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Hey do you guys remember that episode of Hey Arnold! where Gerald sells Wacko Watches? Yeah, that was a good episode.
@robinsongreen68 what's the quality like on those Grifoni pants?
That was a pretty solid page of fits, nice work fellas. @bhajz, where are you in that second picture? I thought I recognized the location, but now I'm not so sure I do...
I'm really into the Japanese floral and wave designs. Sorry to say, but tartan and paisley (and anything in red) would be a huge, huge turn-off for me. If none of the prints I want are available then I'd likely just settle with a solid black lining.
I have a pair of Surface to Air drawstring chinos which are pretty much exactly what you described. I don't know if they still make them, or if they'll offer them in future collections, but you might have luck searching on Yoox or in the marketplace.
Washed-out light blue floral is my preferred choice, but a muted purple paisley also sounds intriguing.
I'm extremely puzzled by this post. You just walked into this thread dropping a bunch of slurs, but it's the hostility of posters who weren't even involved in this conversation in the first place that you're concerned about? Just... what?
Or an XL. I'm recently begun outgrowing small doorways.
@nicelynice, please tell me now where I can find that first one in a size L/50.
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