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Can you remind me what the whole gemming discussion was, i remember it briefly but forget. I honestly just like the way shell cordovan ages and alden/carmina have been good to me. I've had c&j, alfred sargeant, trickers in the past, never EG but heard good stuff.Regarding the office environment. I wear ccp/ma+ all the time, i think ma+ is the cleanest and can get away anywhere so i'd say give em a shot.
what eck said, Bdude posted them next to the wide last ccp i think, someone needs to search through the thread for it. @psydle if you get a chance can you show wide last ccp and your dual zips please?The boot is just less pointy of those who want a diff last for ccp. Also not easily/readily available.
I appreciate both sides of the forum for a long time. I started out in CM and grew into sw&d. On one hand a captoe is a captoe is a captoe. But a sleek elegant last like the Galways is always appreciated by me. I don't like how gallway has two different textures but overall its a wonderful boot. I did not know @Exdeath has those but they look excellent. Personally i appreciate my carmina shell cordovan captoe and my alden shell captoe. Great boots and will age well.
EG gallwayMM looks good, still waiting on my package...RE CCP, im in on that order ... @Exdeath, get in on it, i think given you like the spiral zip a1923 this will be a good one for you.
they were a pn/p mark up and are sold out but i saw a some pairs floating around on eBay and gr@iled (member Exdeath has a 44 for sale).I suggested them because they were the only ones that were smooth and deep black of the dual zips with no treatment, i couldn't think of any dual zips that weren't treated too much.
not feeling any of it
The kudu dual zips would work perfect with that.
I don't know how to feel about this.This you have to get!
glad you got something different, looking forward to seeing pics.
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