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Go home, you're drunk.
Oh, I know. I meant to acknowledge the fact I was working off of your point, but I must have done so rather clumsily.
I guess the pants do look a bit blue-ish in that photo, but irl they're just a plain black. They're the slim straight fit, so I'm pretty sure that they're these (don't know if Uniqlo has altered the fit of their jeans at all in the past year). And as far as the personal style stuff goes, I'm hesitant to suggest I actually have one. I've worn a bunch of disparate items over the course of the past year, and I've yet to really settle on something I really love. I feel great...
Thanks dude.
M&C Uniqlo S2A Alyssa Norton
The best Jews are the Jews with guilt. Wait that's all of us.
Them damn Canadians with their floppy heads.
Haha, I'm not stingy! Just figured that unless someone asks it doesn't necessarily mean too much to not post 'em. In case you were curious: Emile Lafaurie / Hanes / Nudie / Surface to Air.
Adding to the recent influx of blazer fits.
First time in a while I've seen the og mmm's done well. The ToJ daypack looks great too. That username still makes me wince.
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