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LOL Fok, i've been married for 4 years, have a kid and a house, i think you know whats up Having said that, i don't think i would ever want to drop that much on a leather. I have been getting a little over all of the fashionz biz. I def am picking comfortable over the look these days. Doesn't mean i dress like a slob but not like waywt pic worthy either. MA+ biker jacket prob won't even see that much wear since its pretty uncomfortable maybe the new relaxed one is easier...
That ma+ bike jacket that nicely bought is the grail for me, but I'm not going to spend the money on it new.
It's a cool looking jacket but I saw so many odd fit pics of it that I doubt is go for it.
I need to see the sole but I'd guess 2012/13 time frame
i don't really wear "traditional" trouser unless i wear a suit.
mine are always around my hips but i normally have a 10.5 rise...
ATG, from the measurements the rise was very low, what are your thoughts?
was thinking the credit can be sold.
One more thing to add, maybe he can sell the credit?
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