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I can proxy trebuchets for you. There's this Swedish label called Flïng, I'll hook you up bro for just a $15 dollar charge.
Great fit dude, and I'm also on-board re: the boots.
Sitting in a tattoo studio, about to get a tattoo. It's gonna be some Chinese or Japanese or Korean symbol (they're all the same anyway, right?).
Just needs the "UNI" blurred out in the top right corner and you're all set.I almost purchased it from their site, but then I decided against paying $30 shipping. Not worth it imo.I was actually searching for a pair of ceam-colored Soulland bomholt pants, and I accidentally stumbled upon this webshop called International Playground that had this shirt in stock in a size M. They're in NY so shipping was like $8 or something. (They might still have some stock left; I didn't...
Definitely want to see the excavated boot as an option. If the original version is possible (i.e. the brown service boot, distressed), I'd like that even more.
I regret bleaching mine too much. Not sure if it's worth getting another pair though. I like what raw denim has the potential to be, but I feel like there's gotta be something else out there for me besides blue jeans.
Big +1 to that.
The fucking ToJ thread is fucking weird you guys. Cole and Distorbiant, y'all on some weird shit and I don't want to know why the hell there is such a tremendous personal investment in that thread, on your part. Duct taping a leather jacket? The fuck? I feel like Willy must tune into that thread each day shaking his head, "wtf is going on."In other news, I'm feeling confrontational so I want to challenge toasty to a loungewear fit. No interfering in this dick-wagging...
New Posts  All Forums: