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Hey, @1up did you make your decision?
Quote: Originally Posted by 1up Both of you are very knowledgeable in the subject, thanks for invoking some good "food" for thought. Now kiss and make up Can't we just get along?!
Gotta love the boys. His goal is pretty bad ass:
Quote: Originally Posted by Avocat And so, T.O having been eliminated, with the choice now being as b/w Calgary and Van (and the subject of the Leafs having come up). If we're putting suggestions based on hockey teams then I say forget them all and move to Detroit. Red Wings are #1
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower You'll be locked into "that guy is a product of the 2005-2015 tat fad. I'll bet he says epic and sick all of the time. Hey old man, where are your skinny jeans and plaid shirt?" oh just imagine all the 70 year old men running around like this. I go back and forth on whether or not I want a tattoo.
While I do love Toronto, I would vote for Vancouver. Being out on the West seems like a better option, personally, but I don't know your tastes. Plus you are near Cali, Washington and Seattle. Think of the hiking and fresh seafood! Plus, if you do go to Vancouver you can visit Wild Island. I do some work with Lexus Magazine and think you'd be interested in checking out an article they recently did. Just to give you better insight to some things around...
Quote: Originally Posted by [IMG[/IMG] Yea I don't think I would know what was going on if I woke up and saw dominos. Too much thinking too early in the morning.
Aqua Di Gio is a great one But am a big fan of CUBA, plus it looks like a cigar:
I will be seeing this during my annual movie and chinese date. It is the traditional Jewish way to celebrate Christmas, after all. I expect to just stare at the screen with mouth agape.
Depends on eye contact is made when I get into the elevator or if there was the offer of pushing the button for the floor. If there was no interaction, I keep quiet. Something slight, they get a smile or head nod and a 'have a good day.' If I feel up to it, I throw up the deuces and walk away.
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