Mike and/or others about the Thorogood boot. I'm considering purchasing them as a second winter boot (I have Katahdins as well). I live in Boston so I was thinking about resoling them with a lug or commando sole (there's a cobber that's done minor work on shoes for me before that quoted $65). Thoughts?
Here's to hoping mine fits in L.
My bad, I meant to imply that I was wondering why one was more expensive than the other and your original post told me why. Anyway, it all makes sense.
I'm interested in the Thorogood in horsehide but I'm curious if anyone has any opinions on how they'll do in the snow based on the sole they have.
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