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are you serious? https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/38c0n0/toj_update_drew_keith_disappears/ you may want to contact paypal and try to get your cash back.
Hey man, there was no way to know things would go down that way. At the time of that post all was ok, orders were just taking long.
awesome, i really dig that jacket, may ditch my Toj for it
congratz on the jacket!what is Italian Vicenza exactly?
Do I really need red a1923 sneakers :-p really digging this look.
attention size 44 dudes a1923 kudu dual zips https://www.gr@iled.com/listings/146544-a1923-kudu-st3-dual-zip-boots-44 ccp bison tornados https://www.gr@iled.com/listings/142848-carol-christian-poell-bison-tornado-boots-ccp9 hit up member exdeath for either item, he is a good guy and super easy to work with.
Incorrect those are from a blog and it states those are culatta. I wasn't sure what season.
I thought that was spam... Sad if serious
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