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Hmmm, I kinda want to see MoK shave his head Walter White-style.
Drew quotes 20 weeks in 2013, Drew quotes 20 weeks the next year, Drew quotes 20 weeks after he quotes 20 weeks, and then he quotes 20 more.
Waaait... I know these jeans from somewhere. I've seen them before!
That night was absurd all over—in the best way of course. The initial, "heeeyyyyyyyy... it's you" comes to mind immediately for me. "Well... shiiiiit. There's a dude from Styleforum in my living room. Yeah, I can run with this."Definitely had a fun time that night.
Sweet jeans. Who makes 'em?
Sadly they sold out of everything on Thursday night (which I knew before I set out toward Monson on Saturday morning), so all I could purchase were cans of Eureka. But I'm not even mad—Eureka is yummy as hell. Nate's wife told me that they were brewing more That's What She Said, and that it would likely be available in 16 oz. cans. Holy. Fucking. Shiiiiiiiiit.
He's lactose intolerant and peanut butter jealous af.
I mean it's cool if that's what you expect for yourself, but your posts come off as obscenely judgmental. That's why the other kids on the board don't like playing with you anymore bro.
That Raf hood creeps me out so much, like alien foreskin or something.
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