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Sinnedk here with my 2c @spoon jacket looks great, how is it in terms of stiffness? @mickeypunch also looks good but when I had the toj moto in calf it was super stiff, wondering if that's the same case for falcon. If so idk if I can handle it.
These look interesting would love to see pictures without jeans from side and soles.
@ckessani Both pairs look good imo. I would want to see the front zips in person to make a call as I am not sure how I feel about front zips in general but that's my personal opinion so don't get bothered by that. Re attachment, treatment depends on how much you wear them in the rain. If they get wet they'll just dry out. For vibram, or protective soles I definitely recommend to cover all of it and get heel taps. The protective sole gets you better grip and softens the...
The last MTM purchase you made did not go so well.
I was just happy to see some cool boots get posted that are outside of the regular brands we post.Love that lug sole
It pops up at Costco for a good price too.
Who has the best price for saphir black?
@Lohikaarme that reddit post is kick ass
Looks cool
I'm at work and checking on mobile phone, sometimes it's easier to as the hive mind to get me an answer.
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