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exactly why i hate it but thats my opinion...
what about those closeout showrooms? lots of where houses around, you can find them easily on craigslist bay area.furniture consignment places have new stuff people don't want...ikea is all garbage imo, everything i ever owned from them i ended up hating.
hit me up if they don't work for you
can folks help me id these, i recently acquired the pair below and i think they are from 1984 deadstock
I actually had him reply to a post of mine a few years back, it was good to chat with Ron.
ro scuba sz 46 http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Rick-owens-hooded-leather-jacket-art35041.html
all ties SOLD
Is there an official levis/lvc thread on SF?
Kids do latch on to little things that make them feel safe... Guess same goes as we age.@SyntheseThat cloak jacket is great.
you got that off grilled i believe, i saw it on there as well, not my size though, nice KOP
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