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Oh wow, that sucks. I was not even able to get to that point as the quantities went to zero right away!
Same for me with the large carry-on
Congrats! I sold the thinner Wool Cruiser, but of course kept my vintage 26oz cruiser. It is my go-to coat when weather is going to be below 40F here in Texas. I also kept the vintage, original Navy Peacoat, for when it gets really cold "and" windy here in Texas, since it is longer and covers/protects even better than my Cruiser. Will
Thanks much
Outstanding - thank you so much for the comparison. Exactly what I wanted to see and know Will
Ops, yes. My bad. The medium travel bag vs. the small duffle. Would love to see side-by-side.
Photo request, please: small duffle bag vs. medium carry-on bag, next to each other?
Agreed, the pad in my 257 is not the most comfortable.
Good luck man. It is unfortunate, but you almost are forced to take a chance when ordering clothing from Filson. I have a Timberline (lined, Tin cloth jacket, now discontinued) which I ordered in Medium (which based on what I posted above, it "should" have fit), but it was HUGE. I exchanged it for the SMALL, and that one fits me like my Medium Alaska fit Cover Cloth Mile Marker Coat.
I have been to the main store in Seattle and have tried both alaska and seattle fit coats, and inf fact I posted about it 2-3 weeks ago:http://www.styleforum.net/t/133759/filson-bag-thread-with-pictures/4050#post_7331961The Seattle fit is very "fitted" while the Alaskan fit is more "baggy" or "roomy". And that is on purpose. The Alaska fit is meant to allow for 1-2 internal layers of clothing, and then the jacket on top of everything. Not so with the Seattle fit, which...
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