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happy wife = happy life
some i found cool for a woman...
Why are you on a vendetta to defend the honor of women you don't know whom no one really attacked in the first place.Every time anyone says anything the least bit indicative of a woman being sexy or not you jump at them. Its like you police people's opinions here. If someone around you is objectifying women all the time then yea say something. But a comment that the outfit is not flattering does not warrant any of this.
yea but black jeans would of been boring. i get the point thoughNot true. The outfit just needed adjustments to be sf approved. I posted cuz i was wondering what i should change and i got some good feedback.
not everyone likes their women dressed like wraiths or manga comic characters.
Agree. There is one Asian lady there that nails it Everytime. Always wondered if she works in fashion.@jwalterweather those look great.
Seems like you stick to some sort of a non existent rule book.Dress shoes + casual clothes looks fine. In my case i need more synergy and i understand what needs to change... appreciate the input.
You hit the nail on the head!I think what needs to happen is either1. i switch the shirt2. switch shoesThat will make the outfit flow and seems to be the reoccurring thing everyone says to change. Changing to dress pants would make it look like the above fit, which is nice, but not for me.To everyone aldens + raw jeans always look great.Anyways thanks for all the feedback
I don't see myself wearing that.Why are you guys so stuck on MA1 being worn with dress clothes, its not a dressy jacket at all. Only thing linking it to dressy is it being wool.
ok dude
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