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Yes they do, all are slim fit but i know of 3 popular ones Memphis, Berlin and Detroit. I have Detroit cut that stacks and am pretty happy.check http://serie-noire.fr they have some nice cuts. careful with yoox they are a hit n miss.
thanks a lot
i agree on most of this, really hope they don't start closing up stores. Its my favorite for basics.
That sucks
aint that the truth
sick fit, prps denim is definitely awesome, where can i get some on the cheap
guidi anyone http://www.ebay.com/itm/371130493704
Agree lets no have that. I am not a PC hater fyi. I work on whatever is given to me in this case a windows pc. But preference is mac.
Dude thats awful, i have owned nothing but Macs since 2008. Right now i have a PC for work and it drives me nuts because of all the extra clicking windows forces you to do.
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