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It's APC petit standard
indigo or black?
Look guys nicelynice who generally has good fits got criticized there, does that not tell you something?
good price on a backlash leather jacket http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19161
They just don't like anything except this the one troll...
worried that she will me Moo-ed
Do you follow my posts or something? I've said it a few times recently thats why it seems like a lot. Whats your point?I would not have guessed that.
where do you live that its 35c w/that humidity?
i don't care about their thoughts of me. Its the overall experience that if you voice an opinion Faust doesn't like you get banned. Whats the point of having a forum if thats the case? Can you imagine if Fok auto banned people for disagreeing with him? We would not have a single discussion on here. Look you don't have to like me or what i think but we can have a conversation and disagree without the moderators banning one of us. If we can't the please add me to your block...
New Posts  All Forums: