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Do any webshops sell Acne limit t's? or are they only sold through the Acne Studios site?
Yeah, that one did it for me.
It's funny how uncomfortable we're willing to be in the search for the proper fitting jeans, but we're far less flexible regarding the fit of our jackets. Teger man, just give it a test spin for a few weeks, maybe a month. See if you find yourself more comfortable in it. It will hardly (if at all) depreciate its resale value on B&S.
I think it's about a +3 to dexterity and luck.
Ah, so that's why you recommend La Banquise!Also:The Surface to Air side zip boots finally arrived in the proper size and I absolutely love them. (Kinda worried that I'll wear them too many days in a row and completely wear them out before the winter is even over.) Anyway, definitely feeling like there's a sort of cowboy-ness to them, and I really dig that. I see for myself a mix between contemporary tailored, cowboy-/western-inspired, and "casual" (whatever the hell that...
I like that fit Moo, but I think the t-shirt game needs to be tweaked. A scüp-neck (Acne limit t maybe?) would do that fit good.
So this: or: And then I'm wondering: should I go with a pair of these? or should I just pick up a pair of Uniqlo or Levis jeans to fill in for my lack of distressed/super-faded jeans?
If you scroll up from that last photo nahneun, michaelyork kind of looks like a stingray wearing a tuxedo.
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