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I like the pair I have. Very comfy, almost like sneakers.
Tell me now what it was and maybe I will buy.
The T-1 looks great. And this also reminds me...The other night I had an extremely unusual dream. Most nights I don't remember what happens in my dreams, but this one stuck around simply because it was so insane. I was walking around what looked like my former college campus. All of a sudden, a car starts pulling out of a parking stop right beside where I'm walking. The driver—who can clearly see where I am walking—eases the car into my direction and continues rolling...
But those Kolor boots tho Damn
Casey I like everything in that fit... except for that t-shirt.
Shah that fit absolutely crushes.
Why the heck is it so impossible to find Margiela sidezips on B&S or SuFu or SZ in my size. And Balenciaga. Why do Balenciaga trainers cost over 6 bills at retail. What is this madness.
I'm pretty sure he just recycles the same old bullshit in each post y'know?The AFL story and the Spacepope story are like the exact same thing. It's like he's gotten lazy and sourced material from his own old (and quite clearly horribly aged) writings. #whatahack
Hnngggggggggggggggg das nice
Nah, casey is just high on life. And weed.
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