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70% off Nice!!!!
i wouldn't interpret that as racist, just implies someone is not tall
Hmm i wonder where i heard poland and mixed it up with moldova. Anyways either country it sucks to live there so any work is good.
keep the pics coming! yea down the rabbit hole we go
good to know for the future... so now that you posted a rick jacket, some ccp, got any a1923?also check this thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/248835/the-official-streetwear-baller-boot-shoe-thread-700usd-min/18885 it became the deficit thread where we speak about most avant garde designers, its boot focused but things get side tracked occasionally.
understood, you wear those bison with insoles? i have them in size 9 and can't use the ccp insoles. leather is super thick!
Sorry I didn't get the 2nd part re cul, you don't wear them and sold em?
dual zip culatta @archive sf
Yes i just received my bison, is the leather on your bison stiff or soft?this CUL look great, lots of scarring with not too much reverse showing, nice pick up.you are a CCP9 i believe, this is not good, competition!
ok then hit up some sellers on eBay and offer to buy via paypal thus saving them on eBay final value fees.i have my current PS since Jan and have no rips. if you wear jeans hard they get rips. Quite honestly I'm a bit fan of nudie, i have a pair from 2011 that is worn to hell and faded but looks good. No significant tears or anything. If APC holds up that way i'll be happy. To add i had a pair of NS and wore them for a 1/2 year with not issues.
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