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idk about you but i don't really want metal pieces sticking out of my shoes
I liked the seamless boots with titanium but i wouldn't wear them due to not being practical.
you never know, idk if i am liking the lace ups that much at the moment... maybe they will grow on me
that you?
Recently found out RO jackets are chrome tanned some good info here http://en.silvateam.com/Products-Services/Leather/Tanning-processes/Chrome-tanning
Guidi is a world renowned small italian shoemaker/tannery they have very high quality hides. Think of it in terms of why people like horween so much, they have a good rep with proven quality. Guidi has a good rep as well.IDK how much "better" their hides are then other leather tanneries but they are considered very high quality and many artisan designers use them. Also people will pay a premium price for "guidi" leather on their shoes or jackets same way people pay for...
Good list guys, thanks
can you link me to the 3rd jeans....
too many seams and lines for my taste
thanks, it was one of those versions that i couldn't ignore... i have 4 leathers now with not enough time to wear, luxury problems!
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