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spacepope you're nothing but a-an endless well of *belch* compromise.
spacepope y-you got a real *belch* you got a real f---ing problem man. We're all laughing at this, uh, at this "look at me, I'm a hoggggluurbb I'm a hobo creeping around in podunk suburbia, look at me I'm different." I bet you think you're quirky and weird because y-you're twenty-something and walking around in oversized cotton diapers, but let's be buuuuuurp real: j-jerking off in a cocoon of designer clothes with your cute anime figurines w-wouldn't raise an eyebrow let...
lol @ spacepope thinking he can pull off dunks haha spacepope you suck hahahehe
For all intensive purposes, this thread of conversation is probably best left in the dustbin of your browser history.
@mitchellmcm27: How are those Hope sweatpants? Are they made out of a jersey material, or is it something different?
Hair is cool, jaw is square, sneakers are white: I can dig it. Reminiscent of Synth circa 2010.
SVB: Neck 2 Tight sounds like a 90s rap mixtape.
I love this Dries jacket. I hate that Bieber has now made it instantly recognizable.
I peed in them and decided they weren't absorbent enough so I sent them back. Really pleased with Yoox's return policy.
Spope is a cold hard bitch; you don't wanna mess with someone who will cough irradiated phlegm on you.
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