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I'm gonna take fuji to nana plaza. The world's largest adult playground(tm). Thank god I have the coolest girlfriend in the world.
265 for 3 on bench yesterday @ 180. Felt real psyched up stronk after first rep.
Just some general beautification a few years into my 30's (29 now).
U tryna get da pipe? Lolz Socal2NYC keeps sending me selfies taken mid-coitus
Somewhat OT: Anyone here ever had work done?
u sure about that?
creatine non-responder checking in
Since I started doing high rep curls at the end of my workouts I feel like I've got a permanent .5" on them lol. My elbow still hurts I though.
Aw but when you're done you can come hang out with me in the 'kok. That's worth anything.
Increasing blood flow is key to recovering from injury. Can't just stay off it.
New Posts  All Forums: