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Glad you got them, surprised they had any left, then again i wear a ccp9 so they only had 2 at most.Anyone know how many of each pair pn\p grabs? Always seems like each retailer has 1-2 pairs per size.looks more like guidi rosellini line
@psydle, @docdocgs, at this point in my life i want no brand recognition, i wear what i wear for myself. tis all, some ppl know but most think i just wear old boots, lets keep it that way.
This .... Definitely this
agreed. my sbuc tornados (white tanned) were super stiff when i got them, after some conditioning they softened up, the LUC which are veg tanned are soft right away. I think the white tanning dries the leather out more and causes it to be stiff.
Pink ccp polo ftw
Pics?Also how many leathers do you own? Seems like you keep grabbing leather jackets.
And lol is a great description of the other pieces. They carry lots of L0 as well when I emailed with Herold.
Makes sense, where did you order the jacket from? (If you don't mind telling)Now we talkin dirty
i will start going down this list, i think i've been to some
damn @LA Guy at that rate you won't be fitting that ccp scarstitich
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