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Agreed, the pad in my 257 is not the most comfortable.
Good luck man. It is unfortunate, but you almost are forced to take a chance when ordering clothing from Filson. I have a Timberline (lined, Tin cloth jacket, now discontinued) which I ordered in Medium (which based on what I posted above, it "should" have fit), but it was HUGE. I exchanged it for the SMALL, and that one fits me like my Medium Alaska fit Cover Cloth Mile Marker Coat.
I have been to the main store in Seattle and have tried both alaska and seattle fit coats, and inf fact I posted about it 2-3 weeks ago:http://www.styleforum.net/t/133759/filson-bag-thread-with-pictures/4050#post_7331961The Seattle fit is very "fitted" while the Alaskan fit is more "baggy" or "roomy". And that is on purpose. The Alaska fit is meant to allow for 1-2 internal layers of clothing, and then the jacket on top of everything. Not so with the Seattle fit, which...
Good luck. Like you, I wish your their sizing were more consistent. Right now it is still a little bit of a hit and miss. My Tin Clock jacket (now discontinued model called the Timberline) is size Small, and it is still larger around the body then the Alaska Fit Med size Mike Marker, and about as big as my older (26-oz) size 40 wool Mackinaw Cruiser.
In my case, the Seattle Fit Med was "exactly" my size - meaning if I sat down, there was no room/material to allow me to extend the arms forward (like for example driving a car, typing on a computer, etc.). And that was without an inner layer. It was just too tight to allow for movement doing normal stuff. It fitted more like a fitted, tight suit jacket, than an outdoor jacket (which is what I wanted). The Alaska Fit Med was cut more generously in the back and in the...
I got this one in Seattle Fit (Med), and it was too tight. I exchanged it for the Alaska fit (also Med), and it was a perfect size.http://www.filson.com/products/cover-cloth-mile-marker-coat-sf.10409.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=mens/coats-jackets&fmetaProduct=1011/I have exchange with them a couple of times, and if you tell them exactly where it too big/small, they can recommend the right size based on that.
I just ordered one of them - thanks
I was able to visit Filson again during another business trip. This time I also visited their new HQ offices: Really, not much to do, since all you can do is take a couple of pictures from within the main lobby in the main floor/reception. Second floor is restricted - corporate offices: Not that I would recommend food that is not healthy, but if you arrive too early, there is a nearby (and very large) KK shop about 1/2 a block away: Since I was so...
Looks fantastic - great job man!
+1And congratulations on getting the replacement zipper, even after initially you were told No. Way to go - it pays to be both polite "and" persistent
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