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Oh shit, duh. I totally forgot about that. Anyway: email sent. I guess I'll figure this out sometime soon then.
I could probably order a ToJ right now. I just have no idea what to get. Head. Hurts. Muchhhhhhhhh. Spope and Synth have rec'd either the A-2 or the CWU, but I'm stupid and can't make a decision.
Nice. Is that bone?
I like that Teger fit a lot. Maybe tucked in wouod suit my taste more, but it looks really good regardless.
That actually looks really cool.
This is good to know, thanks for the insight. It's really cool to see SF branch out to legit motorcycle-tough leathers, but I doubt I'd ever order any of their jackets. If the distinction between ToJ and the leathers that Thurston Bros. carry can be accurately summed up as a fashion/not-fashion gap then, well, I'm still sorry to see ToJ go since it's really the best option I've ever encountered for stylish leathers at that price. I've checked out Schott NYC jackets in...
The arrival of Thurston Bros. leather just really doesn't match up at all to Drew's operation. ToJ is going to be sorely missed when it's finally gone.
Wow, those really are thick soles.
Nothing I can think of in particular, but there are plenty of t's out there that would look nicer than Everlane. Mostly I just don't really like crew neck t's unless there's something clearly 50s/rockabilly going on in the overall fit, but that's just me of course. Other than that, I bet you could rock a turtle neck with a blazer pretty well once it gets cold.
B!, I dig that fit. I'm still holding out for better t's (or no t's) in your fits though.
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