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also size
$800 - $1000
CCP @Library London
LMAO, so i'll get my jacket after you get your ccp?btw i am not in market for a leather but is there a post for this MTO yet? mock ups, etc?
I felt that it was more about setting the right expectation. I believe the vanson project stated something like 3 months which turned into 9 months wait. I wouldn't care about that had i been told up front you'll have almost a year wait time. I wait for my CCP and knowing its gonna be a while is fine with me as long as i know to expect a long wait.
to add,the vanson jacket project set everyone up for a long wait. i completely understand that they created a new leather jacket and had fittings, etc. but they totally over promised on the delivery and people waited for a long time
damn new fees!
those are from atelier NY, i think @jwalterweather provided the deets, idk much on guidi...
that looks perfect!
@AlexanderTG yea mine are a little tight as well but I remember wearing my older ones were tight an do wore thin socks with them. Once the toebox flattens it should be fine. Also looks like the last is a bit different now. Narrower.
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