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Any thoughts on the eyeglasses put out by Super? http://store.retrosuperfuture.com/collections/people-optical I actually like a few of the designs, but something about the brand kind of turns me off. Maybe it's the fact that I see them mostly on Biebs and Kanye. Originally wanted Lemtosh but am concerned they may be a little round for my face. Might head over to the Super flagship and compare with Moscot.
Anyone know of a source that has makr bags on sale?
Anyone know where I can pick these Vans up? They seem to have been around in 2011 but can't find them for purchase anymore (only versions with regular eyelets) If not, maybe you know of something like them? They're fairly straightforward canvass sneakers, but I like d-ring eyelets, and saw someone wearing a charcoal/tan-rubber colorway today that looked cool (open to any color option though). TIA
...figured some of you have seen this in person.
I'm not looking for something similar to New Standard. I've been gravitating toward much narrower legs than the NS since I first got them. I'll check out the 3sixteens, thanks. Will also go try a pair of PS and NCs, bik, but the more I read the more I'm leaning toward avoiding APCs altogether due to the massive stretching. I don't mind some stretching if it's a pair I can toss in the wash once every week or two to shrink back down, but I'm really hoping to avoid this and...
I'm searching for some new denim, and was hoping to get some tips from you guys. I'm looking for something with a very slim leg, either tapered or straight (skinny leg is good, so long as it's not "second skin" skinny). Price
Haha, thanks guys. I'm also wary of raw denim shirts...imagining massive bright pit stains.
Bump. Really not sure what size to get. I ordered a pair of 54s having never tried the 52s (many of the chains only carry 54 it seems). Tried them on and am worried they might be a touch too large, but I'm also just not used to wearing larger glasses. Saw some 52s yesterday. Tried them on, and the noticed that the earpieces were angling outward at the hinges. I have a pretty large head, definitely larger than average. I don't have any pics right now, but here are some I...
New Posts  All Forums: