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Since it's a movie from before I was born, and since I haven't even heard of it, I'm guessing it's not exactly a "classic."
This was tremendously good fun to read. Thanks for putting in the work to do the interview and then transcribing it all. And, of course, big thanks to Geller himself.
I've been tallying all of my thumbs as well, but unfortunately the digits just don't add up to much.
Definitely not a means to getting a career, but I figure I'll need to do something in between now and whenever I figure out what grad school and program I want to apply to (assuming I continue wanting to get a professional degree).Worst. Buddycop. Drama. Ever. For shame Monsieur Bam-Danse.
Random life thought: I think I just want to work as a bartender until I figure out futurelife/gradplans. Do advise. Or don't.
Another pair of Moo shoes that are just gonna wind up on b&s.
I'm finally catching up, but I won't be able to contribute til the weekend I think. Really liking Little Odessa from what I've seen so far, and I'm really excited to see what this "Entertainment" pack is.
Renalen, that fit would look way better with chucks/vans/anything instead of those clodhoppers.
The boots look good with those jeans.
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