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Soudnds like former SZ member Christian, he had a lot of CCP
well guidi is considered artisinal so i lean to yes. but by the looks of the guidi-rosellini i'd say they border the viberg realm of footwear.
Oh and by no means am i comparing brands in this thread to Classic mens. I am more using the names as examples.
Actually for the most part the construction techniques are on par. It's either Goodyear welt or Blake for most items. MMOira does everything by hand. This realm of footwear is less about looking perfect and chiseled like JL or EG and more about interesting leathers and distressing. While the boots look messier it doesn't make them any less well made. I haven't had a bad experience with most my footwear but you know shit happens in any brand so someone may have a a1923...
Right that's why I wasn't sure how to answer
I am not sure how to answer that. Are you asking if there is a market for beat up vibergs? probably but not in this thread. if you are asking whether you can pass off vibergs as something similar to items in this thread, i guess you can and no one is stopping you. Honestly its more about the overall look you are going for an not just the shoe. I've seen a guy "mothman" or something on stylezeitgeist wearing aldens in his fits and it works. I find viberg's boots boring...
I think Marsell is ignored because the majority of theire designs at their price points aren't that great. I think i've seen one marsell boot i've ever liked. At 225 there is absolutely no reason not to buy and enjoy even if cemented construction. However, i've only seen them at the 500 range on sale and at that cost i'd put my money towards Buttero whom makes a fantastic boot. TLDR: odd designs at a high price point.
shameless plug see my sig fella's
those look fantastic
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