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You come to Chicago sir I show you a very nice time yes, is a nice place.
Nice and cool out here in the midwest get jelly brah.
Experiencing an unprecedented combination of bemused and abused. That question-mark kind of laughter. Ahhhh.
The Inverallan cardigan arrived so now I'm blasting the AC to 60 so I can lounge around in it sorry mother earth.
Dzien bro day.
I imagine that there are plenty of jersey material drop-crotch pants that stretch to accommodate whatever range of motion gym shorts offer.
Kg, are those Lanvin biker pants?
I know that the Punk exhibit at the Met has been discussed plenty, but I couldn't resist posting this brief essay I just came across. Very, very interesting, especially for crit lit nerds.http://fucktheory.tumblr.com/post/60181904301/first-as-farce-then-as-tragedy-punk-at-the [[SPOILER]]
Someone buy this Number Nine jacket so I don't spend $130 on something I don't need.
Dude you still don't get it. No one gives a single shit about a statement that amounts to no more than "like/dislike." This is what you said:Maybe you don't have a halfway-sophisticated understanding of the English language, maybe you're 15-years old—who fucking cares. But there's a difference between the following statements: 1) "I don't like that," 2) "I don't like that because it covers up that random internet girl's body," and 3) "umm, but the outfits are hiding the...
New Posts  All Forums: