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Based on the hair I thought cyc wid it bought a Porsche
made for fat overweight americans that want layer-0
you are gonna do what to my what...
shit layer-0 prices going up to ccp/a1923/ma+ pricing
Leather pants are not a thing i'd be into. Horse leather pants just sound uncomfortable.Milk - i drink i with a cappuccino or coffee but other than that i can pass on it.Sheep - Damn... and good to know.
i don't have a problem with the cattle for leather shirts!
@Abraxis owns front spiral zip ma+ maybe he can answer.i have ma+ backup and ccp spiral zip and haven't had a problem but they aren't front spirals.
I will be making my way there again in next year or two. Maybe we can catch each other there.
completely agree, i like my jackets longer but that looks like a coat with that particular moto design.
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