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I have jabra rox wireless bt ear buds. With the ear-clip things they stay solidly in my ears. No more pulling my headphones out when deadlifting and squatting. On a training note, pulled 440 yesterday. The hardest thing is definitely the grip.
I'm gonna take fuji to nana plaza. The world's largest adult playground(tm). Thank god I have the coolest girlfriend in the world.
265 for 3 on bench yesterday @ 180. Felt real psyched up stronk after first rep.
Just some general beautification a few years into my 30's (29 now).
U tryna get da pipe? Lolz Socal2NYC keeps sending me selfies taken mid-coitus
Somewhat OT: Anyone here ever had work done?
u sure about that?
creatine non-responder checking in
Since I started doing high rep curls at the end of my workouts I feel like I've got a permanent .5" on them lol. My elbow still hurts I though.
Aw but when you're done you can come hang out with me in the 'kok. That's worth anything.
New Posts  All Forums: