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His fabrics are great I have 2 linen shirts, problem is I don't like wool, just never felt great against my body.
thank you
Who makes some cool sunglasses in the genre?
I prefer the diverse community.yea he tries and i agree false
165 is not bad... hibiki17 is one of my favorite bottles, its very smooth
here is the article in case others are interested http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/09/14/rick-owens-interview-eugene-rabkin/Overall its an ok article, i think Rick led it really well and thats what made it interesting. Eugene is not interesting at all. Also i don't think SZ does what SF does. SZ tries to filter to only that style. SF welcomes all.Maybe Fok/Synth can get a chat with Rick
anyone see these at darklands.... commando sole front zips
thanks i tried em on a few yeara back n forgot
I forget are geos tts?
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