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thanks appreciate that, idk howi feel about $100 for sandals, 35 is more like it IMO for something i would wear once a blue moon on the beach.where did you grab the sandals for $35?
thanks psydle! Holger actually told me there is some rubber treatment on them possibly he meant oiled, idk.
Really good price for guidi
are Birkenstock sandals really worth the price they charge, are they any more comfortable than any other sandals.
those rubberized reverse calf dual zips looking good @hide-m folks
any more pics of this? is it supposed to be sneaker like?
Exactly same experience and thoughts as all three of you.I had the suiting wool ma-1, great jacket, warm, good quality. But, what annoyed me the most was the little wool hairs/strings always coming out, it wasn't water resistant and it was round. I hate looking round when i am slim, its just weird to be a slim guy and wear round jacket.I sold ma ma1 for exactly what i paid for it after about a year of wear and no regrets.Rick ma1 i tried on and it fits awkward as shit too,...
Oh man, you guys haven't caught on yet have you. Eck doesn't own a single pair of baller boots. He is a rich oil tycoon that had a bet that he can get a bunch of dudes to buy ugly shoes. His friend Simone thought it was great... so great he even started making the type of shoes for the ruse. Little did they know it slightly took off thus making eck even richer. The hit caught the eye of Altieri who also contacted Eck to keep the elaborate ruse going via Mmoira. And here we...
work boot from MM as well?
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