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So this fits *way* better than I thought it would.
Beware what you're stepping into here. I don't know if you've ever witnessed Synthese unleash a full train of concentrated doki doki... but it's a lot to handle.
The measurements for the size 54 indicate about a 19.5'' shoulder. That's gonna be big on me. I can probably pull off a jacket with a shoulder width just shy of 19", but I am definitely not going to fit into this thing right away. It's okay though because I'm in it for "the long haul" (s/t spacediaper).
I smell a challenge.
Ah fuck it, I could put on another ten pounds.
Yeah I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit nervous about this one. I've tried on MMM jackets before and although they fit super freakishly small on me, I'm not so sure this will work out. Of course, I can always just eat more and more and more... but I'm not sure I want to get up to 200 lbs. If it doesn't work out I've got Synthese I can push it to.
@NAMOR caught me slipping:
I'm a week removed from leaving my job and about three weeks removed from quitting the Midwest to move back to Boston. I expect some of you to meet me outside the new Uniqlo in Faneuil Hall.
Shit, you're right. I'm about 6', just shy of 180lbs. I probably wear a size large now in most things, and I will probably only get bigger as time continues. Imma shoot you a PM real quick.
Goddammit I want this but I don't think I'm big enough.... yet.
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