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i didnt notice that
thought you ignored it
looks excellent dude, post in waywt
@mike868y glad you found something, i know it was a long journey researching...
Literally what i just advised you to avoid in an instruction manual.
Brad some advice. Whenevr I write a memo or anything at work I make sure to write with 0 assumptions of what the other person knows. Everytime I do that people are happy that I explained everything to them. The things that seem obvious to us aren't obvious to others.One more thing if its something like a wiki with instructions I keep revising and updating it as people give me feedback.
You can have th fastest internet connection in the world and it still won't load a webpage that is served by a slow server or has poorly written code. Having said that, a website that has luxury niche labels will only have so much traffic and performance of the website won't hinder sales. This is especially true when the retailer has competitive prices which I think NMWA does.A faster loading site in the end is better but it is the customer base and marketing that will...
It's always been fairly slow. The content probably doesn't load in an optimized manner.
Can you get a different ma+ in same size without that issue, it looks like it's particular to that piece.
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