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Nothing to feel bad about.
Yap I confirm Mercury as well.
i agree looks like the stooges i have from FW14 (http://www.styleforum.net/t/404533/the-official-rick-owens-thread#post_7249593)
PN\P firenzeHide-MThe Office (only CCP)Mercury Japan (Attachment/Devoa and many others)Boutique Roma (Layer-0 for me but they have other things, no eshop sadly)Calculus Victoria (@curiouscharles is a good guy and has lots of cool items)The Library London(CCP, A1923, etc)Layers Londonyoox roulette occasionallyhope the above helps
Pass on em, get layer-0 instead. I do see how those would work with all BBS
Guys why you cluttering this thread, this discussion was in the clothing thread as the issue is with clothing, why didn't make it here to the footwear thread. If you want to keep talking about it please move in there otherwise keep discussion to footwear.
will power and the blood of virgins :tongue:actually I'm curious too, must be some wooden nails and cementing
Thanks I'll look around
Not as worried as I'm just curious will it look ok. I don't like the super drop crotch or baggy Rick shorts so I need to look for alternatives.
would these work with vegan sneaks?
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