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I hadn't seen those before, so it's not them; and I wasn't even aware they had a gun wallet. Kinda creepy to be honest, but that's not what I was referring to either. It's gonna take some digging on Tumblr for me to find what's floating in my mind.
I must be confusing it with something else. I'll keep my eye out for whatever it was that sparked that (mistaken) association in the first place.
Undercover...ism? I could've sworn that I've seen that particular brand pictured on magazine covers with guns and stuff a whole lot...
I'm sure you're just kidding, but a part of this does ring very true though. Maybe it's a case of not being clear enough about the limits of what we like and want to see/have, but I know that there's some stuff out there (e.g. Undercover) that draws inspiration very explicitly from the military and weaponry in a way I find to be extremely callous and contrived. I'm sure there are other ways to read it (and I welcome those readings so I can improve my own), but I just very...
That's some sanctimoniousness writing.
I'm sure you had him at "brutalist disaster."
Speaking of segue ways:
Segway is my kind of footwear.
I can proxy trebuchets for you. There's this Swedish label called Flïng, I'll hook you up bro for just a $15 dollar charge.
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