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yea those mountain boots are definitely not part of the ma+ aesthetic IMO, i posted them for others to see.
welcome @Chinorlz
horse ma+ front spiral zips ma+ Tall Work Boots W/Vibram
yea bay got hot all of the sudden, wtf is going on its Feb
Albert is a great guy, bought my first RO from him and he was super professional.
Horse is stiffer than kangaroo generally, its also move structured while kangaroo fold more. However, from everything i read kangaroo is supposed to be very tough leather. If you want stiff and rugged go horse, softer and easier to break in kangaroo probably. At this point i have a lot of horse boots, i'd be interested in kangaroo.
world is changing and many try to hang on to old business models that will eventually burn them this is true from fashion to anything digital. gotta get with the times.
@Mr. Moo, check that out AHAHAHAHAHAalso here is Eli's reaction to peyton winninghttps://vine.co/v/i1vzPTulQ0L
you gotta look in japan for that designer.
idk much about the MM colors but the smaller pic with close up looks green to me.
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