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people still wear true religion jeans?
This fit is a bit too slapped together. There is an incongruent flow of things. For example, the top fits slim but the bottom is a bit baggy. I think a dress shirt and slimmer pants can make this appear better. It looks a bit sloppy to me, not feeling this.
What in the world would posses someone to post those ugly ass shoes in a thread like this.
@ManofKent @cyc wid it @kindofyoung good fits guys
Yea toebox is bulbous imo
Got it, there was no way for me to have known that, i was just giving you an fyi.
should be a non issue, everyone has their sinkhole just be careful
Idk what your spending is like but my recommendation is to be honest. My justification is that i don't buy things too often (i dont) and when i do i get something really nice (such as shell) and use the item for a long time. Honestly, my wife and I have an understanding and we buy what we want as long as nothing breaks the bank. We also aren't heavy spenders in other areas where i see people splurge.The horse thing idk what to say. Does she wear calf well thats the same...
sorry to hear, can u sell the spot or something?
You realize other than calling the fit boring i did not really say anything bad when in fact you returned with some random insult and now you back off with your self righteous BS.
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