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of course, but so stupid to have insulted the dude.
agreed on that much, and it fucking fit which is fantastic, well at least i like the fit
thanks for the troll, i'll pass on this argument
I'd like to see the jacket closed and i don't think bunching is too bad... but the arms are a little long.
Ay guys, please refrain from insulting a member for no reason. The jacket is made from a legally obtained elephant hide from a long time ago way before this was a crime. Also the elephant did die of natural causes and no one went out to kill an elephant. The maker obtained the leather and was creative with it.Really bad character to have jumped and tried to insult a member that has been on this forum longer than you. And Skeen happens to be a good dude so no reason to have...
i'd assume the wax is long gone at this point, how does the leather feel to you? rough or smooth?if you can post some pics of actual shoes i'll be able to give some ideas. Also shoe care thread will give even better insight just explain to them you don't want a classic polish and this guys are super knowledgeable.
Oh and guys use your hands to spread the saphir or oil, assuming no one has allergies. using the a dauber brush not only wastes the conditioner/oil but also sensate always get into certain crevices.
i think its recommended to condition shoes. leather drying is is one of the worst things for footwear as it can crack, and you can't fix cracks like you can fix scuffs and scratches.in your case i think sapphir or oil will do the trick, is the leather smooth or rough like reverse?
Oh and few more things @AlexanderTG the guys in this thread really know how to do a good clean http://www.styleforum.net/t/228153/the-official-shoe-care-thread-tutorials-photos-etc/18435 and of course Mr @psydle always has good ideas, we had this discussion before and he turned me on to otter wax oil.
Yea dude all i do is use a wet cloth to clean off dust and dirt, then use either oil or saphir depending on the shoe, let dry for a few minutes and brush until it doesn't look like there is something on shoe.I use saphir on my reverse L0 as well, not a problem, will look a bit darkened and IIRC smooths out the nap a bit and darkens but thats due to moisture.Here are my L0, i conditioned the toe box a bit, sorry for crappy pic but it was at work and ugly carpet...
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