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yea man fair enough, i still want a number though. i have 4 i think and thats too much.There was this double zip incarnation that was out a few years ago that i really like but didn't have the cash for. But my fave jacket is RO stooges so i got that covered.
Good lord!
I am not acting like q facilitator, just calling yoh childish.Cheers
possibly but i thought someone may want the info as well so i asked in forum. intention was to share info.
You know at one point these snarky useless remarks stopped but here we go again. If a person asks a question in this thread no matter how annoying such as guidi sizing you shouldn't give a useless snarky remark. Whats the point? Honestly did you somehow help me? Did you somehow point me in the right direction considering ATG below here just stated there is an email. And if you read, i asked what the process was, i've never done business with them; hence, i am curious. Grow...
@AlexanderTG, @eckblk thinking about using willie's in LA, whats the process, do i call them and mail?
oh i know, i've done business with Z, his dna pants had some of the coolest fabric i handled!
need to commission zamb to make a kick ass shirt for me
video was cool. i appreciate @Zamb being so passionate, i would have liked to hear more dialogue from him in the video about fashion, pitfalls, inspiration, etc.
so you are cinematographer?
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