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fair enough i'll check those
Faust = POS little napoleon complex cunt
Thank you, my hunt for jeans/pants continues...
@accordion style forum is about style not niche items/designers like Sz or sufu. Thats why you have a lot of cool looks that don't necessarily fit a specific aesthetic but look great.
Thanks a lot! Idk much about where to grab devoa outside of mercury Japan, is there a retailer that prices their stuff better than others. Also j remember you didn't like recent devoa stuff, I assume pants stayed the same.
Exciting for me to see how those will age. Anyway to ask him for more pics?
You know I saw some on grailed and thought they looked cool. You are recommending the j pants I assurm. Problem is sizing I think Devoa doesn't make my size or is hard to comeby.
Block me and you don't have to read then.
agreed on all items
Listen dude, you post once every few months and each post is pointless and negative. Lets keep in mind you are the same guy who was pawning off a ripped MMM 5zip to people as lightly worn. Your reputation here is quite unfavorable.Don't expect anything, this guy is garbage.
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