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need some feedback, what do you guys think? (found pic from few weeks back)I tried a more casual rather than my normal go to ro/ccp look. the classic ma1 look is not slim but warm and comfy.What can i do to improve it? [[SPOILER]]
I understand. But not having money in your case (I assume) is more like I don't have cash to spend on luxury items. I hope you have cash for food and roof over your head. Nevertheless, my point is no matter what level you are financially it's always better to buy less but better quality. Obviously there are some things we all just buy that we don't care too much about quality wise. However, for the most part it is just better to go with quality items. I am speaking for all...
@brad-t You are very minimalist in your purchases right? I don't see you buy much or maybe you don't post everything. But when you post things like the jeans or boots it's definitely quality!
its the arch and the heel that make them look feminine
I second the watch idea. If you get a nice auto wind watch it will last forever. Lighter can last a long time as well just depends on your budget i guess. If you do get the lighter get some good cigars with it. Another idea is nice money clip made of silver or gold
i assume its a vanson as well
That derby jacket looks very similar to the slim fit rider, what is the difference? I see a single piece back some gusset differences....Also how much is it?
thats nice
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