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Really wish carol christian poell would send back similar telegrams every time they received orders for some of the weird color combinations that I see at INK hk. Seriously no one needs green and yellow rubber dipped bison tornadoes
@DeadBoy yeap that's the garbage i am referring to. Idk if copy anything is the term I would use. Maybe more like a brand/designer trying to find themselves. It takes a long time and many failed seasons. FW 14 was last good a1923 season imo. I'd say the leather was better in 2013 and earlier. I miss the opposite side super thick dual zips, I have a pair and would love a new pair. Just odd to me that the unique was of a1923 is pershing. Early seasons had many misses but...
@zissou FL linen is super nice, I have 3 of his shirts now and plant to expand that collection as things come out.
E is that last one the kudu a1923? I saw his fondamenta line on Instagram and the regular work boots are cool but the tall visvim looking things are wtf.
Sounds like exactly what I need which given you being a 10.5 wearing a 45, means a 45.5 would be spot on for me thus confirming my suspicion.Seems that most retailers started stocking guidi only to 45 and anything higher is a mto. Times a changin
I like those a lot. I mostly don't wear the classics but I really want a color 8 Alden wingtip boot cuz I always liked it so I get he sentiment. I think you can easily wear those with some cool blue jeans. And of course being versatile with your style is a good thing.
How would you say the 988z fits you? Given you are a 43.5, a guidi 45 is 1.5 sizes up which is what I think i need for 788z sizing. I measure an exact 44 which is 45.5/46 in guidi backzips. When I tried on 788z at archive years ago it fit well at 45.5 and 988 was better at 46.
Yea agreed. Given the current lifestyle of kids, work, chores, repeat. I def need something like that. I do still miss the trips of just exploring cities but can't do that for now.Btw Buzz steakhouse in Kailua is pretty legit.Oh and definitely going I try the Thai place you recommended.
So did anyone have success in guidi 788z going 1 size up versus 1.5/2?
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