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Can you get a different ma+ in same size without that issue, it looks like it's particular to that piece.
Hey buddy.Re ma+ moto.The bison looks more rough while the cow is smooth/sleek. I'd say make a choice whether you want a rough grainy looking jacket or a more classic look. Once you know that then the choice is easy. You already know which jacket so that's great.Good luck
Man I bought a house so I can't afford any of this, I get to drool on the sidelines. At least I got a ccp order before I committed all my funds to a mortgage.
That jacket sold like hot cakes!
yes my daily backpack, nothing to roll it just folds and the expandable clasps allow me to fit more items in there, hit up the mission workshop website and see the video to get an idea
I am not reading 58 emails. The first problem is that it took 58 emails to resolve this issue.
True but gotta zip up sometimes
SF endorsed colon cleanser is a great idea...
spell check auto corrected, should be cul
ccp derby, cul-ptc
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