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i think the cargo pants really hurt the look w/out it may work a bit better
maybe hit up INK in hong kong its closer, i hear good things about pita the owner, also japan has lots of guidi
ummmm WTF, one store?
Lets put it like this, grailed take a small fee from the sale and i'd gladly pay to to SF. Maybe the ROI is there for some devs to be hired.Bad developers overcomplicate good ones make things simple.
I really want some geos gonna stop by barneys to try em on again... FYI they are very very bulbous but look great with shorts ink
What about revamping the SF marketplace since we are on the topic. The only reason I like grailed is because it's easy to filter items and designers/brands.
Yeah banks need to run Java because it is good when you have a lot of data to deal with. It's odd that your browser asks for it to run everytime. I believe its a browser security setting, the only time I ever encounter the issue. Check if you can whitelist the bank site and save the setting to allow for it to run in your browser.
Well yea if it's pleather, I thought he said it was leather in which case 60 bux is ok.
Lol guys YKK is probably the best zipper company in the world. There is a reason everyone uses them. I know there is talon and riri that are good as well but honestly I never had an issue with YKK and my ccp tornados zip up just fine.
For AA, you are referring to the basic?
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