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Amazing TOJ suiting wool MA1, great condition, i just need something with a different fit. Suiting wool MA-1. Gas mask flap chest pocket; that pocket is designed to fit your cell phone, and slants down slightly on the inside so that it stays kinda nestled in there and you can feed your headphone cords out of it. Pockets on the inside just like a normal MA-1. Adjustable lengths only. Super 150’s Fine Wool Suiting Cloth: Black, Navy, and we can look into some other...
you must be at least 2k in the hole given a few of the recent purchases you've made.i know i found it cuz i was trying to find stock sizing on a jacket i am trying to sell and that came up...
Any particular models of vanson?
Yikes, TOJ has a reddit thread about their issues. Temple of Jawnz - Still legit or turned shady? Looks like Thurston Bros are gonna be getting more business.
damn, idk if i'd have the balls to soak and dry a brand new jacket, maybe if it was 80% off and i could handle a loss of sorts...
tyLOLsweet, I'm a big fan of dunks, the simple high top always allures to me.thanks fellas
ok need a new pair of high tops, option 1 option 2 any thoughts?
never heard of IRO but jacket looks cool
nice, post pics!
gonna grab em? whats your size normally
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