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^Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've got the same jacket coming in the mail tomorrow.
Cuffs are fine, but something not so beefy would look nicer in my humble opinion. Those cuffs look to be at least an inch and a half, maybe more. For suit pants that just seems like an inch too much.
I like that Stanley, but if I had to nitpick I'd say the cuffs on the pants remind me too much of denim-head cuffing.
Yeah, that inner rider jacket is fucking sweeeeeeeeeeet.
No, screw the monocle. GET AN EYEPATCH
Looks fine. Nothing terribly special, but I'd be interested to see it in person. Who makes it?
Yeah, this.
We have a new SW&D banner image.
Check the fit that he linked just a few posts above. Looks perfectly fine.e: scratch that, those may be very, very dark navy pants. Still, I think it would look fine with black denim or black trousers.
I like the khaki moreā€”it will look cooler with black denim, faded blue jeans, and navy trousers.
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