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One more thing to add, maybe he can sell the credit?
I've deal with the office and Tassos has been nice me. I ordered my sbuc-ptc boots through him and still have them. My next order were one off bison ccp. I was unprepared for the wait time and that was tough for me. However, Tassos delivered. The bison boots didn't fit me well and he made an exception to take back the one off piece and allowed me to use the funds to et LUC-PTC black boots. He made this agreement when i was ordering because i wasn't sure of the size, he...
If good condition I think it's fair
@docdocgs yea I figured that I can get something going with the green. I was going to order MTO then I made a detour trying to make Rick stuff work and @eckblk messaged me that the s cordovan r boots are available again so I jumped on em. Re black idk, I wear jeans that aren't black so black boots work. Also the scarring makes them stand out. I do get bored occasionally so that's why my L0 aren't black :-)
Thanks man. I thought about having a pair of the red or green made for me but then i realized the color is too extreme for me. I wear my shit to work and don't need people staring at my boots. Having said that the red and green colors Alessio makes is beiriful. I am also impressed by CCP red, the tornados look great in red but again not for me.
Layer 0
It's good not be attached to things. Most of my boots I don't plant to sell but sometimes things happen. Honestly I always buy with full intent to keep. But sometimes I experiment and have to sell. Such was the case with some Rick Owens sneaks lately.
I say vegan ramones
Listen to your wife.
@ATG, if you have doubts about this piece then let it go. Look you are worried about losing value due to alteration in case you resell. That tells me you are already planning to resell this at some point. Let that point be now and not years from now when you are dissatisfied. The only pieces I believe should be altered are the ones you know 100% are never going to be sold in which case it makes sense to get them altered to your body. Good luck man
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