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Doesn't the little handbook that comes with CCP suggest to use lexol or leather oil?
ccp gloves, senakers and derbies @ PN\P http://pnp-firenze.blogspot.com/search/label/Carol%20Christian%20Poell%20FW16-17%20Man
Hey Synth... i am trying to avoid just plain non lined windbreaker type items. I'll check the two you mentioned. thanks...liking these two:TAD, Arcteryx [[SPOILER]]
ok so i keep looking for tech jackets and not finding anything too great, anyone see something thats lightly lined and withstands wind/rain/ 50/60 degree weather?
@Mr. Moo you free to join?
Cool man lmk how it turns out.
Walked into ssense it was cool, nothing too crazy. Some Rick, balmain, Gucci, monclaure from what I noticed.
Thanks dude! On another note seller Mosburo on grailed is fairly rude when I asked for a pic of the actual item. I don't get it when I sell items over 1k and people ask for measurements or pics I oblige. Just good business. At worst of say it will take me some time and ask people to wait.
Looks like a fleece that mountain hard wear or north face would have.
My condolences man... thats tough.RE CCP, try what you feel is right. if you use saphir maybe user the renovator or black version and use your hands to make sure you get as much area as possible.
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