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That is an excellent fit feji.
Looks really good Reedo!
That fit is so good it's making me verklempt. (; _ ; )
Hey y'all, quit ticklin' my jimmies so much.
[[SPOILER]] I like this fit a lot, but I think it looks a little too plain. The dullness of the sweatpants and the plain white t simply overpower the visual interest of the Schneider coat and the OG hi's. I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, but faded blue jeans or black denim would look real good here. And you need a t shirt with a better neckline—I'm getting a serious Fruit of the Normcore vibe from that shirt.There's a lot to improve, but I like what you've...
Huh, that's interesting. How tall are you?
Just to be clear the jacket definitely has extra space throughout the body. The arms? Not so much. I think it looks fine on me unzipped, but it could definitely use some breaking in.So I'm around 178-182 on any given day and what's weird is that I didn't ever expect to get into weightlifting like I have in this past year. I still want to put on a bit more weight, but at the same time I also want to fit through doors. And fit in clothes. Christ, I never realized how much of...
Spope it looks like your arms are hibernating inside a thoracic cavity. Which is to say that fit looks dooooooooope.
So this fits *way* better than I thought it would.
Beware what you're stepping into here. I don't know if you've ever witnessed Synthese unleash a full train of concentrated doki doki... but it's a lot to handle.
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