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Woops, I should have tried to get in on this. I was in Boston this past weekend but I probably would have been too busy with apartment hunting and nursing hangovers to attend anyway. Rain check dudes.
The loose-tapered fit. The jeans actually fit really well, but I do think the distressing looks tacky. I'll try to take some photos before I skip town for the weekend.
Just got a pair of the PBJ light wash jeans in the mail. Can confirm that the distressing does indeed look like shit.
Y-you both look stupid!
At the next SF meet-up: dance rehearsal so we can execute a well-dressed flash mob dance in the middle of the next Pitti.
That dude just bought one of my shirts. Weird.
Three Philosophers is a nice beer.
I saw that too. If you wind up snatching one, lemme know what you think yea?
Holy crap kill it with fire
fuckI dunneven know what that is.
New Posts  All Forums: