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Regarding fitness: I started lifting somewhat seriously this past winter, something I had never really done before. My source of exercise as a kid was mainly playing hockey, but I tried going to the gym every now and then with friends. I kept playing hockey in college (club, nothing serious really), didn't really lift weights, did yoga for a year and a half, and tried running occasionally. I always had a super developed lower half from hockey until it began to even out...
Is that... Goosebumps?
The First Men in the Moon was such a fun (and also pretty chilling) book when I read it as a kid.
Blazer looks great Synth. I feel the same way about Uniqlo jeans: they're comfy as hell, but I wonder if they're a bit too tight on the thighs every now and then. Also, those MMM boots are maybe one of my favorite pairs of yours.
Dope. I've always wanted to dictate to other users what they ought to wear and then see it come to fruition.
The RO jeans I have are extremely roomy in the top block and the crotch, and they have a nice taper from the knees down. Not sure what cut they are though.
I dunno, I think you could do some pretty cool SWD stuff with what you have (as long as your current black jeans fit well). Vintage-fade denim jacket + heather grey t + black jeans + boots = easy success. And you have a beard too. There is so much visual interest potential stored in those wispy tufts bro. Since we rarely see you in such casual clothing, it can be difficult to imagine how you intend to channel the sort of looks that kgfan, for instance, pulls off.
Get Uniqlo regular fit jeans (they ought to be roomy enough up top) and then have them tapered just a bit from the knee down. Pretty sure that ought to do the trick for you.
Black jeans solve everything.
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