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Stone IPA.
Recent favorites: Stone Supremely Self-Righteous Alesmith IPA
Creed GIT today.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Those aren't bad and I agree, but not at retail. They need to make the fit on their cords in the urban slim. I'm hurting for slim fitting chords and like what I see from Uniqlo, but not sure if they are too skinny. Need to try some on, but unfortunately I'm not in NYC. Next time I'm up there, I'm checking them out. I have to try the H&M's to see what I think though. I just got some Uniqlo cords when I...
Usually a Merkur HD and any one of a number of shaving creams and soaps.
^ London, thanks for helping me find them. I got to try them on in person yesterday, the denim looked good, but the cut didn't seem the best for my body shape, so I passed on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by London They are in the store and online Not trying to sound thick-headed or anything, but I am having trouble finding them available online (context told me they would not have them again, for instance). If you could tell me an online or brick-and-mortar place where I could find them I would be grateful.
Are the dark gray NDG jeans a thing of the past now, or do they still sell them anywhere?
Kiya, If I am a size 33 in SExSC, do you have a guess for my size in these jeans? Jeans being too small for my thighs is the biggest problem I run into.
Kiya, Do you have any idea when your Sugar Cane tan belts might come back into stock?
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