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I just don't understand what I'm looking at, is that a room in a restaurant with marinara sauce everywhere. Or is that vomit. Just could be a lot of things.Also could be a crime scene.
@docdocgs umm wtf happened there?
I am going to guarantee you do:-p
Well I haven't worn my LUC hard yet but time will tell.@psydle and I seem to do the same thing, wear hard, clean and condition occasionally although I've been cleaning less cuz I haven't been having time.
You forgot the plastic wrap man, gotta keep the ccp inside the uggs safe
My first pair I still wear hard, could be the only boot I wear for a week then give it a break. I do use the insole provided as well. That heel slouch I saw on pre 2010 models. Also my versions are all horse. The slouch probably happens on kangaroo which is a slouchy leather. I don't think bison would have that issue.If you want I can post a pic of my sbuc-ptc and other than regular wear and tear I haven't had an issue. FYI I have a pic of them in the CCP thread, first few...
Well if we keep talking about beer it will happen. So what's the most expensive beer out there?
Umm did I really just read that in this thread
thanks i was hoping for some specific recommendations, thinking some converse/CP/lanvin sneakers will do the trick for both club and breeze.
Team stylforum, 1.what does one wear to New Orleans in summer (july)? 2. what footwear can i wear in NO that will get me into clubs and allow my feet to breath?
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