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Stitches, now you just need some tzitzit popping out beneath some Eototo henleys for Jewish visual interest
This is a v. important question.
Moe as fuck [[SPOILER]]
I like the pair I have. Very comfy, almost like sneakers.
Tell me now what it was and maybe I will buy.
The T-1 looks great. And this also reminds me...The other night I had an extremely unusual dream. Most nights I don't remember what happens in my dreams, but this one stuck around simply because it was so insane. I was walking around what looked like my former college campus. All of a sudden, a car starts pulling out of a parking stop right beside where I'm walking. The driver—who can clearly see where I am walking—eases the car into my direction and continues rolling...
But those Kolor boots tho Damn
Casey I like everything in that fit... except for that t-shirt.
Shah that fit absolutely crushes.
Why the heck is it so impossible to find Margiela sidezips on B&S or SuFu or SZ in my size. And Balenciaga. Why do Balenciaga trainers cost over 6 bills at retail. What is this madness.
New Posts  All Forums: