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gfuddlegigglewitz, that's an awesome fit. I love that ToJ, and I dig your wacky hair. Glad to see cyc rocking that Inverallan again.
The Schlenkerla doppelbock is a really nice beer—very reminiscent of scotch whiskey. And yeah, I can't imagine you'll be disappointed by the Double Jack. That's a really, really fun beer to pop open with friends.
Sup fellas. I feel like I should've started posting in this thread a while ago, but I guess late is better than never. Just had a 16oz can of Bootleg Fireworks from Baxter Brewing Co tonight. Coming from a dude who doesn't drink many IPAs, this was an awesome, awesome DIPA. Maybe it's just me, but at 9% abv it still felt really easy to drink. Definitely gonna keep my eye out for this beer at the liquor store. There's some BCBS on the shelf, along with Dogfish Head's...
The meetup was a lot of fun! (Sorry for being so pale and needing a haircut so badly.)
What kind of gear are you looking to get rid of?
Speaking of Styleforum meetups, I just grabbed some beers with a bunch of super handsome dudes at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville. @mike868y, @afixedpoint, @Ken P, and @ridethecliche—thanks for setting up the mini Boston gathering tonight. (Y'all can bug Ken for the photos—mine all came out real shitty.)
You got it my man. And I guess it helps that the jacket also makes me stand out a ton, so I doubt anyone is gonna have a hard time finding the group haha.
Bam, it's settled. I'll be there in the flesh fellas.
After that works fine for me too.
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