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You're not my target, but I'm gonna take the time to apologize for the fact that I have yet to ship my beer yet. That said, I have some incredible stuff to send, and I'm really excited for my target to receive it! (Please forgive my tardiness—it's been an insanely busy few weeks in my life!)
Whew, I'm a bit behind! I'll be picking up some more beers tonight and (hopefully!) shipping tomorrow. I'll try to make up for my tardiness with good beer, a nice note, and some racy Polaroids!
Anyone wind up with some BCBS or variants today? I'm especially curious what sort of prices people saw in the store.
If you guys haven't checked out the new editorial yet, Synth and Spope took fan-fucking-tastic photos of some NMWA outerwear.
Well if you're gonna tag me @Ken P, then I guess I can't say no.
@Synthese grabbed that beauty off the rack and then forced me to stuff my arms into the sleeves. The leather felt terrific, and the zippers withstood our fine Editor-in-Chief's wrenching yanks and tugs. I'd love to throw down for one as soon as the fit gets dialed in.
It's far more upbeat and accessible in a big, big way. It's obviously the same deal under the surface, but the path from Geidi Primes to Visions to this is pretty remarkable. She's cut out lots of the "gibberish" lyrics, amped the production value, and taken her shit from "sad dance-y music" to "happy dance-y music with sad, sad lyrics." The AV Club and Consequence of Sound already have album reviews up—they're much better at summarizing it all than I am.
The album is dope. I've been listening to it over and over all day long.
I caved: [[SPOILER]] Also: [[SPOILER]]
I... I knew I was doing something wrong.
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