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Lots of ro at good prices http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/rick-owens/
no idea sorry
1200 is steep for that item imo. if it was RO i wouldn't really think the price tag is too crazy. Anyways, my main point to everyone is that those belts functionally will get in the way. How often do you zip up your jacket and then belt it up? I never do and wouldn't. Hence, a belt would just hang and hit stuff. This is why in particular i love the RO stooges.
i am honestly not a fan of belt and belt loops on a jacket so thats my 2c. And i have the stooges which if it had belt loops would kill the look.
im in for a iPhone 6 as well, don't want watch yet
apple conference?
Mdubs you live in sf?
NN good jeans you have to share where you bought them... they go quite well with ccp
Post pics man, thats what this thread is all aboutthose are 2 very different jackets, rider and moto might fit slim but are different. FWIW that sandro looks nice but for the price point i'd go for the vanson x styleforum collab. Belts is out of place and jacket looks a bit too short.
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