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Charly may have curt email responses, but be also uses smiley emoticons from time to time which basically fulfills my customer service needs.
It's more of an afterthought right now since I just sent ToJ pretty much all of my monies. But if it's still available for the next few weeks then I think I'll snatch it, especially given how nice the price is.
Hey Fok, I just wanted to doublecheck: will the "excavated" service boot be available in the pre-order? My first visit to the market site displayed only three boot options, but I understand if the pre-order arrangements are still being set up.
And now I wait.
I am a stupid, weak young man. Coming to a decision between a black lamb CWU, brown lamb CWU, and brown lamb A-2 has brought me to questioning the very constitution of my being.
Opening ceremony oxfords, size 44 – $60 [[SPOILER]] Moma sidezip boots, size 44 – $60 [[SPOILER]]
Surface to Air blazer, size 48 – $70P2P - 20Shoulder - 18Back length - 29 [[SPOILER]]
Crate denim, size 31 – $40Waist - 16Inseam - 31Upper thigh - 11.5knee - 8.75Leg opening - 7.5Surface to Air trousers, size 32 – $60Waist - 17Inseam - 33 (these have not yet been hemmed, and there is still more fabric that could be let out)Upper thigh - 11.5Knee - 7.5Leg opening - 7.25 [[SPOILER]] Ikks denim, size 31 – $40Waist - 15Inseam - 33.5Knee - 7.5Leg opening - 7
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