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You're not bad looking, but you don't look very happy.
I see that no one has replied, so let me suggest that you go to and look around. You can input your car's make and model and they will recommend various tires and wheels. I think the most common wheel size for 215/45-17 tires is 17x7. Good luck!
What a great idea - I'll take an LE50.
I have the BR bag, and it's nicely made, but the closures are magnetic snaps that, to me, give it a women's purse vibe, so I don't use it much.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThomasoAIK Absolutely stunning.
As a guitar player, it bothered me that they made such a big deal that it was 1955 in Back To The Future, but the guitar being played, a Gibson ES-355, wasn't introduced until 1958.
I'm thinking these would be good for use with Chucks - has anyone tried them, and if so, what do you think of them?
For me, maybe Swept Away (original Lina Wertmuller version, of course), Seven Beauties, La Belle Noiseuse (sp?), Camille Claudel, Pan's Labyrinth. Or Bull Durham.
Can't wait to visit.
I don't own one, but I recall Road & Track recommending the Mercedes-sourced automatic, as it was in keeping with the sporting nature of the car, and clutch replacements for the 5-speed are legendarily expensive.
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