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Derbies are great but way off size wise for me
Maybe no man walks alone can order something like that for you...
Sorry bro, I don't
@mildundklar thank you but I meant the jacket not the coat.
whats the jacket? i don't recognize the brand
Keep going.Just to point out you are doing something annoying as well. You derail a conversation and jump at a person for something inane just because it bothers you. Now rather than do that why not ignore and move on to keep on topic and not disturb others?
I completely agree with this.
You and Faust should hang out.
i understand what you are saying but I do think that sometimes it just takes one line of thought to start a conversation. As far as SZ is concerned I prefer to not be there so I told him to ban me. Overall the conversations there were boring and didn't spark much of an exchange.On the other hand, here on SF we are having a pretty good convo about all this.
I am on the same page here and that's what leads to my comments.
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