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I mean yeah it's not all muscle, but I've managed to stay pretty lean throughout the whole process. Though my waist could probably be cut down a bit, my lower body has always been pretty developed from hockey. Being in the gym has only added more volume, and most of that has gone to the rear and to the thighs. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't imagine I could just "cut" my thighs and glutes. I really don't think they could be much leaner.
Meant to post this earlier, but I forgot to actually sit down and finish my thoughts. It's a long-ish read. [[SPOILER]]
So I've avoided wearing my Nudies and my APCs for a bit now, wearing primarily my Uniqlo jeans instead. Last night I pull out the first two to try on and it turns out they're tight enough in the thighs, the crotch, and the butt to give other eyes an unnecessary visual of what the denim is covering beneath... I'm sure ten to twenty years from now I'll be happy for getting into the gym and putting on muscle, but right now it's a pain trying to sell and restock all the...
I'm reaching the very final pages of WUBC right now, and I have to say I really love this book. Kafka was my introduction to Murakami, and after that I couldn't resist shoving my face into 1Q84 and then Norwegian Wood after that. In each one of these books, there have been passages where I read, take a break, sit back for a second, and say to myself, "okay, okay, this is getting just a little bit too out of hand." Some thread in the narrative starts to twist around other...
KJ please keep those they are sweet as hell.
there may be a coke bottle hidden inside
The quoted name. I lol'd.
And Plokhov tanker trousers. Here's to hoping that they both fit.
"Stanley, I can't find our vacation pictures. Do you happen to know where they went?" Oh shit. Ohhhh shiiiiiit. Quick, brain. What do I say what do I say what do I say. "... Stanley? The vacation pictures. I want to put the 'special' ones somewhere safe." Thiiiiiiiiiiiink brain, sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiit. "You did put those photos aside, right Stanley?" "UM, UH, I UPLOADED THEM TO THE INTERNET FOR A CONTEST—oh dear that came out very wrong it's not what it sounds like...
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