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I was able to visit Filson again during another business trip. This time I also visited their new HQ offices: Really, not much to do, since all you can do is take a couple of pictures from within the main lobby in the main floor/reception. Second floor is restricted - corporate offices: Not that I would recommend food that is not healthy, but if you arrive too early, there is a nearby (and very large) KK shop about 1/2 a block away: Since I was so...
Looks fantastic - great job man!
+1And congratulations on getting the replacement zipper, even after initially you were told No. Way to go - it pays to be both polite "and" persistent
I checked it as you suggested, and you were right - thin indeed. But I still have to try it, so I went ahead and gave it 2 heavy coats of the Greenland Wax all over the cap, and additional 2 heavy coats just on the seams on top - it noticeably darkened the material, and now when held against the light, there is less light through it. I am back in Texas (so don't have the daily rain as I had in Seattle), but I will report later how well (or not) it holds up.
I got to visit my customer in Seattle this week, and I also got an opportunity to visit both the Filson Outlet, and Filson's signature store/factory. Outlet Store address: Shoppes at Burlington Address: 448 Fashion Way, Burlington, WA 98233 Phone: 360-503-1897 Hours: Mon-Sat 10-8 Filson store (and factory): ADDRESS: 1555 4th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134 206-622-3147 STORE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 10 am - 5 pm Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm Sunday, 12 pm - 5 pm First, the...
Yup, I had a SL bag as well, and it was a little bit too wide at the bottom (and heavier than my 257). I am also enjoying that the 257 is a little "tall", so I can put things "on top" of the inside stuff
Exactly. That is why I have been using this for years now. It is very easy to apply, leaves no residue, only slightly darkens the fabric, and you have great control on how much to apply, by deciding how many layers (and where to apply additional layers). But I can't take any credit - the links you posted above do cover how to apply, and where they recommend to apply additional layers.
Yes, the color/tint is almost 95% intact, as the wax tends to very slightly darken the canvas. I also like it since it leaves no greasy residue - it feels completely dry to the touch, as the canvas absorbs the wax completely as you apply the heat gun over it. There is nothing to rub over pants, clothing, etc.., so I applied the finish all over the bag, with an extra 1-2 coats on the very bottom, where it will likely be easier to get wet/dirty.
Before I used my 257 for the first time I waxed my 257 with this one, which I have used before for other products that require waxing: After 2-3x light coatings (heatgun for each coat), it took in a very slightly darker tone: Will
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