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Is this really a viable business? Sounds like another convenience service startup in the bay and those are a dime a dozen now. They aren't charging anything ATM so it may get some use base.I doubt I'd use this given they won't find the brands I like but I think for the more casual person this may work.From a usefulness perspective this may be useful. But as a business I don't think it will survive.
8 sounds correct based of that. What is your size in other brands?
Oh heck I did not know you wore a 44 as well. 44 L0 fits me well, 45 would be way too big.I'm a ccp9, 44 a1923, 44 ma+
Damn pn\p is sold out of both the boots in 44, feel like I shouldn't have passed. Now who here got the siZe 44 of either layer-0 boot?
so there is 3 MMM 5 zip jackets on spence, which is the 5zip to have? Does padded mean it has thicker lining?
he used to use riri zips in the past.
RO detroits, hard blue RO vegan sneakers @curiouscharles thank you for the amazing service at http://calculusvictoria.ca
ha ha2 threads you'll like areARTISANAL CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES DISCUSSION (MA+, CCP, LAYER-0, PAUL HARNDEN, TAICHI MURAKAMI, BORIS BIDJAN SABERI, ETC...)http://www.styleforum.net/t/507683/artisanal-clothing-and-accessories-discussion-ma-ccp-layer-0-paul-harnden-taichi-murakami-boris-bidjan-saberi-etc/1185THE OFFICIAL ARTISANAL "STREETWEAR" FOOTWEAR (BOOTS, SHOES, SANDALS) THREAD (GUIDI, CCP, AUGUSTA, M.A.+, M MORIA, CARPE DIEM, ETC..)...
yea thats how i wound up on instagram
Sup man glad you decided to sign up...
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