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Putting plates under your feet is a bad idea imo. Just adds another layer of shit to go wrong. If you're going to do an exercise, might as well do it properly.
CS was right on the collapsed arches as well
Looks not bad but it seems like you're going to fall forward. Do you feel like that, or do you feel like you're in danger of falling backwards? Chucks are not the shoes for front squats, you should get oly shoes if you're going to do them seriously because otherwise you have to do a wide stance which will deemphasize the quads, which is the whole point of the FS.
Right, paracetamol it is. I should note that basically any time I do a relative narrow stance squat, I get this pain.
Never fit into anything anyway without lots of tailoring anyway so no. Anybody ever get a feeling like their hip is kind popped out? Happened after doing front squats with a more narrow stance a couple days ago. Not dislocated but it seems a bit aggravated around the femoral tuberosity. I squatted yesterday no problem but while moving around it feels uncomfortable and I'm waiting for it to snap back in or sth. .
I just realized it's been a long time since we've had a 100% total fag-out in this thread. We came close today, boys.
Negative, too busy to get any before my session
You mean neutral at the bottom? No.
Fucking shit. 200 kg x 2 but my grip failed on 3rd one so it doesn't count, and now I don't get to up my deadlift this cycle.
Only 275 @ 182lbs
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