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where did you find this?
Yea i remember seeing the pics in the preview and really liking them, glad to hear they are smooth and not reversed!
are those from vertice?maybe he doesn't know enough about ccp to advise hence they don't sell ccp
well said
good write up on PN/P
My recent run in with ma+ biker jacket has me for onegood write up on PN/P
RE: MA+ - recently tried on an ma+ biker jacket and honestly WOW... it looked really cool, i want one (see below) [[SPOILER]] BTW it was super hard to zip up the jacket for me as well and i am fairly slim.RE: PN/PThe store was like a candy shop for me. I came in dressed like a tourist, shorts, nikes, random shirt. Marco approached me and asked if i knew any of the designers, to which i replied yes. He was relieved because so many tourists come into his store, look at the...
finally this is up...
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