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13% maybe
Even Raloxifene can't help. I cry.
P.s. Am i looking solid and tighter?
I've… seen things... you people wouldn't believe. Squats with so little ROM you they can't be detected by the human eye; I watched someone do band assisted dips for nearly 2 hours in the squat rack by the window... All those… moments… will be lost, in time, like... tears… in… my quads. Time… to quit my gym.
My body is adjusting. Looking pretty aesthetic lifting 3x and doing MMA 3x. Caber and raloxifine are helping with the fat on my chest, too. Definitely worth it over surgery and time off from the gym.
It would help approximately 73.5% you twat
lol manlets etc
So good lololo
Today a twat came into my gym trying to blast the pads hard and show off. The owner didn't like that:
I'm going back to a 3x/week full body routine. I need the frequent squatting to help my quads/glutes recover from their injured state. Need to get my bench back up as well, and I do best on FB routines. Will also take one less day of lifting from my week, which is good. MMA 2x muay thai 1x leaves me with one day to rest.
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