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time to get some APC on sale before the company tanks...
yea took 5 mins and the rep didn't sound like it was a big deal either, they are rushing a new card for me tomorrow.I don't think thats the issue.The issue is that people are tolerant of the ultra liberal or open-minded opinions and are not tolerant for the semi-conservative ones. Moo comes in and says something that is more conservative than the hive mind thought for example expressing an opinion wearing clothing thats very extreme in a disapproving way. Then others on...
thats cold man, if @Mr. Moo would steal my card i'd expect him to be smart and buy 2 rolex (1 for me 1 for him) and a steak dinner or he could be a gentleman about it and just return the card.
Decided to check my credit card balance to make sure i don't have any random charges (haven't checked card in a few days) and today is the day someone decided to de-fraud me. person bought >200 at mcdonalds, >100 at stacks and $50 at chipotle... i have a feeling a really fat dude stole my card.
I'd like the dual zips in the blue color that he has for the spiral zips in the background...
I bet flava flav's cousin is embarrassed of him as well
Ol bomber too short Guerrilla group looks interesting
Aabunchofnumbers = good pointshorrific picture!
good point, it def sprked a discussionwho the heck is that in the pics you quoted?
I completely agree, i cannot imagine kids wearing those items and not destroying them. Also comfort comes into play, kids need stuff that they can play in and not have to break in. But then again maybe its the intention? If this were a1923 then it would definitely be the case.Lets just all be relieved that Lenny Kravitz can dress his children in ma+ if he has any little ones.
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