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Was the MDR easy to break in? If so then you made a wise choice, calf is still breaking in for me.
I get it but you have to expect that with nit pick celebs. I think a more standardized process for reg customer to be able to customize shouldn't be that difficult.
good ideathats possible as well, just wondering wtf kanye did to mess it up for the rest of us.On the other hand james kearns maybe able to do something similar, after all you said that strap gets in the way.
curious which place you found them in, bay area i presume?10.5 is biggest??? guess I'm SOL.re: 2500 denim, too baller for me...
What's sizing like?
@Abraxis thanks for the rec, the below are great Hender Scheme Manual Industrial Product 01 - Black does he sell direct?
do you know what those jeans are?
yes i confused the names but i don't keep up with sneakers that often.
Good write up.1. I own a TOJ moto in calf the way its aging it reminds me of some of the pics of the vanson comp. Now i am not comparing the two at all since i have no experience on vanson comp. However, based on the swatches the Comp is thicker than TOJ calf, Toj calf is closest to X150 but a bit softer (probably because i wore it in). Based on that i'd say TOJ calf is equal to x150.2. Lambskin is def the best fashion leather. I noticed my RO stooges in lamb is easiest to...
+1 taller ones look betterThat's the guy Eton had make his sneakers I believe. I agree he has cool stuff.
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