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if you can spring up the cash, PN/P guys are good to work with, quick shipping. Also looks like ma+ is back to a channel sole.
You gettig that pair too?
M.A+ FW15-16 Staple Short Extra Boot Layer-0 - Alessio's own footwear and how it aged
i would expect for an item that expensive the seller could put up some decent pics.
Oh and muta are a size off so the 43 is a 44
Saw the muta a1923 in person. Boots vary in how the turned out from size to size. For example the 42 display version was darker and I kinda liked it but the 44 was practically white. New guy at the store Alan is cool. Gotta say archive a1923 buys are always spot on.
those are nice...
damn size 11? missed those, post pics...
what color is 19? you get them from the office?
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