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yea i have buttero that are like that...oh and guidi had something like that
good point, don't know if i'd like how that ages
and as always they show one thing and something completely different gets shipped
damn that doesn't look reverse at all... (not questioning you, more shocked at the look)pn/p version looked clearly reverse, maybe hide-m has some sort of treatment on em.. [[SPOILER]]
dual zips at hide-m, not sure what leather yet
nice stuff, what are you trying to buy? a1923...ccp?
Well that explains why my ccp feel so much more structured.
@AlexanderTG kick ass
won't settle for smog dual zips?
Well in that case since its been months that's definitely an issue.Funny thing is you may be doing them a favor given they probably didn't know how to tell a pastor to leave.You gave me a great idea in case someone overstays their welcome.
New Posts  All Forums: