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I'm leaving to go roadtrippin through the Great West this Thursday, but I'll be back July 9.We're all 21+, yeah?
Spope, that looks great on you. What a mensch to pass that on to a friend for a gift!
Oh my gorsh that looks awesome.
Parker you have great taste in music. I was browsing the Vintage Streetwear thread and saw a photo of Fela Kuti in one of Ivwri's posts. Hadn't heard of him before, but I really like this song. Looking forward to hearing more of his music and reading more of his biography. And some kids I went to school with just released a really cool album.
My brother lives just north in Bucktown; I'll be hanging around there Monday night to watch the Hawks win.
Great thread.
Ah, thanks man. I just saw Melancholia the other day and loved the bits of Wagner strewn about—that's pretty much what brought my attention to this (very large) field of music that I have very little understanding of. I'll see if I have access to naxos, and hopefully the local library has the Norton Anthology hanging around.
Anyone mind recommending a handful of "essential" classical music pieces?
Looks like a ninja turtle stomach.
I just got back home from the Hawks game (woooooooo!), and now I'm in bed reading Kafka on The Shore. First Murakami book I've ever picked up and I really like it so far. How's 1Q84?Random "fashion" thought: so I've switched from doing yoga regularly and lifting just a bit to lifting regularly and doing yoga every now and then. While it's nice to put on a bit more muscle, it's a pain in the ass to see long-time favorite shirts become just a wee bit too snug. On the other...
New Posts  All Forums: