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oh btw i looked up crash on IMDB, i saw parts of that movie a million years ago in the 90s, i do remember it had a lot of nudity but i only watched some scenes. Honestly unless Deepti was in a crash idk why use that movie as inspiration.idk just kinda looks like someone took jagged shears to a jacket
interesting front zip from guidi.
thought that wheelchair pic was from Carol
ok i feel slightly better, never seen that film but the 2004 crash wouldn't exactly be a good movie to influence a clothing line
sale on nike.com (us only) code - BTS20, 20% off clearance items
we are talking about this film right? idk what to think now.
I think he is trolling you
nike rift looks LOL
would be nice to see pics of the collection but alas Deepti gonna stay mysterious and not offer items online... what year is it? Yes i know i can email retailers and see some pics but that still sucks i just want to be able to go to a site and see what the offering is.
that is literally how i found him at a bar.
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