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Guess that means you have to cut all your hair off and start over again. Oh well.
Richard Sherman is a national treasure.
Cool stuff. I've got a couple books on Hitchcock lying around somewhere—one where Truffaut interviews Hitchcock about his films, and some other one full of essays—and some other random essays specifically about Rope. I could probably put together a tidy little write-up if you guys would like.
I like this a lot—the coats and trousers especially. I'm picking up a really strong c4est aura from this one.
All I want to do now is wear beat-up jeans, Margiela boots, and ToJ leather. (And a t shirt. I'm no Regis.)
I think I might do one sometime soon. Would everyone be okay with a Hitchcock film? I know that most of the films we've watched have been a bit more esoteric for "Westerners" (in a language other than English, oftentimes made outside Hollywood, "artsy" haha), but I think Rope would be a pretty great film to watch with a group. If anyone objects I could try to think of something else of course.
I'll just pull a Pierce Hawthorne and send them a vial of frozen—wait nevermind.
Synthese sold me his baseball jacket in exchange for my soul. It's a bit bigger on me than I hoped, but damn it's a sweet jacket. It's too bad Drew cut this one out of the lineup, but I can understand why he'd want to focus on the other jackets.
I freaking love Totokaelo. I'm going to call them on the phone or send them an email and tell them how much I adore their customer service.
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