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When buying shoes on Yoox if it says "Fits large" do you size down?
Thanks. Is there any Kiwi product that is a conditioner?
If you only do one thing to your leather shoes should it be conditioning? Is there any Kiwi conditioner or is it only used for polishing? Kiwi is really easy to find in Portugal and I would rather buy it here than have to order something like Lexol or Saphir online.
I know Saphir products are the gold standard but does KIWI have something similar to Saphir Renovateur?
What's the size of the leg opening on those jeans?
From which eBay sellers are you getting these?
I'm going to a wedding in April as a guest but I have very limited funds to spend on new clothes. Is this a good pattern for a wedding tie: Besides the wedding tie should I go with MOP cuff links and a white linen pocket square or should I just limit myself to one of these pieces?
Thanks. I can buy it used for 25€. Do you think I can flip it for much more?
This tag comes from a R. Caruso suit: Is this a real Caruso suit?
I've found this Made in France YSL jacket. Can someone tell me if it's of good quality:
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