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can you link me to the 3rd jeans....
too many seams and lines for my taste
thanks, it was one of those versions that i couldn't ignore... i have 4 leathers now with not enough time to wear, luxury problems!
lmao solid point
sz is the last place for that... let him be the sf slut
why are you promoting your own items in a thread? its against SF rules.
Yes its the same, serie has a a 52/54 left in stock http://www.serie-noire.fr/ConceptStore/lang-en/fw14-15/4577-men-jacket-biker-rick-owens-black-leather-stooges-biker.htmlwell i started with a RO jacket and i think most start with the jackets since thats RO's specialty
Well yes this thread should of happened earlier but i don't think its late. SF only recently started the CCP thread. This genre of clothing is niche and takes longer to get traction. Also your tastes may have changed but others haven't. Until RO stops making clothing we can have a thread.Keep following maybe something will catch your eye sometime.
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