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Goddammit that is an outfit I'd love to wear. Where to kop beard, tan, and jeans?
Moo, sinnedk, do you guys actually understand why shah and brad and hendrix and nahneun and so many others find your posts so unpleasant to read? I genuinely want to know if you possess any sort of appreciation for their perspectives. It's not an unfamiliar attitude to take on ("hey, it was just a joke, lighten up"), but I'm consistently grossed out by how removed people (like you) must be to insist on your "sense of humor" and your victim status. For real, though: do you...
Rosenrot is the best, and that outfit is streets ahead. If I recall correctly, shah used to wear J. Crew and other sorts of mall brand stuff—crew sweaters over casual button-ups, straight-leg trousers. Fuuma-lite, yet still very respectable.
Man shut up, you ign'ant.
What's the material of those pants? Looks almost like sweatpants, but I can't be sure.
Oh, I know. But since it's Vanson leather I think it would look cool to have that noted on the tag. Not a huge deal either way—just a small nod to the leather source.
I don't want a cutesy-clever Sky Mall abortion name for the jacket. Good leather and kitsch are two things I like perfectly fine, but not mixed together. If the tag just said "Vanson" in one line of text with "Thurston Bros. x SF" stitched in a line beneath it I'd be content.
I made some margaritas the other day, but I can't remember the quantities I did for each pour. Don Julio Blanco, agave nectar, Cointreau, lime juice. I mainly just tipped the bottles into the shaker ("yeah, I think that looks good"), sloshed it all around with ice for a while, added a few vigorous shakes, and strained everything into an undersized rocks glass. Forgot to rim the glass with salt. It was delicious. I've heard that white tequila is the easiest tequila to use...
La Garçonne is typically very slow when it comes to shipping purchased items.
I hear that's what all elevators in NYC buildings look like.
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