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always thought about getting that bag
I agree those are great but i think color 8 is better on em
You can do better.Options:1. Shcott for same price2. add a bit more and get the Vanson slim fit rider see http://www.styleforum.net/t/387175/vanson-styleforum-thurston-bros-slim-fit-japanese-double-rider-mto/8853. check TOJ used here http://www.styleforum.net/t/281742/toj-too-tight-we-can-help-the-amazing-toj-exchange-thread-give-me-your-eg-for-my-charlie-leathers/7804. look around stylezeitgeist/styleforum market places or grailed for used Rick Owens stoogesi know exactly...
This is ultimate progress for this thread, people have decided to agree...
i have one and its great
LOL yea it is beating a dead horse now, i guess no one likes things going up in price like crazy for no reason
It would be if I had a shop and was spamming sf myself. Otherwise you made no sense.
Please don't spam styleforum
The bible :-p
I can't imagine this particular item being pulled off by any dude on sf.
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