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But really I just laughed my ass off
I had a dream last night where I impulse bought a ToJ wool ma-1 because B!CD kept elbowing me in the ribs saying c'moooooon like Homer Simpson or something. All of this happened inside a store called Lolita Lolita, directly after a conversation with a lesbian life guru in which she convinced me that yes, it's okay to treat oneself every now and then while in the process of doing great work for the world. So fucking strange.
Paul Dano style inspiration.
Speaking of tattoos, I'm probably going to get one sometime in September.
Thanks fellas, but an undisclosed source leaked me some crucial info re: the Inverallan cardi I'd been searching for.
First impulse buy of the year.
I'm looking for a warm, chunky shawl-collar cardigan for the fall—something that could work with jeans and a t in cool weather. RRL has a few that look good to me (this one in Shetland wool and another one in merino wool), but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some alternatives? I know that Inverallan exists, but I've had trouble finding their 6A cardigan in stock in my size; and SNS Herning's website doesn't list a shawl-collar cardigan, at...
No one liked that dude's gym fit because no one cared, and a decent number of people responded to NOBD's post because they genuinely like his presence on the forum and think it's good that he's running instead of smoking cigarettes.
I think that's the same one I saw at Barney's.
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