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There's wearing a pair of chunky black derbies, and then there's wearing a pair of PT Cruisers on your feet.
I.e. it's awesomeness at nut-punchingly painful prices?
If anyone is going in a direction where they could pull those off, I imagine it would be you man. Which doesn't mean I like them... but I bet you could make them look cool nonetheless.
Some photos from earlier this summer at or around this place: [[SPOILER]] They're not terribly clear or great, but I still mostly suck at this.
Damn straight.
This is pretty fun: estimating the price of John Mayer's Visvim collection. http://four-pins.com/style/extrapolating-john-mayers-visvim-collection/
I like that a lot, especially the jacket and the shoes.
The stratification of style.
It's ridiculous that it's a requirement is part of my point. Sure it "makes sense" to then seek a degree but that doesn't just mean it's not an insane reality. Only very few people can take on that debt and still come out alright (i.e. secure an adequate wage-paying job) given how shitty the economy is right now. It's not only wrong but it's unsustainable. What exactly doesn't make sense about this to you?
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