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APC bomber is the way to go guys, bought it 2 -3years ago and no regrets.
Ok so this isn't exactly RO but the devoa ma1 I got works super well with the aesthetic, sadly it didn't fit me. I am open to trade for RO stuff if anyone wants.
Ugh a bit too relaxed IMO. I have a great ma1 which sadly didn't fit me, see sig, it's breathable and slim fit.
appreciate that man but i would much prefer a jacket over a coat...
Damn wish you were looking for for an item i'm selling
yea i seem to be grabbing my L0 a lot more than other things.
idk man, i like thicker leather on my footwear although i haven't had any issues with the thinner leather shoes. i think its more to do with the treatment and the quality of the leather being used.
yea but he still overcharges IMO.my last pair of L0 had thicker leather. i may look to a1923 again but for now i go plenty of boots..... as do you my friend
Possible because i thought 2015 was a very poor year for a1923, 2016 is not bad. I think it was 12/13 where he had super thick leathers and 14 where he started with the current style dual zips which are great albeit leather a bit thin.
I think I'd be fine with that, I much prefer a jacket but I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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