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La Garçonne is typically very slow when it comes to shipping purchased items.
I hear that's what all elevators in NYC buildings look like.
J-jesus christ, those jeans are freaking painted onto your thighs—get some jeans that fit you, b-baka
Let's repeat this experiment, but, uh, double the money, change the location to a major American city on the east coast, and include recommendations for "hot careers that a literary-minded person would find amenable." I'm asking for a friend.Eh, forget it. Career-talk doesn't belong here.
Thanks dude! Sk8 Hi's all the way—they're really comfy and well put together for the price in my opinion. They'd look real good with most of the stuff you wear too!
X-post from the Shorts Challenge Thread
Channeling a bit of conceptionist with the sneaker+socks combo.
Yeah that's p boring bro but at least your t shirt is long enough to wipe your butt in case you're ever stranded w/out tp
New boots cooler weather shitty filter yay
Black Margiela 5-zip on my mind...
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