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What a great idea - I'll take an LE50.
I have the BR bag, and it's nicely made, but the closures are magnetic snaps that, to me, give it a women's purse vibe, so I don't use it much.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThomasoAIK Absolutely stunning.
As a guitar player, it bothered me that they made such a big deal that it was 1955 in Back To The Future, but the guitar being played, a Gibson ES-355, wasn't introduced until 1958.
I'm thinking these would be good for use with Chucks - has anyone tried them, and if so, what do you think of them? http://www.superfeet.com/
For me, maybe Swept Away (original Lina Wertmuller version, of course), Seven Beauties, La Belle Noiseuse (sp?), Camille Claudel, Pan's Labyrinth. Or Bull Durham.
Can't wait to visit.
I don't own one, but I recall Road & Track recommending the Mercedes-sourced automatic, as it was in keeping with the sporting nature of the car, and clutch replacements for the 5-speed are legendarily expensive.
Linen would be entirely appropriate and look great.
This is an ultra-musical solo, and Jo Jones never loses his smile through it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrKShqNkcnI
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