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The RO jeans I have are extremely roomy in the top block and the crotch, and they have a nice taper from the knees down. Not sure what cut they are though.
I dunno, I think you could do some pretty cool SWD stuff with what you have (as long as your current black jeans fit well). Vintage-fade denim jacket + heather grey t + black jeans + boots = easy success. And you have a beard too. There is so much visual interest potential stored in those wispy tufts bro. Since we rarely see you in such casual clothing, it can be difficult to imagine how you intend to channel the sort of looks that kgfan, for instance, pulls off.
Get Uniqlo regular fit jeans (they ought to be roomy enough up top) and then have them tapered just a bit from the knee down. Pretty sure that ought to do the trick for you.
Black jeans solve everything.
As long as it's extremely cute I'll be happy
So how do we go about opening up a new WAYWT thread that only certain members can access?
This thread is honestly p great.
Speaking of tattoos, I love mine. It's really become a part of my body that I couldn't imagine living without. Maybe I'll get a companion piece this summer, but I'm waiting until the right image hits me smack in the eyes.
Thanks man, that really means a lot coming from you. The boots are Surface to Air - the same ones that some other poster just mentioned in the RP thread.
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