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Yea dude it was way lower back in day. Falcon garments will probably be a good alternative.
i think those would be great for ya my man...
Us10I'm a us 11 and wear a ccp9. In bison I wear ccp10. Anyways you can fit a 10.5 - 11 in a ccp8 if you take out insole. But it would be a tight squeeze for an 11.
Well it can be 2nd hand new, some people just try on and never wear.
Damn image didn't upload, I'll try again Wtf???
@Jbravo I think those will fit u
That jacket is not a 46, it's more of a 48/50. I am a true medium and this jacket is big on me.
get RO used, i paid less for the APC oregon jacket a while back. Also japanese brands have cool shit Attachme,t devoa, virde anne
APC bomber is the way to go guys, bought it 2 -3years ago and no regrets.
Ok so this isn't exactly RO but the devoa ma1 I got works super well with the aesthetic, sadly it didn't fit me. I am open to trade for RO stuff if anyone wants.
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