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^ In that case you might like nappa w/ black stitches. So understated almost boring ;-)
I've got several pairs of boots/shoes now: White 1460 MIC Black 1460 MIC Oxblood 1460 MIE Vintage Midnight blue /w blue stitches (limited) MIT Crazy Horse 1460 (early 90s, MIE) Another pair of 90s steel cap 6 eyes that are no longer made (can't recall the number) Fat-soled greasy gibsons (early 90s, MIE) Cherry red 1461 MIC, not worn yet Nappa black / black stitch 1461 MIC, not worn yet. On my first pair of MIC whites the finish started lifting in some places. DM Japan...
Quote: Originally Posted by Spirit of 69 What a lot of people don't realise is that it wasn't just DM themselves and Soloviar in England that made Docs. You had a few factories in Northampton (the shoe district) making fashion versions, under licence, that became very popular.For example, the high quality very soft slightly pointed Hawkins model made by Hawkins. And they carried those factory names like any other shoe brand carries its makers name....
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