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yea ask in the shoe care thread, no idea.
loosens stitching? wtf thats not something cleaning/conditioning agents should do. does it melt the thread?
Bolded comment 1:Wow dude are you really that thick? Just cuz it happens doesn't mean you should do it. If everyone jumps off a cliff will you do it?How old are you? I'll guess early 20s? do some growing up. If you are post 30 than i am saddened for your predicament.Bolded comment 2:Maybe somewhere in there on a moral standpoint you may be right. But, that still does not justify insulting someone. Just because you chose the moral high ground in regards to some old leather...
NN is right it was from Lazzari and it s 48.measurements from Lazzari, althoughshoulder 42 cmchest 48 cmsleeve length (lunghezza manica) 65 cmalthough jBravo measured them as 46, i'll need to checkback, lets say its a slim 48
probably missed them, but thank u!
there was just one on iguyconsignment in size 50, same one, i literally saw it for a day and it gone. :-(I do know PN\P has a wool version in black size 46 and size 50 if anyone wants it hit up Matteo.
of course, but so stupid to have insulted the dude.
agreed on that much, and it fucking fit which is fantastic, well at least i like the fit
thanks for the troll, i'll pass on this argument
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