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Big +1 to that.
The fucking ToJ thread is fucking weird you guys. Cole and Distorbiant, y'all on some weird shit and I don't want to know why the hell there is such a tremendous personal investment in that thread, on your part. Duct taping a leather jacket? The fuck? I feel like Willy must tune into that thread each day shaking his head, "wtf is going on."In other news, I'm feeling confrontational so I want to challenge toasty to a loungewear fit. No interfering in this dick-wagging...
Isolated vocal tracks from the Medley on Abbey Road. Fucking whoa. http://www.openculture.com/2013/09/hear-the-lush-isolated-vocal-tracks-for-the-beatles-climactic-side-two-medley-on-abbey-road.html
binders full of women
That is the most improbable comparison anyone has ever made of my facial features thank you Jabrony.
Loungewear [[SPOILER]] Inverallan / Hanes / Acne (thanks spope) / CP
Has anyone made an SF buying guide for Chicago yet? I don't actually live downtown, but I'd be willing to help put a thread together if other Chicago SF'ers are interested in some sort of collaboration...
Snake: Schneider cardigan, but what are the pants?
You come to Chicago sir I show you a very nice time yes, is a nice place.
Nice and cool out here in the midwest get jelly brah.
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