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i put tiny amounts of saphir to clean mine up and they get a bit shiny as well
i say belt, did you polish the ccp?
thanks i added LR for now...
Any reason you dont even out your beard? Why not make it a bit neater?
reminding me of Zangief...where is the RO kunkster
LCW: heavy calf (my fw14 stooges has this code) RO leather codes from SZ: LB: blistered lamb LB: unwashed calf (not confirmed) LBO: box/-ed calf LC: washed lamb (not confirmed) LF: fading/-ed (gradient) lamb LG: full grain lamb (not confirmed?) LG: washed lamb (not confirmed) LK: kangaroo LKG: kangaroo (washed / full grain ?) LM: metallic calf LO: oiled calf LP: hammered lamb LS: silky lamb LSH: shearling lamb LR: rugged lamb LNB: some sort of blistered (combined with...
Ic thanks
Which season is glass ice? Do you have example
Timeless or not, you may want to know what season the boots were releases. Sometimes you need to find a specific version.a1923 timeline is notorious for being late
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