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Cheap approximatinos of Viberg/Visvim? That's disgusting. Quite a few brands? Which brands? Where are these brands?
No, that's Reedo Baggy Pants-ito.
Nah, that's my job.Spacepope you suck and all your fits suck, go drown in a vast pool of ramen.
Those Margiela camarguaise boots look fantastic—I'd purchase them without a second thought if, well, they didn't cost over $500. I've been wanting a pair of brown sidezips for a while now. Any thoughts on this pair of NDC boots from Yoox? I've never worn their shoes before so I have no idea what to expect. [[SPOILER]]
@conceptual 4est I'm gonna second the rec for Backbar. It's also right around the corner from where I live, so if you do head over then let me know so I can go heckle you and your family with styleforum in-jokes.
Speaking of henleys, who else makes some good ones?
@in stitches that is so so soooooooooo dope.
Hey I get that reference.
So how long are you two fixin' to dock on that flea 'fested outer-ring planet for?
Thanks man. The jeans are just a pair of Levi's 513—nothing terribly special.And those are some nice looking beers you picked up!
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