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caber tastes good
Guys is our relationship with this thread dying? I'm sorry for ignoring it lately
it depends if it's caused by prolactin or not. Might as well try both
just ordered Raloxifen and caber, gonna see if I can use it to reverse pubertal gyno. If you are awares of protocol plz aware. Seems to be 1ml/60mg daily for 10 days, then .5ml/30mg daily afterwords until change occurs. Not sure about caber dosage.
WTF the day I decide to lift instead of do Muay Thai as scheduled who shows up at my gym but FABRICIO FUCKING WERDUM FUCK MY LIFE
generally a safe assumption
Yah, don't feel tight enough otherwise.
I'm leaner since I'm working out 7 days a week, (lifting 4x but muay thai/mma 3x) but my diet isn't that caught up. I still don't have a 6-pack. Poverty 4 pack maybe. Definitely not a humblebrag. 110 felt easy so I just wanted to see where my strength was at. I let too much air out before the sticking point and my legs started spazzing out lol. I ended up having to rack it on the lowest pin after about 5 seconds. I have never failed a 1rm before on squat bench or dl in 10...
failed benching 120kg today at 75kg. Fucking embarrassing. I almost had it, but I couldn't grind it out. i used to be able to do at least 2 reps
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