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Regarding the uninformed part, that's actually not true. I know about her silver and glass experiments. I've also handled items at the archive. I probably came off as uninformed.In my opinion repetition leads to boredom. I am not saying CCP is any less boring now since they just re-release things from past collections.
That is epically sad.
Ehh idk NN my comment is oversimplifying it but I stand by it. I feel deepti stuff is an extension of ccp and kinda boring. I looked through the look book or whatever was published and the most obvious high neck leather jacket was just the CCP high neck with different seams. I saw that all over the place. The only place I liked it was the pants I believe. Other than that I dismissed it.I was hoping for a similar discussion on SZ and for ppl to clearly read into some...
On a side note, i am once again banned from stylezeitgeist. The altercation happened in the CCP thread where i said i thought deepti's work was boring. Someone called me silly and uniformed to which i replied why are you being a dick, i am just expressing an opinion. Anyways faust came in said some stupid shit as he always does so i told him ban me your forum, it has tumbleweeds going through it anyway. I don't think i'll be rejoining ever again. I just didn't expect my...
agreed i took a risk there, not sure what to expect
Any good deals on nudie jeans for presidents day?
People trying to ride the Japan whiskey hype train
Yeah bovine is only coming in reverse and it will pretty much be thick reverse calf.
IIRC it was mentioned in the boot thread. But yes kinda low key.Japan was doing the pre orders too.
@eckblk would know better but I hear there is a rough instep so I'd say gamble on a 12 because you can't cut off toes to wear an 11 Yo, yea E and I did that. But they pre-order is closed now so keep an eye on pn\p blog the eta is June and they should be getting 4 pairs. The bubbly toe 7 hole, 5 hole, backzip and derby. I don't recall all the leather combos but I think the backzip will come in reverse bovine and horse.What thread am in? Lol :-p
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