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Brad, things will make more sense when you stop buying sketchy weed from Caseyfud. _______ Question: do any of you guys tip your drug dealers at all?
Case, you look good man. [[SPOILER]]
The Final Ward. A variation on the Last Word Drink a lot prior to mixing. Drink some more. Drink so much, in fact, that you pass out on your kitchen floor. Pass out hard. Wake a week later, shivering and hungry. Get up. No electricity. Strange. No running water. Double strange. Tug at the beard forming on your face and scratch at your junk with vigor. No one else seems to be in the house. Huh. Momentarily ignoring your confusion for the sake of getting stuff done,...
This is literally (not literally) all I want in life right now but I have no idea what the hell to look for beyond these sold-out-everywhere Plokhov cargos.
Sounds like a really fucked up Mythbusters episode.
Spacepope you look like shit; Synthesis that is really good, although it looks like that Cloak jacket is getting a little too small for you *cough cough* *cough sell* *ahem* - You two and smash are like the only worthwhile posters in Colorado.
Speaking of awesome fast food, Doritos Locos Tacos could easily be one of the most incredible intersections of deliciousness, easy marketability, stoner appeal, and crunchy + soft mouthfeel.
That. Is. Awesome.
Spope 4th from left.
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