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NN, that Rick leather is awesome.
Here are my thoughts (which aren't far off from Fuuma's).1) no belt, no belt loops, and no coin pocket on lower abdomen - No belt, would like to do single or double side adjusters. No coin pocket on lower abdomen.2) angled left forearm coin pocket, angled on forearm like it is on the VAJ-3 bicep - I'd prefer a coin pocket at the bicep if we're even considering pockets along the sleeves. Not really into a forearm pocket.3) 5-5.5 inch chest pocket with 7 inch handwarmer...
Shut up, you're the biggest ToJ fanboy of us all.
Not sure if you're being serious, but thank you if you are. I'm not doing anything special besides lifting frequently. The stuff that's posted in RHET goes way over my head; I just keep it basic.
Give me a few more months of lifting and you'll have earned yourself yet another adversary.
This reminds me of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.
These boots are the Alpha and Omega.
How did you manage to get a picture inside the bean with absolutely no other people around? Is this at like 3am?
Had some Crop vodka this past weekend. Incredibly easy to drink. Anyone else familiar with the brand?
I met @A Fellow Linguist while in Boston for the weekend. Awesome dude. We burg'd out like kings and talked about mall brand clothes, brad-t's hair, a mutual phobia of Boulder, CO, and our grandmothers. He drank some dark hipster beer from a can, and I drained a tall Stella. No SF meet-up outfit photos, but I do have a picture of his smiling visage stored on my cell phone. 10/10 would burg again
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