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A pair of really wonderful Malian musicians: Ali Farka Toure up first, and Cheick Hamala Diabaté (whom I've only just today discovered) up second.
The Label Whore videos are funnier than this.
Black drawstring chinos from Surface to Air. Super lightweight for spring, summer, and early fall. They taper pretty nicely down the pant-leg, and the waist has a slight bit of give due to some elastic throughout the waistband. Not entirely sure that I want to sell them, so let me know if you're serious about purchasing. I'll put up pictures of my pair sometime soon, but for now the photo above should give a general idea of what the pants are like. Shipping to CONUS is...
Pretty lightly worn pair of shorts, made by Hope. Slight drop crotch, drawstring, slit pockets. Selling 'em because they're just really not seeing a whole lot of wear on my end (drop-crotch isn't so much my thing anymore). They fit a size 48, but they could easily fit a 46 as well. Shipping is included in the price provided you're in the lower 48. (International will naturally cost a bit more.) Paypal +4% as well. Tracking at the buyer's expense.
No one should be fucking any clothes you immoral shitstain of a gong.
Just finished reading Kafka on The Shore a few days ago—which is, I swear, one of those books you just put down at the end as your eyes glaze over and stare blankly in awe into the void—so here's a batch of Murakami-inspired tunes to enjoy.
This yours? It's awesome. [[SPOILER]]
Damn you slstr, you stole my post.
I'm finally, finally getting serious about photography and purchasing a camera. At the moment I'm just trying to read up on as much camera basics as possible—mostly stuff to do with exposure at the moment—but I don't suppose the "real" learning will begin until I've got my hands on a functioning camera. I want the control that DSLRs offer, but all I've read concerning mirrorless camera systems suggests that they're just as good (despite the lack of optical view). If anyone...
In Australia everything works in reverse (cf. toilet-flushing).
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