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i know those, good version of tornados, wider last
@groupthink anyone have a suggestion for a nice black shirt to wear casually which won't break the bank. i want something like this slim fitting: i'd like to avoid shitty mall brand fabrics
Pic or it didn't happen
i am...
Hey now if you're going to post a link to your own classified at least provide the details of what you're wearing
@Exdeath nice kop man. I was looking at those for a while but didn't want to drop the cash without seeing the drops for fw. Very very nice man, enjoy.
thanks, good info!
there is a reason you found all those in thrift stores.
are you serious? https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/38c0n0/toj_update_drew_keith_disappears/ you may want to contact paypal and try to get your cash back.
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