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Crotch bulge is the new slooty t.
Next up on Behind the Garment..."They were just, like, the most affordable fashion leather jacket you could buy. Take your measurements, send 'em in. Send in new measurements a few weeks later. Take more measurements after a bulk-cut cycle, and then send another email with new measurements again with additional questions about back length and shoulder gussets and zipper options... It was just crazy popular bro and everyone was getting some." — Styleforum user:...
Really? It looks alright to me. It might not be an exceptionally good fit, but the fit of those pieces reminds me of how notwithit dresses: slim, not too much drape. :shrug: edit: on second thought, that white t is definitely a size too small.
Dls fit is very nice until the footwear. Needs boots homie.
Bene, greys and blacks complement each other well and all, but that fit needs just a little more contrast. If you're gonna roll with those pants, then maybe switch out the shaw-neck sweater for a floppy white button-up and a crew-neck pullover. You could channel your inner-Regis that's itching to break out. Or you could swap the pants for some jeans. To be honest I imagine that coat would look pretty sweat with some black jeans, boots, a not-too-woolly scarf hanging down...
Seriously digging that VitaT fit.
Definitely down with that arrangement. What time are you thinking?
I think we got about 25" here in Somerville (i.e. Boston). Pretty much snowed for 24 hrs straight, maybe even more. Non-emergency travel banned (no roads, no public transit), schools closed for two days, work cancelled for almost everyone I know in the area, supermarkets getting mobbed in the days leading up to the storm. I passed the time making Irish stew with friends and drinking very heavily. It was like getting a 2-day stay at home winter vacation.
Good advice fellas, I appreciate the input. I used to do lots of yoga a couple years ago, but I had to give it up when I chose lifting (too much $$$). I think it would be realistic to keep lifting for another year or so, hit my strength goals, and then transition into yoga once again. KJ, I think you're right: mobility demands a lot of work if it's gonna be done right. I remember how strenuous yoga was when I wasn't even lifting. It would absolutely kick my ass if I tried...
@jet, do you have a stretching routine that you do after your lifts to maintain good mobility? After giving up yoga and spending about a year and a half lifting and eating, I feel like I've lost an insane amount of mobility. Any tips amigo?
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