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I am growing a scaly patch on both scapula :x
Holy shit lol: http://youtu.be/qY1szcZnYDk Elgin just won a fan, and I unsubbed from Hulse's channel (didn't watch anymore anyway but his attitude is pretty pathological at this point)
I'd move to Spain but there are literally no jobs. Maybe one day.
Sometimes I wonder how I have any friends left on facebook, but then I remember that some of them are like tesseract
Philippines brah. Trust me. I'd see you there.
lol wat? at least you guys can save money by buying children's shoeshave you tried lifting in LA lights or roller-shoes?
If I ran a gym the only plates would be 45 and 90
Cool, looking forward to the shirtless pics.
The UK is a shithole lol
lol that would run about 15,150,000 USD in Hong Kong. 5000 USD/square foot here.
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