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M&C Uniqlo S2A Alyssa Norton
The best Jews are the Jews with guilt. Wait that's all of us.
Them damn Canadians with their floppy heads.
Haha, I'm not stingy! Just figured that unless someone asks it doesn't necessarily mean too much to not post 'em. In case you were curious: Emile Lafaurie / Hanes / Nudie / Surface to Air.
Adding to the recent influx of blazer fits.
First time in a while I've seen the og mmm's done well. The ToJ daypack looks great too. That username still makes me wince.
Léon (or The Professional, however you want to call it) had some pretty cool looks in it. Gary Oldman's suits would even work pretty well today, and Jean Reno's shades were too freaking cool. Also, the movie Little Odessa—thanks Clandestine Entertainment Thread—had some really interesting costume design. I don't know why, but I simply found that whole movie's look really fascinating in spite of its ugliness. The leather jacket that Tim Roth wore was just fucking...
I'm only using the kit lens at the moment, plus I'm still trying to figure out how to not suck, but here are some photos I took recently that I kinda like. They're just jpeg files that I futzed with a bit in iPhoto, but eventually I'll get around to using Lightbox or something. [[SPOILER]]
D'jello, though I can't come to love those shorts, I fucking love that t-shirt. I don't even know why. Every ticking gear in my brain should just flat-out crank my hatred of ominous words printed on t's. Somehow the love is seeping in.
If this were a hockey forum I'd make a "What, no Jagr?" joke. But alas... Unrelated: who makes comfy gym shorts that also look cool? I like Geller Seconds stuff, but I'm sure there's more out there too, right?
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