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Because you can't be skinny and not too tall in any race/religion ?
Dude those products are not as good, it's probably garbage that costs pennies to make and they get the difference.
mind linking it, i'm curious.
looks like synth's instagram :-P
XPOST from RO threads Ok so its been raining in Sf so i haven't worn much leathers thats why this jacket is still with tags but here are some pics. Calf Intarsia SS17 album here http://imgur.com/a/lECrm lmk if i should put any other pics on sf...
i watched that, pretty cool, done business with those guys they are very nice
Thick, heavier then my hidden hood lamb stooges from plinth season, not as heavy as my heavy calf stooges.
yea not glove, i;ve been using this little polishing cloth that i got at a hotel i stayed at and its been doing a good job.
thanks man, maybe i meant shoe cleaning clothes... just basic cotton that goes over the hand...
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