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The meetup was a lot of fun! (Sorry for being so pale and needing a haircut so badly.)
What kind of gear are you looking to get rid of?
Speaking of Styleforum meetups, I just grabbed some beers with a bunch of super handsome dudes at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville. @mike868y, @afixedpoint, @Ken P, and @ridethecliche—thanks for setting up the mini Boston gathering tonight. (Y'all can bug Ken for the photos—mine all came out real shitty.)
You got it my man. And I guess it helps that the jacket also makes me stand out a ton, so I doubt anyone is gonna have a hard time finding the group haha.
Bam, it's settled. I'll be there in the flesh fellas.
After that works fine for me too.
Turns out I can't do the 23rd, sorry fellas.
Thoughts of black leather jackets keeping me awake at night.
I'd always be down for a weeknight if that's agreeable to everyone else, but then I'd probably have to postpone to after Thanksgiving.
@A Fellow Linguist, are you gonna be able to make this meetup?
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