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I think shelling pistachios would just lead to eating a lot of pistachios.
Them hiked-up boxers aren't fooling anyone
Literally the most infuriating thing that can happen in a gym outside of a guy curling in the power rack is when your cord gets caught and the buds get violently ripped out of your ears. It's so offensive that you want to punch someone at that instant, but there's nobody to blame. The worst feels.Also, you owe 100 USD to charity if you don't hit 1000lb total by December 31st, motherfucker.
There are literally no powerlifting groups in Bangkok. wtf.
It's a shorter buzz on the sides fading to longer on top. The middle of the top is kept longer and the front is also longer than the back. Then you'd style it by washing and blow-drying the hair for volume, then using hard wax to keep it in place
well, are are men's men: admired by men and desired by women
You should have challenged him to take 6 shots, and then after each shot he takes shouted "ZEROOO!"
Been a while eh. Dunno how many people will get my costume.
My right knee hurts like fuck when I fully flex it. Think it's anterior patellar horn tear from muay thai. It doesn't bother me when lifting but it does in day to day life
looks like skeen is holding it down over here
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