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@MickeyPunch The wider lasted CCP looks similar but I have the 2010 model and they don't look alike. I will post some pics later.
yap... gotta hit him up
I know the owner of Serpentine has these, and i handled them while in toronto, great boot.I would really appreciate if you and @psydle put some good pics of those bad boys up, i can't find much pics online.
i don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon
[[SPOILER]] cool, hit me up if you wanna grab a drink...
yea i can press down the toe box a bit although its pretty damn hard but most of the shoe is not as stiff as the 12/13 models.
culatta oil should be same shape as horse oil, the grey culatta looks a bit different.
The Office would be my first choice because i've worked with Tassos before and he is great. Then of course pn/p because they are awesome as well.when were you in SF?
Thought you got the horse oil, anyways glad you like em.
I wear ccp or ma+ boots. Nike if I feel lazy.
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