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I really like this. Would love to see the look paired with RO geos.
Mind expanding on that...
CCP is good quality and design, I give 0 shits what others think because i enjoy it.he is most likely spamming and trying to advertise those jackets
Ok lets have this discussion,It a bit odd to compare lobb shoes to ccp shoes when we are talking about leather jackets. But, going on the shoe talk. It is really difficult to compare ccp/a1923 to lobb/eg. Why? well because for one lobb/eg have been around for over 100 years making specific CM shoes. I am sure they perfected their craft. CCP has been around since the 90s also making specific garments/footwear. However, ccp doesn't have 100 years to hone the skills. For what...
those are great, link me to them plz
but if this quality is not comfortable is it still quality?
i always found the wrap around neat
good lord those are some swollen feet there, u ok?
Folks... to each their own on the quality... I think every member has their own checklist which includes fit, comfort, resilience, leather thickness, etc. I'd avoid sacrificing certain things like comfort, its a bitch to break in a leather jacket. I read nightmare stories about the stiffness of Aero. Also there is a big line between the leather jacket makers and designers. I don't believe most high fashion designers will come close on the quality their production lines...
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