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Can somebody tell me how the Delrays fit? For example, do they have a relatively wide or long toebox, etc.? Or even better, if somebody had the dimensions of the shoe in or around a size 11 I would appreciate it! Thanks
Interested in the grey plaid hickey freeman blazer. Is it vented? Its also kind of difficult to see what colors are in it. If you could describe it that would be great.
I do have some credit on amazon for selling my textbooks, how stupid would I be to buy a new pair in 11 E for $325? honesty appreciated.
Thanks for the replies, duly noted. Dress code is business casual, slacks, button down shirt and a tie. I have a pair of shoes that I like to wear with my suit and was looking for something more laid back for the business casual look. I do like the look of the strands, but I already have a pair of J&M brogues that I wear as well.
So I'm thinking of buying a pair of Allen Edmond's Delrays to wear for work. I'm in need of a pair, especially if they're comfortable, that will last a long time and I can wear alot. Anybody have any suggestions or comments as to if these are the shoes to get or if there are any substitutes at a similar price point (or lower)? Thanks
Hi, Just wondering if anybody has experience between these two shoes. Both look very similar and attractive as well. If anyone has worn both or has experience with either shoe, please share their defining characteristics. Thanks
alright great, thanks for the quick replies. I think I'll steer clear of this one.
Just saw this blazer on ebay and I'm thinking about buying it. I'm in the market for a blazer, dont really have a decent one that I like. Any words of wisdom is greatly appreciated.
Hey, just wondering what peoples thoughts would be on the best blazer for your money in the $250 price range? Thanks
That suit is sweet... I want it very badly.
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