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I was reading through some old Harajuju posts and was inspired by one of Synth's ToJ thoughts: a white quilted double rider. 'Twould be fucking incredible.
You make it sound like a bad thing. I just wish that they were like three inches shorter with zip closure instead of being pull-ons.
These are really cool boots. But I can only imagine that you'd have to tuck when wearing 'em, which is not something I like.
Just figured I'd do an interest check on the Sandro boots I just got in. Gilt sent me a pair in size 42 instead of 44. I can return 'em, but if anyone is interested in these , then lemme know since I think they're the only 42 left.
Gilt sent me the wrong size boots.
You're all misunderstanding what "racism" even means anyway, but that's a wholly unremarkable mistake.
Stark looks great stitches, and so does the glasses + hat combo.
Those look like Acne long johns, though I could be mistaken.
Damn, I just ordered a pair of boots. If they don't work out and I wind up returning them then I am definitely going to hit you up about these (assuming they're still available).
Can't tuck the blazer in—it has these sharp little teeth lining the inside. I haven't been able to separate the shirt and the blazer ever since I made the mistake putting them both on at the same time.
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