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"Stanley, I can't find our vacation pictures. Do you happen to know where they went?" Oh shit. Ohhhh shiiiiiit. Quick, brain. What do I say what do I say what do I say. "... Stanley? The vacation pictures. I want to put the 'special' ones somewhere safe." Thiiiiiiiiiiiink brain, sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiit. "You did put those photos aside, right Stanley?" "UM, UH, I UPLOADED THEM TO THE INTERNET FOR A CONTEST—oh dear that came out very wrong it's not what it sounds like...
hey r-beezy i just got 30 thumbs for 3 posts llamooooooo
I love that fit, but what I love even more is the rare standing-on-top-of-something-in-the-bathroom selfie. There's been a severe shortage of 'em lately.
Pretty sure a background check can take up to a week, though I may be mistaken.
Pretty sure that was a memento cardi, not a stark. Either way, I'm also not a fan of the sad flaccidness occurring around the neck area.
Very cool, but I disagree re: shoes. They look just right in those fits.
This is weird, but I know exactly which building you're standing in front of. I miss Boston. Nice fit all around btw.
Notwithit, go to the game wearing a beer helmet and an old Mike Milbury jersey. Act like you're not aware of the fact that he doesn't play hockey anymore, and then complain about the "idiot talking heads" on NBCSN.
Still waiting on @in stitches to post a fit with dem Marjelly boots. This is your official callout... bro.
There's something off about that Epaulet rider, but I don't know how exactly to describe what it is other than saying that the angles on it look wack as fuck.
New Posts  All Forums: