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What about this game to dress up our friend Julian Assange? Julian Assange Dress Up
I like some of his choices... amazing the balance of seriousness and imagination that he seems to attain.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knisse BillyMaysHere! nailed this topic back in 2010... Dont understand why anything else has been said. can you quote what he said. I didn´t see it on this thread...
isn´t he dressed better than any "average" young Australian? I think he looks cool for someone so young.
what do you have to say about this? agree? Unlikely Style Icon: Julian Assange WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange named 'fashion icon'
why is that? any negative thing happened to you?
he always had a keen eye for selecting clothes... Here, a stylish young Julian Assange, then 25, in his court appearence in Melbourne, Australia (at the Victorian County Court) outside the Melbourne Magistrates' Court said bhall41
I´m in a tropical climate island now.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh pastic bags would not be a good idea. try storing with some kind dessicant. for the fungus keep them dry and bacteria free. is the silica bag a dessicant? so I just cover them with toilet paper?
Quote: Originally Posted by JPYPSU07 Betula is made with synthetic materials and smells terrible after wearing it. Birkenstock uses real cork and leather. If you really want to buy them spend the extra money and get the Birkenstocks. -- Actually this is wrong, I was thinking of Birki's....sorry so why there are some Betula made of leather? it could be lower quality leather, but still leather...
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