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Yea those, just wondering about how agressive is the tank sole and etc, just give me your thoughts man.
Anyone own any tank sole guidi backzips?
Anymore suggestions on pants for geos...
His fabrics are great I have 2 linen shirts, problem is I don't like wool, just never felt great against my body.
thank you
Who makes some cool sunglasses in the genre?
I prefer the diverse community.yea he tries and i agree false
165 is not bad... hibiki17 is one of my favorite bottles, its very smooth
here is the article in case others are interested http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/09/14/rick-owens-interview-eugene-rabkin/Overall its an ok article, i think Rick led it really well and thats what made it interesting. Eugene is not interesting at all. Also i don't think SZ does what SF does. SZ tries to filter to only that style. SF welcomes all.Maybe Fok/Synth can get a chat with Rick
New Posts  All Forums: