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Glad you liked it. Its a super nice jacket, that heavy calf was awesome.
That MMM perfecto is super nice but way too short IMO
Is the consensus that CORS is the best option for a high neck or scarstitch.
Stupid to expose that since they don't carry ccp anymore and do carry a1923.
so i got the Nike Bonded Woven Pant Black/Black Tapered Trousers and they feel kinda drop crotch which aint a problem but unexpected
Thanks guys, also forgot about idol. Will see what I can do, only stopping through for 3 days, wish i had more time.
guys gonna be in NYC for 3 days i was thking to visit atelier, IF, patron of the new, hotovelli, rick flasgship, anyone recommend others? Also are the 5 i mentioned all in same neighborhood?
thanks for the tips man, i really appreciate it.
good to know thanks a lot. i have bought some nike recently. any other retailers you find this useful with?
how does beats get you the 12% cash back? do i cash out on their website?
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