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That's how I felt when I asked about PH jackets in this thread.
Did you check archive SF or sartorial loft la?
@RegisDB9... MMM bag
ya'll should subscribe to the TOJ thread it escalates faster
haven't dished anything, just having some fun, you should try it
well i also follow this thread it happens to have the most posts out of any thread mr cliche
kinda like intarsia better...
pravda?@Jbravo, shto ti domayesh pro eto?
haters gonna hate
Oz was cool, ep1 was nuts. the rest was a lot of male nudity with some plot somewhere. IDK how much i'd recommend it now. Black Mirror i heard good things about. Maggie G is ok, no need to hate. Re walking dead now, yea why did Maggie not say anything about the POS priest who rats on the crew and leaves his flock to die.
New Posts  All Forums: