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I can get behind this.
I'll be there. @Ken P and @A Fellow Linguist: wanna hitch a ride together? I'll stow my dutch oven aboard the Mega Bus and feed you both a rotation of cassoulet and buttermilk fried chicken. Oh, and @LA Guy: What's "strike" exactly? I generally enjoy being helpful. Care to explain what the deal is for offering a helping hand? I'll let you know in advance that I have a taste for Pappy and dry-aged steak, but I'll settle for White Castle and 40s.
Damn. Y'all are some cute bastards.
Scrolled down to Bene's fit, literally said "fuck yeh" aloud. Scrolled down further to nicely's fit and promptly minimized my browser for a five-minute cool-down. Well done fellas.
Lol at those pit stains, jfc man.
Much better dude. I could be wrong, but I imagine that fit would look really cool with some caramel/toffee colored corduroys.
Eh, it's Yoox. Have 'em shipped, see if they work out. If they don't, send 'em back.
This article from the Economist (2014) suggests that class mobility hasn't changed very much in the past 40 years, but given the widening gap between the rich and the poor, "the consequences of an accident of birth have become bigger." And there's also the concern that "living standards for the non-elite will stagnate for a long time." Also, there's this video from the Brookings Institute. I haven't watch it yet, but it looks topical.
Lol. (Though in all fairness, continuously could work if he was writing with with purposeful exaggeration in mind.)
New Posts  All Forums: