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i have the neon 95s, a beat up pair and a deadstock pair to replace em, i can say easily one of the most comfortable sneakers i've ever had
those look great
Determined man
That doesn't look good on you. I think the stomach area is bulging a bit so either its the jacket or you need diff pose or drop a few. IDK. not insulting just my observation.too short man
Ok ok you are on to something now...D i was just about to reply to that and then ninja edit.I too am a grumpy old man but no where else can i get the info i need to work with the things we have so occasional derail.Besides E and Exdeath i haven't seen much interesting purchases, its summer after all, too hot for boots. Nevertheless, i prevail and wear my ma+ to work in 80 degree weather because fuck it i like boots!
there is always you roulette i guess. hopefully i'll find something soon.
Not penny pinching, looking for alternatives actually. I don't want to spend $300 on a plain slim black shirt. I am looking for an alternative that's slim and is made of nice materials. Hence I am asking. Although I wouldn't hesitate to drop the cash if I really liked something.
That's what I am trying to figure out, will I be able to sub a cm style shirt to work with the clothing I like here.
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