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thanks man, and yea i want the fades on them asap
its not i have a pair, i know that for sure.
Yea its not the black its the regular color... thing is i've seen them worn in and they look great but i never confirmed if they are raw.
This will work for me while i break in the jeans, the stacking makes the look nicer. Its the 7in hems that make it work for me.
Folks who knows if APC jeans with selvage seams are also raw?
I know... i had to
take it out to a nice dinner and include wine
if anyone is looking for CCP boots, suus.es has some in stock CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL / AM/2601L SBUC-PTC/19 / O.D. LINED DIAGONAL ZIP "GOODYEAR" BOOTS 100% LE
man i loved that gametaylor that thing to some cooler clasp or own it
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