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good write up on PN/P
My recent run in with ma+ biker jacket has me for onegood write up on PN/P
RE: MA+ - recently tried on an ma+ biker jacket and honestly WOW... it looked really cool, i want one (see below) [[SPOILER]] BTW it was super hard to zip up the jacket for me as well and i am fairly slim.RE: PN/PThe store was like a candy shop for me. I came in dressed like a tourist, shorts, nikes, random shirt. Marco approached me and asked if i knew any of the designers, to which i replied yes. He was relieved because so many tourists come into his store, look at the...
finally this is up...
@jet my condolences to you and your family
he has hair... i don't think i've ever seen you w/out the beanie
i read that about the drips as well. fyi i really like your a1923 sneakers, probably one of the best i've seen.
He clearly stated that he shipped back the items within the given timeframe using the shipping service Vertice requested. Said shipping service caused the delay. Majority of retailers state that they want an item to be mailed back by a given day. This means if an item has to be mailed back on day 30, i need to mail it off on day 30 unless told otherwise. For example, i returned an item to yoox and dropped it off in the mail on the last day within their return policy. They...
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