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I tried them and wasn't a fan of the fit or the boot at all
L0 back zips are pretty fugly, get lace ups those are on point
mmmm pig intestine
FJ western does a good job, eck reccomened them and i took my a1923 there, he did a good job http://www.yelp.com/biz/fj-western-wear-and-boot-repair-santa-clara-4
oh wow, thats a lot
oh man i would be upset about that.random question what is the list in your signature?
gonna post this to the RO thread
@Exdeath pretty much agree with everything you said on Alden, Carolina etc. for me it's also diminishing returns, at some point cm shoes just look too similar to me or don't do it for me. I got Alden's as a beater boot for Europe on a whim... And I was surprisingly happy with themselves. I know vass n etc are far superior but I don't wanna shell out the dough. @psydle Thanks for the comparison post, I'm probably going with a 9. One thing to point out is that ccp will be...
"THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD (Guidi, CCP, Augusta, M.A.+, M Moria, Carpe Diem, etc..)" when did the thread change names?
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