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This is true I'm just gonna order a bunch of jeans and see what fits best.
make senses... now need to find some cool skinny as shit jeans with some room for my balls
uniqlo thermalsuniqlo long sleeve button downwings and horns knits/thermalsfrank leder for long sleeve button downlooking for others as well
please post any good deals on geos here... size 44 if anyone sees some (yes doing my own hunting too )
thanks man... i'd probably cut the leather strap, but the rest of the geo looks cool to me.
7inch hems work? I have detroits from RO...
Rick folks, what are opinions of the moody Geo vs regular geo? I honestly don't mind the zip on other side and that metal latch on back, looks kind of neat or is it too gimmicky Moody version (leather strap has to go!!!)
Team.......... the boot tuck..... how do i master this? been trying and everything looks silly on me, i'm approx 5'10 and size 11 feet will not be able to avoid the clown effect but i wanna wear Rick Geos with a boot tuck will cropped jeans work? and if so give some suggestions, don't be shy
found em on eBay for approx 300, what were they new?@everyone, my nike tech woven pants have belt loops which i need to put a belt through, what does everyone use?
dope man!!! are the darker version completely sold out?
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