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Thanks Gary...do you mind if I ask what you paid to shorten the sleeve? How do they do it?
I really want to love these shirts, but I'm really stuck in a tough spot between sizes. I normally wear 16.5 with 35 inch sleeves. I ordered both the Tokyo Slim and New York Slim Fit in 16.5. The Tokyo slim fit sleeves are 34, which feels a bit too short for me. The New York Slim fit has 36.5 inch sleeves, which are definitely too long. Any advice from people who know this brand well? What should I do? Would it be a total mess to have a tailor shorten the sleeves on...
KingofSunrise...my experience is that the fit of Eidos suit/sport coat is in between the Isaia Base S and Gregory fit. The pants seem to be closer to the Gregory fit which fits me personally quite a bit trimmer than the Base S trousers. The quality and fit is great in my opinion.
Bought a staple Navy suit and a MTM sport coat at the Eidos event at Boyds in Philly. The fit is terrific on both and Antonio was extremely helpful. The sport coat just arrived this week, and I'm thrilled with it. Cant wait to see the dress shirts and other pieces for the upcoming season. Not sure if this pic does it justice, but here's the sport coat...
Some more Vanda perfection just arrived. Pics from my phone do not do these ties justice. Picked up a Navy and a Dark Chocolate grenadine, which are excellent. The Burgundy and Yellow ties are brilliant as well. Nice new feature with the label sewn to the inside of the tie.
Wow...very pleased with my recent order from Vanda. Great quality...great value...
After seeing all the great ties everyone's been getting from Cappelli I had to give it a try. I found the whole process to be great, website is very good, and order only took 2 weeks from order date to when I received the ties. All 3 are 7 fold Unlined. I'm incredibly pleased with the way they all turned out. Silk is very lightweight.
I would like to buy up to 5 red Isaia suit hangers. Please PM me if you have any of these available. Thank you. --jfied23
Not sure if this is the same thing, but I just ordered two sport coats from STP, and they both had this issue, along with other things I thought were "missing" from typical ISAIA garments. I returned the SC's immediately to STP as their return policy is great. This latest batch of ISAIA that they got seems to be of a lower quality, with less handwork, etc. I'm certainly no expert on tailoring, but I do love the other ISAIA suits and SC's I have. The things I recently...
I'm looking to buy up to 3 red composite Isaia suit hangers. Please send me a PM if you have any that you'd like to see to me. Thank you!
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