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The measurements for the size 54 indicate about a 19.5'' shoulder. That's gonna be big on me. I can probably pull off a jacket with a shoulder width just shy of 19", but I am definitely not going to fit into this thing right away. It's okay though because I'm in it for "the long haul" (s/t spacediaper).
I smell a challenge.
Ah fuck it, I could put on another ten pounds.
Yeah I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit nervous about this one. I've tried on MMM jackets before and although they fit super freakishly small on me, I'm not so sure this will work out. Of course, I can always just eat more and more and more... but I'm not sure I want to get up to 200 lbs. If it doesn't work out I've got Synthese I can push it to.
@NAMOR caught me slipping:
I'm a week removed from leaving my job and about three weeks removed from quitting the Midwest to move back to Boston. I expect some of you to meet me outside the new Uniqlo in Faneuil Hall.
Shit, you're right. I'm about 6', just shy of 180lbs. I probably wear a size large now in most things, and I will probably only get bigger as time continues. Imma shoot you a PM real quick.
Goddammit I want this but I don't think I'm big enough.... yet.
^Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've got the same jacket coming in the mail tomorrow.
Cuffs are fine, but something not so beefy would look nicer in my humble opinion. Those cuffs look to be at least an inch and a half, maybe more. For suit pants that just seems like an inch too much.
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