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I agree with the general sentiment of Spope's bitchfest above: it looks like you know how to size everything, but none of that stuff really goes together. Those jeans call for a sleeker jacket up top, and heritage-y wool with toggles and patch pockets simply doesn't fit the bill. I don't know if I even like that layered sweater thing either. The knit outer layer looks short and blouse-y, which is made even more pronounced by the longer mesh layer. And is the mesh layer...
French press? Siphon? "Capsules?" Geez, I don't know about you guys but I just grind my own shit by hand at home and then smoke the ever-living fuck out of it. Don't need to get all science-y and dorky about weed. And stop calling weed "coffee." It makes you all sound like nervous 14-year olds searching for the halfway decent euphemism that they'll never find.
Gerdermitt AFL so dam kewt =[]
Does anyone have recommendations for cocktail shakers and other bar tools? I'm kind of getting sick of my hands getting frozen stuck to a stainless steel three-piece shaker.
I think it depends on the style? This is my first pair of Margiela boots, so I can't compare them to other models. I wear a 44 in Common Projects and a 44 in these; the fit for both is pretty similar, although I think the CPs are nonetheless longer and narrower all throughout. If you're ever looking at MMM boots on Yoox, the nice thing to keep in mind is how awesome Yoox's return policy is.
Uhhhh obviously yes. But only if you make sure to tip me 20% for the reference.
Lol, that may be the name for them on Yoox, but I'd have to go check to be sure. All I know is that they're one of the "Muffa" treated boots. I know I got the last size 44 on Yoox, but I'm pretty sure there're more.edit: they are these
Haha, just an eensy bit more than I used to. Boots are MMM. Love 'em. Most comfortable things I've ever worn. Need to stop wearing them when the weather is so shitty though cause I really want to make them last.
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