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What kangaroo shoes do you have?Anyone wonder why cm shoes mainly stick to calf and shell cordovan.
$60 for a leather jacket in general aint bad
Thanks bud, but i still don't see how ccp would lose out on materials. Mostly i read hermes has the highest grade of materials.
I think your impressions are very accurate, great post, thanks manalso there is a thread LEATHER QUALITY AND PROPERTIES that is a CM thread and has a wealth of info.Re Kangaroo - they said practically the same thing.Side note, calf is boring for shoes imo
ro bison side zips... http://re-porter.ca/shoes/bison-leather-side-zip-ankle-boot/
Lots of us have great footwear that we wear day to day and have owned for a while. Do you have that one boot/shoe that aged really well and that you'd recommend for others. Would love to see some pics and spark a conversation about this. This thread can also help new members that are looking for a shoe/boot that will age well. I unfortunately don't have footwear that old to contribute but i am hoping some of the other members do. CM/SW&D, show us what you got. Hoping to...
would you do be a favor and maybe snap a pic of the empty shoe from the top so i can see the last, you can pm me if you don't want to spam the thread...
I really like this. Would love to see the look paired with RO geos.
Mind expanding on that...
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