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KoY, I don't think I'd like S poop's fit as much with dunks, but that's just me. Throwing in a pair of dunks here would be like leaning a little too hard on the hyper drive, or going plaid when really you only should go at ludicrous speed. As for the SF discussion aspect, that has come up before in the past two or three years. To be honest, I don't think there's ever been an established pattern of serious discussion—we've always had random spurts of excellent fits and...
Will do man.
Or just buy ugly clothes like benesyed.
KoY, shave the sides of your head. Embrace the mullet-hawk.
I wish I could've joined you fellas, but I missed you by a week. In related news, I'm moving back to Somerville really soon.
I love when zissou morphs into drunk uncle mode. It's like SF becomes Thanksgiving for a night.
hates shirts
You're not wrong. I've had those CPs for like two and a half years, and letting them be my default shoe for so long has only exacerbated my footwear-related laziness.
I hate everyone and everything. How do these jeans look by the way. They're Uniqlo "PBJ" and they're comfy as hell. Not sure if I can tolerate the distressing though.
Get @Synthese to model that feller.
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