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I caved: [[SPOILER]] Also: [[SPOILER]]
I... I knew I was doing something wrong.
The show today was a lot of fun. Got to meet plenty of great SF members and check out terrific vendor wares. No Man kicked ass, as did Shockoe (whom I had never heard of before -- Matt and Pierre were a pleasure to speak with), and the Luxire x SF jackets were quite good in their early prototype stages. Overall it was a very nice show. I may or may not have left the event with a garbage bag full of liquor...
@Ken P and I dropped off beers at the event, and now we're enjoying pumpkin spice lattes. #blessed
So @Ken P and I are about to get some Shake Shack with @Synthese. Turn to page 37 if you wish for us to poison his burger. Turn to page 51 if you want to add hallucinogens to the story.
Hm, doesn't sound like me—I don't have a white moto jacket. :/
Because the graphic resembles the music video's art direction? Yeah, I can see that.
Sorry to disappoint, but I lost major gains and am no longer hugewitz.
I can get behind this.
I'll be there. @Ken P and @A Fellow Linguist: wanna hitch a ride together? I'll stow my dutch oven aboard the Mega Bus and feed you both a rotation of cassoulet and buttermilk fried chicken. Oh, and @LA Guy: What's "strike" exactly? I generally enjoy being helpful. Care to explain what the deal is for offering a helping hand? I'll let you know in advance that I have a taste for Pappy and dry-aged steak, but I'll settle for White Castle and 40s.
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