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That smirk reminds me of Eason.
About 350 pages into Leviathan Wakes now. It's extremely accessible prose (meaning it's not "literary," if that's the term you might use to distinguish James Joyce from Dan Brown), but goddamn it's a lot of fun. The hard-boiled detective bits give it something of an interstellar Maltese Falcon flavor whereas the freaky shit recalls that one John Carpenter movie on Mars or somewhere else equally not-Earth. And there's a grittiness to the futuristic world that the Daniel...
It's the Detroit cut.
Pizza, by Rick Owens. (from someone else's tumblr)
So I just sat down and read 90 pages straight of Leviathan Wakes. And I also used a gift card to pick up Forever: The New Tattoo, The Pale King, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I've got The Orange Eats Creeps sitting on a desk, and I want to get through Witz and some Murakami this summer too.
I live in the Chicago area, which is a distinction my city friends really stress since I live in the western 'burbs. I should be around all summer (at least until August/September when I'll try to move back to Boston), so I'd definitely be down for a Chicago meetup. (Spooooope, forget going to Alaska; come to Chicago dude!)Oh, and what's the Margiela knit? Slash is it a size M or L? Cause I might want it.
I guess I need to creep around the city more so I too can enjoy awkward IRL encounters.
ty based chair dance.
Proxy rice from me, only $15.
Face was adequately not-stupid looking so I figured what the hell. edit: Jet I've no idea what you mean. nvm
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