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This is weird, but I know exactly which building you're standing in front of. I miss Boston. Nice fit all around btw.
Notwithit, go to the game wearing a beer helmet and an old Mike Milbury jersey. Act like you're not aware of the fact that he doesn't play hockey anymore, and then complain about the "idiot talking heads" on NBCSN.
Still waiting on @in stitches to post a fit with dem Marjelly boots. This is your official callout... bro.
There's something off about that Epaulet rider, but I don't know how exactly to describe what it is other than saying that the angles on it look wack as fuck.
Why dontchu cut yer hair ya dirty hippie.
spacepope you're nothing but a-an endless well of *belch* compromise.
spacepope y-you got a real *belch* you got a real f---ing problem man. We're all laughing at this, uh, at this "look at me, I'm a hoggggluurbb I'm a hobo creeping around in podunk suburbia, look at me I'm different." I bet you think you're quirky and weird because y-you're twenty-something and walking around in oversized cotton diapers, but let's be buuuuuurp real: j-jerking off in a cocoon of designer clothes with your cute anime figurines w-wouldn't raise an eyebrow let...
lol @ spacepope thinking he can pull off dunks haha spacepope you suck hahahehe
For all intensive purposes, this thread of conversation is probably best left in the dustbin of your browser history.
@mitchellmcm27: How are those Hope sweatpants? Are they made out of a jersey material, or is it something different?
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