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looks good
Ok I know you asked about Paris but I know for sure Willie's in LA can fix these.Alternative weekend trip to Italy and stop by PNP ask Matteo/Marco in person about what to do. I know it's a nutty suggestion but you are a border away. And this could be fun.
That's useful, where did you find that? Also a eu48 is a large? That's not correct at all
Good point
I'd ask the original owner to help out, if he is cool he'll help.
now i am thinking it
yea they are notorious for that shit
that makes it a XS ? I wear an eu 48 and thats slim...
right basic income, thats what i was referring to earlier.
This!no idea about denver but SF would be a shit show, sometimes good to awful. But uber/lyft i had mostly so so. I just don't like that they don't know the city.
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