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Uh scroll up a little there, buddy.
This is a very unsexy fit. I don't like how the tightness of the jeans emphasizes the smallness of the penis.
I completely agree with you, and I was a bit surprised that my request for a refund was met with the suggestion that we find someone else to pay for my spot. If I figured it was worth it I would push harder for a straight up refund, but I'm just not interested in getting into that kind of dispute. Unfortunately the whole process has been very disappointing to take part in. There's no question that some incredible jackets are being madeā€”and at a price that seriously...
No idea. And I should be clear: I am asking for the same price as the jacket for anyone who is interested in purchasing my spot ($780). I'm not selling it for more, I'm not selling it for less, and I'm not looking for any kind of trades.
That combo of denim+Alden looks dadcore as fuck, and not in a good way.
Stitches and Penance absolutely killing it.
h e h h e h It demands extra-extensive snooping around on your smartphone.
Reedo is still alive. He liked one of my photos on ig the other day.
Thanks man.
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