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Thoughts of black leather jackets keeping me awake at night.
I'd always be down for a weeknight if that's agreeable to everyone else, but then I'd probably have to postpone to after Thanksgiving.
@A Fellow Linguist, are you gonna be able to make this meetup?
Definitely man! It was sort of a spur of the moment "why the hell not" trip, but I'll shoot you a message next time I'm thinking of going. I've got a 2L growler of That's What She Said, a 750mL bottle of Julius, and a 750mL of Green all sitting in my fridge right now, and I can guarantee they won't last the weekend.
Speaking of western MA, I was just in Monson grabbing some beers at Tree House earlier tonight.
I could maybe travel down to NYC sometime around then.
I.e. you're not wearing any pants.
... a pinch of salt, and laughter too!
11/20 is my birthday, so that's gonna be a no-go for me (sorry fellas). The 23rd would be ideal, and I'd definitely be down to checking out Aeronaut. I'm also interested in checking out The Independent, or Lord Hobo.
Proportions and shit just looks unfortunate. Sorry man.Look at where your shoulders are. Now move your eyes along to the neck. It looks like someone planted a triangle on top of a boxy torso. That's what you get when you combine a turtleneck sweater with a jacket with big lapels flying straight out to the shoulder points. And if you have big delts that's gonna make things even stranger. You look like a triangle. I'm not even gonna talk about what's going on below the hem...
New Posts  All Forums: