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Is there anybody here who would reject participating in a sale like this from TM Lewin? Does the price get any better than this? Also, how is the fit of their casual shirts compared to the slim fit?
BTW, I'm also looking at the CT casual shirts which say they are classic fit. Is a large going to run really wide? are there any similar brands where their casual shirts fit rather slim as well? Thanks again
Alright thanks guys, I kind of assumed all the CT shirts were on a pretty good sale right now, but it sounds like it gets better. I'll hold off, hopefully some after christmas sales will come through. I wear a 42 reg. suit. The biggest problem with getting things to fit are my shoulder (very wide), so it sounds like I should stick with the large. Thanks for the help!
Hey, I'm thinking of buying a number of CT shirts and need some sizing help. I'm 6'1, about 190 pounds, athletic build (college athlete). Some examples of shirts that fit me well right now would be polo custom fit size large, and I wear a 16.5, 34. That said, I was wondering how much of a difference the slim fit really is from the classic fit? If there was a shirt I really liked in the classic fit would I still be comfortable with the fit? Also, for the casual...
great, what colors/ patterns in a tie would you say do not work with this shirt? Thanks again.
so you're saying I could really put any color tie with it, within reason? For instance a light blue w/ pink paisley? Also, would it be fine to pair with a navy blazer due to the black checks on it? Thanks
Hey, just bought this shirt the other day and was wondering what color/pattern tie to match it with? Also, would it look fine with a navy blazer? The checks are thin black lines on a white shirt. Could i match a tie that does not have black in it? Thanks!
email sent about the Charles Tyrwhitt slim fit dress shirt. Thanks!
hah yeah, I had a feeling the first reply was poking a little bit of fun at me. He probably doesn't realize that I'm a college kid and indeed cannot afford to drop a small fortune on a pair of shoes... as much as I would love to = p Thanks for the replies, they do say "made in italy" on the soles, and I suppose that Cellini is what J&M refers to shoes that are made as such as. Thanks for the help everyone.
Hey everybody, I just bought a pair of Johnston Murphy shoes and was informed that they are of the "Cellini" collection. Well i've been doing some searching around for information and can't find anything about this collection of shoes. If anybody could fill me in I would appreciate it!
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