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Leather is incredibly hard to clean; much harder than wool, cotton, linen, and other materials.It is to a degreeIn order of difficulty, suede and calf are harder than lambskin and goat.Suede probably and then calf/lamb/goat is the sameWith oil stains, there are some topical treatments one can use, but the only way to really get something out is to dry clean it. However, leathers can sometimes react to dry cleaning in unpredictable ways (croaking, cracking, etc). Even if it...
thanks anyways
What's their 40% off price?
Maurizio where is the regular back zip
i put tiny amounts of saphir to clean mine up and they get a bit shiny as well
i say belt, did you polish the ccp?
thanks i added LR for now...
Any reason you dont even out your beard? Why not make it a bit neater?
reminding me of Zangief...where is the RO kunkster
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