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Good advice fellas, I appreciate the input. I used to do lots of yoga a couple years ago, but I had to give it up when I chose lifting (too much $$$). I think it would be realistic to keep lifting for another year or so, hit my strength goals, and then transition into yoga once again. KJ, I think you're right: mobility demands a lot of work if it's gonna be done right. I remember how strenuous yoga was when I wasn't even lifting. It would absolutely kick my ass if I tried...
@jet, do you have a stretching routine that you do after your lifts to maintain good mobility? After giving up yoga and spending about a year and a half lifting and eating, I feel like I've lost an insane amount of mobility. Any tips amigo?
Cargo pants can b cool brah.
I haven't had an opportunity to handle any of their stuff, but thanks for throwing the suggestion out there!He didn't tell me either... Just showed up at my apartment and bore into my soul with unseeing eyes of infernal obsidian.Then we skipped our way to Bukowski's to eat burgers and drink imperial stouts.Sorry mate, it was a pretty spur of the moment thing, and we also knew we'd want the alone time to talk smack about people on SF. I'm wearing a size 52, and I'm 6' tall...
@Spacepope and I met up a couple weeks ago, and I wound up popping his Barney's cherry at Copley Place. I was sorta surprised to learn he'd never been to one before, but it makes sense after you think about it for a bit. After all, wtf exists in the Colorado wastes besides devil goats, flax-seed-powered cyborgs, and an 8' tall shearling-fetishizing weeb???Anyway, our resident droopiest flim-flammed his way through SLP biker jackets and RO leathers while I tried on pretty...
Someone re-post that how-to guide for "muscular" dudes.For benes. Not for me.
And once again my lust for Balenciaga rears its ugly head. Thanks Synth.
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