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So how long are you two fixin' to dock on that flea 'fested outer-ring planet for?
Thanks man. The jeans are just a pair of Levi's 513—nothing terribly special.And those are some nice looking beers you picked up!
You're not wrong about that actually. I don't post much anymore, but a lot of my recent posts have been criticisms of fits. I should word my thoughts in a kinder way.Interpretations of my sig aside, that sweater is definitely too short for the shirt. Look at how much of the button-down pokes out: it gives the impression that the hem of the sweater lands above the actual belt line.
X-post from The Official Beer Thread. You'll notice that my partner in crime is well dressed for the latest Denim Challenge. (I am not.)
Do you fellas recognize this place?@Ken P and I drove up yesterday morning. We brought back a lot of beer. I'll share some photos of my haul later on, but here are some snaps of the trip. [[SPOILER]]
Sweater is waaaaay too short to be worn with that shirt, and the sneakers look far too bulky from the angle of that photo. Frankly, the sneakers are pretty ugly.
It's a shitty poster whose shitty posts your shitty posts closely resemble. (?)
Stanley, I think the shirt was too much. The jacket would work fine with a plain t.
Hmmm, I kinda want to see MoK shave his head Walter White-style.
Drew quotes 20 weeks in 2013, Drew quotes 20 weeks the next year, Drew quotes 20 weeks after he quotes 20 weeks, and then he quotes 20 more.
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