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those are calf i believe, ss12 same season as the reverse calf back zips i had
Yea those are the oiled horse. Culatta looks even more matte and is stiffer.Bison is supposedly the next fairly resilient leather after horse and is normally thick and has more grain. You won't go wrong with either. However the dual zips look better in horse IMO.
everything NN said is spot on.4. is kinda design, had it been a full zip down it would be better because it is a bit hard to get your foot in.IDK what leather you plan on getting but i recommend oiled horse or culatta both available at Hide-M http://hide-m.com,
dude even at 11 its pretty hard for me to find cool things.
would you wear something like that? I personally dislike the height of the shaft, well i guess if riding a horse these would possibly work...
Man I want those, nice choice.Lol
which ones are these? culatta or oiled horse?
cool pieceall hope is lost
Schott has an ma1, used toj ma1.... look at used optionson sale or used its possible
happened to me as well but the guy was using my name to sell a toj rider, oddly enough i posted the jacket in toj thread and members started asking me if i was promoting my own sales, i did not even notice the same name. anyways grailed blocked him
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