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Missoni and JE look great dude. I need to get some Missoni in my life at some point, that shit is boo'ful.
La planète sauvage is an incredible movie. Thanks for posting that.
Nice boots mikey. What are they?
Yeah it's unexplainable but I find that pretty easy on the eyes svb.
whoa what if you started a movement.
"will need to be spoilered for NSFW"
Anyone have experience with Steven Alan footwear and/or clothing?
The colors are all off quite a bit. Everything fits right, and the silhouette looks good—but the colors just don't mesh so well.
I like that outfit, but I agree that the footwear isn't really doing it. The break at the ankles looks a bit funny, but maybe this is just a result of the photo's perspective. That Soloist jacket is terrific btw.
New Posts  All Forums: