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@mitchellmcm27: How are those Hope sweatpants? Are they made out of a jersey material, or is it something different?
Hair is cool, jaw is square, sneakers are white: I can dig it. Reminiscent of Synth circa 2010.
SVB: Neck 2 Tight sounds like a 90s rap mixtape.
I love this Dries jacket. I hate that Bieber has now made it instantly recognizable.
I peed in them and decided they weren't absorbent enough so I sent them back. Really pleased with Yoox's return policy.
Spope is a cold hard bitch; you don't wanna mess with someone who will cough irradiated phlegm on you.
I agree with the general sentiment of Spope's bitchfest above: it looks like you know how to size everything, but none of that stuff really goes together. Those jeans call for a sleeker jacket up top, and heritage-y wool with toggles and patch pockets simply doesn't fit the bill. I don't know if I even like that layered sweater thing either. The knit outer layer looks short and blouse-y, which is made even more pronounced by the longer mesh layer. And is the mesh layer...
French press? Siphon? "Capsules?" Geez, I don't know about you guys but I just grind my own shit by hand at home and then smoke the ever-living fuck out of it. Don't need to get all science-y and dorky about weed. And stop calling weed "coffee." It makes you all sound like nervous 14-year olds searching for the halfway decent euphemism that they'll never find.
Gerdermitt AFL so dam kewt =[]
Does anyone have recommendations for cocktail shakers and other bar tools? I'm kind of getting sick of my hands getting frozen stuck to a stainless steel three-piece shaker.
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