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lol @ spacepope thinking he can pull off diaper pants haha you suck spacepopoe haha u suck
Yeah, sure, but I sweat like a whore in church. You've had your whole life to get used to the tropics; I've had my whole life to get used to stupid winter bullshit like "polar vortexes" and endless snow days.
For bourbon, Elijah Craig 12 year and Eagle Rare (the one with the black label) are far and away my favorites to drink. Four Roses Small Batch and Single Barrel are also incredible. Buffalo Trace only when I feel a little red on my neck. Hendrix is always in the cabinet, but I need to try some Plymouth. Martin Millers is insanely smooth but I don't want to pay for it on the reg. Vodka matters little to me since I don't drink it often. Tito's is just fine by me. I once...
Fuck it you guys, I will never post a waywt fit in the summer. I hate this season when it comes to enjoying style. I can't wear anything heavier than basketball shorts, t's/tanks, flip flops, and random accessories. Which reminds me: this is why we need a tattoo thread so we can stunt on n3rds with ballerstyle tattoos. No Moos allowed.
www dot cool style shoes dot com this is the internet and we demand more www dot cool style shoes dot com, get the most style for the least hassle demand more
Regarding fitness: I started lifting somewhat seriously this past winter, something I had never really done before. My source of exercise as a kid was mainly playing hockey, but I tried going to the gym every now and then with friends. I kept playing hockey in college (club, nothing serious really), didn't really lift weights, did yoga for a year and a half, and tried running occasionally. I always had a super developed lower half from hockey until it began to even out...
Is that... Goosebumps?
The First Men in the Moon was such a fun (and also pretty chilling) book when I read it as a kid.
Blazer looks great Synth. I feel the same way about Uniqlo jeans: they're comfy as hell, but I wonder if they're a bit too tight on the thighs every now and then. Also, those MMM boots are maybe one of my favorite pairs of yours.
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