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Those green carmina are awesome, did you get them at epaulet?
i agree you are part tacky part effeminate in a bad waysee above
had it since dec 2012, idk how often i wear it, its in my jacket rotation, lately a bit less wear on all leathers due to working in san jose and weather being hot.
thats good because i am still breaking mine in
Was the MDR easy to break in? If so then you made a wise choice, calf is still breaking in for me.
I get it but you have to expect that with nit pick celebs. I think a more standardized process for reg customer to be able to customize shouldn't be that difficult.
good ideathats possible as well, just wondering wtf kanye did to mess it up for the rest of us.On the other hand james kearns maybe able to do something similar, after all you said that strap gets in the way.
curious which place you found them in, bay area i presume?10.5 is biggest??? guess I'm SOL.re: 2500 denim, too baller for me...
What's sizing like?
@Abraxis thanks for the rec, the below are great Hender Scheme Manual Industrial Product 01 - Black does he sell direct?
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