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thanks buddy
looks good, how do you like needles and left field tee
CCP wrap around boots http://www.gr@iled.com/listings/96802-carol-christian-poell-wrap-around-boots
anyone need a tornado? http://www.gr@iled.com/listings/97766-carol-christian-poell-black-tornado-zip
Most of the designers we like take a long time. Just wait they'll deliver.
No worries NN, that's why I was surprised, felt like i was having a convo with Brad for a second there.I guess we just disagree on the ma+ and calf :-), to each their own. fwiw, imo ma+'s clean aesthetic is more about the evolution of the leather. Ma+ looks best really worn in where it's no longer as clean and you see the patina of the shoe/boot. I just don't feel that patina is as good with calf as it is with horse. But I did see ma+ backzips worn hard and like em, want...
leaning to keeping them atm.NN feeling a negative tone in your past few posts towards me. Not sure what the reason for that is but how about we keep to discussion with no animosity.
I didn't say anything about it not fitting the aesthetic. I find calf boring, especially for footwear. At the prices ma+ charges they should stick to more interesting leathers. For example, abraxis picked up some deer spiral zip ma+ and they look superb compared to the basic calf version. But you are right if the calf was treated a bit it can look better. I am in no way implying ma+ to use distressed leather or anything. I do however feel like they should use more...
you can upload pics on SF or link them from imgur, use the bbc code i think.re fit, yea that jacket doesn't sit well on you, especially zipped up
you need to take a better pic man, i wanna see the details
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