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Is that the case for most Rick ts?
Yeah, Ami seems to have some cool stuff from time to time. I think this is from last fall/winter:
Geez, you guys are giving me a nasty case of the howling fantods with this sort of talk.
h e hh e h
Make sure that you exhale as you're descending. People sometimes forget to do that when they think they're having a hard time breathing.Other than that, have an awesome time. Skydiving is easily one of the most incredible things you can do with your body. And don't worry if you don't pay for the photos and stuff—you probably won't look back on 'em more than a month after doing it.
I made a variation of the Last Word tonight that calls for Fernet Branca instead of gin—it was pretty good, although I'll have to play with the quantities a little bit before I'm entirely satisfied. Also made a 20th Century. Definitely gonna make more of those in the future. Oh, and I picked up a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel OBSK. Reeeeaaaaaally looking forward to drinking that one.
Angry Beavers was the shit. Rocko's Modern Life may have been my favorite though. The Rugrats Passover special was out of this world good.
Hey do you guys remember that episode of Hey Arnold! where Gerald sells Wacko Watches? Yeah, that was a good episode.
@robinsongreen68 what's the quality like on those Grifoni pants?
That was a pretty solid page of fits, nice work fellas. @bhajz, where are you in that second picture? I thought I recognized the location, but now I'm not so sure I do...
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