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Do you think this sport coat is part of a suit?
What really boggles my mind is how much difference 1 cm does in leg opening. I don't have experience with suits, but I'm always changing opinions. I like the look of my Levis 501 which have 20 cms but I also like my Levis 511 which has a leg opening of 18 cms. I also have chinos with 18 cms (and a higher rise) and 19 cms and I like them both. It really depends on my mood and if I want to dress more classically or more "fashiony".
I'm not buying it but YOOX has a lot of these suits. BTW, buttoned cuffs means that the jacket has functional buttons?
With this weight are they suitable for Winter?
YOOX has a lot of suits in cool wool. What does this mean?
Should I wait for the price drop after Christmas or take advantage of the free shipping + 15% off promo code?
There's a El Corte Ingles near Porto, but I've never seen any Carminas there. I have two pairs of shoes from Armando Silva and I'm pretty pleased with them, even if they aren't SF quality.
There's no place to enter the code
No. I live in Porto. Are you portuguese?
I can't add the code because it appears the Free Shipping message.
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