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Title says it all, Received a gift card (online) for Christmas and could use the money better elsewhere. I will send the winner the card number and pin good for $100. Thanks
Thanks for the replies everyone. How would you compare PRL (green label) suits to some of these? I frequent a local men's store that I can get one from that includes all alterations in the cost. I was also thinking about Tallia for a bit more $. Thoughts on that, if any?
Hi everyone, as stated, I'm in the market for a suit (or two) for interviews/internship. I'm pretty new to the subject so I was hoping for some pointers. The fit is probably the most important aspect to me. I was a college athlete, so I have an athletic build with a 44" chest, wide shoulders and a 33" waist in jeans, so I have a fairly large drop (6'2" tall). Being a student I would like to stay in the $400-$500 range. I'm sure some people here could steer me in the right...
Don't really know anything about it truthfully. Like i've said, I'm very open at this point. What would energy trading involve exactly?
Looks like Zagg is on the move. Been in the 16s today
For discussion sake, let's narrow the goal down to Investment Banking in Houston for example. It sounds like getting an MBA would still be the best choice?
Duly noted.
Great advice, I appreciate it. And coincidentally I am from Texas at was considering TAMU's Financial Economics masters degree. I guess my next question would be, timeframe aside, what careers would a financial economics degree lean toward that an MBA would not, and vice versa? I guess what i'm saying is are there industries, take IB for example, that would look favorably at an MBA while laughing (exaggeration) at a financial economics degree?
I will be coming from a state school that is not a target. I have above a 3.8 GPA and very good extracurriculars. Since I am not graduating from a highly ranked target school I always figured that earning a graduate degree from a more highly ranked school would set me off on a better path.
And i also realize that "investments" is a very broad category. So why not set the bar high and say an analyst at an IB or working for a Hedge Fund.
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