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congratz, how u like em? mine are in the mail still, how is the leather compared to the kudu dual zips and spiral zips?also you gotta take some better pics, not doing them justice
anyone try the two new lines?
if this is the same jacket, the pic below doesn't do it justice
wow nice, followingi think we are over it at this point... also welcome backfrom my asking/research COIL is most like LUC it seems.
solidi see some raw/selvage jean cuffs? what are they
and how long is custom these days?
@Thurston Bros so are you keeping regular stock sizes in store and offering custom versions?
On the subject of exotic footwear, i did see Gaziano & Girling (i think) make shoes out of stingray, pretty neat imo.
dude if you really want to try pay them with paypal and use a cc within paypal that way you are double covered for fraud it just may take sometime to get the cash back
you guys stayed in touch given all the news? side note you should see that guy's yelp reviews oh man...
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