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Goddammit... This thread needs to be re-titled The Official Recommend Stuff for Very Small People to Buy—and for Larger and Thicker People to Covet—Thread.
Haven Shop does an excellent job showcasing their items. Probably my favorite webshop to browse through.
@Thurston Bros: Would it be accurate to say we're close to a month from seeing a prototype for the jacket?
Thanks for the shoutout Ken, but unfortunately I'm not in Boston at the moment. Maybe come early 2015, but we'll see. Anyway, @mike868y, you're now in my old stomping grounds. Shoot me a message if you need any ideas on what to do in Somerville/Medford/Cambridge. Lots of good stuff all around there. Oh, and take @Drinkwaters word on The Elephant Walk. Actually, take Gary's advice on any place to eat in the Boston area.
Again, I just want to know:
Goddammit that is an outfit I'd love to wear. Where to kop beard, tan, and jeans?
Moo, sinnedk, do you guys actually understand why shah and brad and hendrix and nahneun and so many others find your posts so unpleasant to read? I genuinely want to know if you possess any sort of appreciation for their perspectives. It's not an unfamiliar attitude to take on ("hey, it was just a joke, lighten up"), but I'm consistently grossed out by how removed people (like you) must be to insist on your "sense of humor" and your victim status. For real, though: do you...
Rosenrot is the best, and that outfit is streets ahead. If I recall correctly, shah used to wear J. Crew and other sorts of mall brand stuff—crew sweaters over casual button-ups, straight-leg trousers. Fuuma-lite, yet still very respectable.
Man shut up, you ign'ant.
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