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I love when zissou morphs into drunk uncle mode. It's like SF becomes Thanksgiving for a night.
hates shirts
You're not wrong. I've had those CPs for like two and a half years, and letting them be my default shoe for so long has only exacerbated my footwear-related laziness.
I hate everyone and everything. How do these jeans look by the way. They're Uniqlo "PBJ" and they're comfy as hell. Not sure if I can tolerate the distressing though.
Get @Synthese to model that feller.
It grosses me out to imagine sf users becoming friends and, like, actually talking to each other outside of sf.
Hey guys, everyone please stop quoting the post below.
Woops, I should have tried to get in on this. I was in Boston this past weekend but I probably would have been too busy with apartment hunting and nursing hangovers to attend anyway. Rain check dudes.
The loose-tapered fit. The jeans actually fit really well, but I do think the distressing looks tacky. I'll try to take some photos before I skip town for the weekend.
Just got a pair of the PBJ light wash jeans in the mail. Can confirm that the distressing does indeed look like shit.
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