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@AlexanderTG agreed with the tornadoes working with skinny hems but i have been wearing the dual zips with skinny hems as well and it works fine. Def stacks cool with my devoa.
that post got deleted the shoes looked pretty bad when they were posted.
The no online sales policy feels to me much like when the music industry tried to convince people to keep buying CDs because its an experience. Honestly i don't buy into that load of garbage.Lack of online sales doesn't help anyone, consumer or producer. I know there is still some old fashioned people who are anti e-commerce but thats going away.I buy nothing but eCommerce for most of my things and when it comes to expensive pieces i rarely return. I do return more with...
The sword!!! those guys are really heavy i discovered them by an accident and got a few friends into them.
@ClambakeSkate i am not sure what your dumb fuck ass thought i was implying to have written something stupid but you won no points by tucking your tail between your legs and removing the post especially since @nicelynice decided to be a prick and get on the bandwagon and comment to confirm you wrote something stupid. At least have the balls to stand by your words.
@MISCHIEF NIGHT i agree CCP colors are always vibrant. I love his red and blue. I have also seen orange bison boots (my eyes are still burning) and the color was really nice. I would never wear such bright shit but its refreshing to see that.
thats really cool, any idea where this will be stocked?
doesn't allow online sales is LOL these days
Tassos will get back to you don't worry about it.you can check the library, pn\p firenze, lazzari all those should accommodate you.
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