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I bought a couple pairs of jeans when I was like 20 pounds lighter—just didn't anticipate putting on so much weight. Since neither of those two jeans fit me anymore, I got a pair of N&F with some elastane in a bigger size. So now I have denim for Skinny Who13 and one pair for Beefy Who13. Oh well.
I propose an all-SF anime-binge watching marathon.
I love milk and eggs, but I'm thinking about going vegetarian and even giving up the ovo-lacto stuff too. RFT: I haven't bought any clothes in several months apart from a couple basic t-shirts. I'm enjoying putting work into my body's health more than I ever did gambling with B&S, webshop sales, or going through the hassle of returning unwanted Yoox garb. Feels good. RFTx2: I need to sell way too many clothes.
Alex, that looks real güd. I personally would have worn black denim or some sort of beige-ish pant-thing, but those APCs looks just fine to me.
I just bring in this photo on my phone and point at it with a furious expression of need on my face.
Is that the case for most Rick ts?
Yeah, Ami seems to have some cool stuff from time to time. I think this is from last fall/winter:
Geez, you guys are giving me a nasty case of the howling fantods with this sort of talk.
h e hh e h
Make sure that you exhale as you're descending. People sometimes forget to do that when they think they're having a hard time breathing.Other than that, have an awesome time. Skydiving is easily one of the most incredible things you can do with your body. And don't worry if you don't pay for the photos and stuff—you probably won't look back on 'em more than a month after doing it.
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