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which acne jeans are those?
Its super subjective. Remember this conversation sparked from talking about ma+/ccp/carpe diem. I asked @LA Guy whose construction/quality impresses him and he stated Aero/Viberg. Then people threw in suit quality and etc.To me, the avante garde guys like ma+/ccp focus on design and unique leather/garment treatments which can lose out on quality at times. Makers such as aero/viberg focus more on the quality and functionality (maybe wrong word to describe this), aero is a...
congrats its an amazing feeling that i recently went through as well, did you buy in sf or in peninsula?
Heard fw 11 and fw 12 werent great. Fw13 was better and fw14 killed it.
pretty much this, hard to get info on brands not as exposed
so in general whose construction impressed you for sw&d style clothing
welcome to my block list
Need to check back but I think the pants I liked were the ones that are smaller. But that's a good idea, thank you.
why did that thread get deleted???
I've handled both and didn't feel ma+ biker jacket or any ccp jacket would fall apart on me. But i have seen a few pieces that look like they hang by threads from ma+, particularly that lining he uses on the jackets.Lets continue the AMA, whats your favorite cereal? ... but seriouslyBetween cd/ma+/ccp/layer-0/etc/other artesianal designers whom did you like in terms of construction? It seems like you liked ma+ in terms of style...
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