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what jeans are those?
travel insurance may cover theft...i don't have the cash for this but i really like this jacket, someone pick it up, @AlexanderTG i am looking at you...
@Rais, @spacepope, @AlexanderTG really liked all your fits in the past few pages. I have been MIA from this thread, but its nice to see you guys do your thing.
got out with some friends last night... @Jbravo very nice!
what about leather strength, scratch resistance, etc...
Nah man, I want them, i think Carol and ma+ do the best job with bison. The office (Tassos) has been super great about everything and at this point i just have to wait. My order was a one off so thats probably the issue.where did you move to?very nice NN, feel like everyone picked up a pair of a1923 around same time...i definitely will keep an eye out. Honestly who the fuck steals boots they aren't jordans and we aren't in high school. Very sorry to hear this happened to...
What NN said just reno and brush it out and you are good. My tornadoes look exactly the same as when I got them.
yea i went with black bison because the leather speaks for itself pretty well, but yea i like both...anyone own bison ccp? how does the leather compare to horse?
hell fucking yes! but dude i kinda regret not ordering my bison tornados in charcoalwaiting for this:(i think these are eton's old pair)but could of been thisi'll be happy either way though
If you responded then you committed to purchase, please send money
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