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reverse bison right?
(my last post on this subject)I will move on but look how people came in and insulted me for no reason. I am not friends with these guys, and i would certainly not have a drink with them at the bar. Thats why i feel its a double standard.
Fok not sure why you are threatening me with a timeout. I was just having a discussion. Critical it may be but not time out worthy.
Maybe there needs to be a forum etiquette thread with that being cited.
SMH, if you are going to enforce rules enforce them everywhere on the forum, not one offs.
cool....now where would i be with 20.5 p2p and 17.5 shoulders, i'd want a bit of room to be able to move...
shit that was good...
Golden bear supplies mostly sports jackets and do custom orders for retailers. So there may have been an all black version. Check unionmade they carry golden bear.
its just odd looking i'd pass on it
@Thurston Bros so how whats the production timeline and eta for the slimmer prototype?
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