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fit is tts?
see my signature
FYI ma+ in my experience has a similar last on most their footwear so if you find a fit it's a safe bet you can wear any of their footwear in the size
Should be same.
Damn I really hope pnp got s63m in a nice leather
Sweet post pictures when you get them
Nice man, which did you get?
@skeen7908 in my case I just ended up selling off the boots that I had in other leathers. I am not against owning other leathers at all. I am not into clad these days because of the way it ages. And I agree horse creasing looks cool.
Lulz. Ok here I goes. I've owned horse/shell, calf, kudu and Bison. All leathers are cool but horse is most resilient and interesting to me. I guess I haven't tried kangaroo yet but one day. If I see a nice pair of bison in my near future I'd grab that too. I don't beat my boots to the degree of going hiking in them. But I wear them in rain and walk a few miles a day.
Can never have enough horse
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