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ask @Thurston Bros for a recommendation
San Francisco folks, who is a super legit cobbler? I've been to a few but they weren't amazing. I want the SF approved one
Yeap I know that, I was just giving people scale.
the big difference in with Piti was that it didn't have much pics. i liked the writing and the funny story of Pn/p ma+ sale. But it would of been nice to have a visual. In this case, NN, Spope and Synth have lotsa pics and stories. Also remember florence is tiny compared to Tokyo which is NY sized city.
Oh man SVB's tie what in the world
Bro you didn't see the below stroller, its all the rage, took out 3 children and a cyclist on way to playground
archive sf is getting the below not sure if they are same:
haunting me as well
size 42 a1923 clutter derbies on sale http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/a-diciannoveventitre-calcutta-derby-shoes-item-10725580.aspx?storeid=9095&ffref=lp_1_1_lst
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