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I feel like I need to win this title for myself...
Looks good Toast. What are the boots and pants?
I have last spring's version of those pants, they're pretty dope. My only issue is the pant cuff. It kind of forces you to either cuff the pants (#menswear ankle) or deal with a busted ankle stack (unless you're wearing hi-top sneakers, in which case no problemo).
The avatar. I'm dying.
These are commonly known as Thread Derails. Many SF users take on an irritated posture whenever Thread Derails arise, but the not-quite-so-secret secret about Thread Derails is that they're Completely Alright & Okay.In similarly unrelated news, I had a dream the other night where I was at a science fair and ghettoasty was there presenting his research on being a niche-forum internet troll. He had a poster of Andy Kauffman propped beside him, and he was joined by his...
Lol, one of my friends from LA told me that the locals call the Kings the "Ice Lakers."... which is yet another reason why I'll probably never have anything but a seething, irrational, unfounded disgust of LA.
Hockey is the one and only sport I can ever truly love, sorry Regis.
2011 moto (no collar) in heavy calf suede diesel blue plus silver zips (just two). Pretty sure I can get this order in within 2 weeks if I try hard nuff.
Lol I hate baseball - I just like friends + beer.
Currently downing overpriced Budweisers at Wrigley Field. CHICAGO SF ASSEMBLEEEEEEE
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