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Will do man.
Or just buy ugly clothes like benesyed.
KoY, shave the sides of your head. Embrace the mullet-hawk.
I wish I could've joined you fellas, but I missed you by a week. In related news, I'm moving back to Somerville really soon.
I love when zissou morphs into drunk uncle mode. It's like SF becomes Thanksgiving for a night.
hates shirts
You're not wrong. I've had those CPs for like two and a half years, and letting them be my default shoe for so long has only exacerbated my footwear-related laziness.
I hate everyone and everything. How do these jeans look by the way. They're Uniqlo "PBJ" and they're comfy as hell. Not sure if I can tolerate the distressing though.
Get @Synthese to model that feller.
It grosses me out to imagine sf users becoming friends and, like, actually talking to each other outside of sf.
New Posts  All Forums: