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good one
you'll probably pull out a bunch of CCP he used as "inspiration"
idk who else has that jacket, brad may have some insight...
I would say that's the case everywhere...Any a1923 Black Friday deals???
around $32.95 to sj, more if you insure https://shipgooder.com
I know fuck me right!
@mr. moo bathing ape is a known brand for sneaker heads normally
YKK, while very common , still happens to be the best zipper company in the world. There is a reason they dominate. I know riri looks nicer and talon is higher quality but if YKK can pull it off and function why not use them? At this point all my jackets are YKK and honestly I've never had an issue.
I accidentally stumbled upon that site and posted the jacket, no idea of quality maybe if they have a good return policy its worth a try
@dlester idk if this is your size but decent price.
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