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lol at the way the face is being covered
I like 626
All those purchases sound great IMO.
i'll probably do a soak after i exchange.
yes I did in a 32. My problem is with the thigh area, it's freaking huge, I'm either going to size down or get something else.
The JB0626 "Godzilla" is the successor to Japan Blue's best-selling "Monster" fabric. The name is derived from the denim's extremely thick and irregular slub weave, creating an almost scale-like surface texture. The heavyweight 18oz denim features a contrasting brown weft that will give the denim a rustic tinge with wear. The JB0626 is finished with signature Japan Blue details and available in the High-Tapered fit. Japan Blue's "High Tapered" fit provides more room in...
i think zissou answered the question best below
I usually wear the jeans out of the box too but 18oz is too rigid for me
Thanks.My 2 stooges fit the same way, good in body long sleeves and I don't mind that, just got used to pulling them up and stacking.I'm very careful with items these days, I hate owning things I don't wear. I like this jacket and want to make sure it lives in my regular rotation. It feels strong enough for fall and light enough for spring just not sure it would handle a straight up winter.
Thanks man.The long arms I can deal with it's the bad body fit that kills it for me. I'm gonna take a week to decide if I am keeping it but of all the leathers I had rick seems to work best.
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