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yea but those are all 1k a pop, a1923 probably even more...
@eton97 wins
as much as i like this being the borsch thread, can you guys recommend me some casual jacket to go with ccp/ma+/a1923 etc, not blazer like, i don't even know what would look cool these days been rocking my RO stooges with hidden hood but i want something non leather thats easy to wear...
I will check for solyanka too
The official Baller Russian food thread
i'll post it, need to check with my mother
need recipe?
Jbravo explained everything perfectly. Consider soviet food an eclectic mix of the former ussr states with occasional French.
Putting him in a timeout and putting up a thread about him on the front page is not ever going to be construed as well-meaning, in fact its more childish and rude than anything. It was pretty bad taste to do that. It could of been a fun thread had it been done differently. For example, ask him first if he wants to be on the front page and not time him out and try to embarrass the guy.
New Posts  All Forums: