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Holy crap kill it with fire
fuckI dunneven know what that is.
I really would like to get some kind of shearling'd-out jacket for winter, but I'm not really sure what to go for. Any jacket I've come across with even a smattering of shearling (aside from ToJ) cost well over 2k, and that's just an unreasonable amount for me to spend for the foreseeable future. That said, shearling is awesome, and I really hope I see some SF members rocking shearling jackets this winter.
I've got the dust bag, the spats, and the assurance that these are still in very good condition. Like other Common Projects footwear items, they run a bit large. If you wear a 44 in stuff like the Achilles, I'd suggest purchasing only if you plan to wear them with an insole. These boots are kinda big and they're going to fit a US 11 or 11.5 best. I forgot to take a photo of the sole of the boot (I know, it's like the most obvious thing), but I'll upload a photo soon. The...
Color is shown pretty much true in the fit pic—a really dark charcoal grey. That's me in the photo (6' tall), but I'm not sure what I weighed at the time I took the picture. Maybe 170? As for the measurement from the back of the collar, there's no accurate way to pull that off since it's a shawl collar. If you're between 5'9" and 6'2" you ought to be just fine.
This knit is like mac n' cheese: it's a cool autumn day, the sky is overcast, Dave in the cubicle down the hall won't shut up about those meaningless TPS reports, a noisy draft swims through the faulty window insulation, and all you want is something soft and colorless and warm to reassure you against the gaping maw of oncoming death. Like mac n' cheese. Unlike mac n' cheese, this fella fits a true medium, looks fly as hell, and consists of a supersoft cozy wool. It...
This thing is thick, heavy, and warm as fuck. The horn toggles are real and the shawl is beefy, so watch out. According to the fellow who owned this before I did, the knit is 40% wool, 30% acrylic, and 25% alpaca. He never said what the last 5% of the knit is composed of, but I think it's safe to assume it's some blend of badass and *mouthdrool.* I put on a lot of weight over the past year (in a good way!) so this sadly doesn't fit me anymore. Fits a slim medium, but if...
So Grailed is fucking sweet.
Jacket is lightweight and constructed from a wool-cashmere blend which gives it a gorgeous fuzzy-soft feel. It's warm and well-suited for layering, but it can also be worn very simply with a button-down or a long-sleeve t-shirt. It can be styled well with workwear-inspired outfits, but it works with decidedly "darker" fits too. Since it didn't get much wear this past year, you'll see that it is in extremely good condition. Tagged a size M, I'd say it fits just about true...
They're all tech bloggers hoping to write the best iPhone review before anyone else does.
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