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screaming woman @ 2:00 made me lol
Huh? You just said there is slight increase in weight lifted. Progressive overload pertains to both volume and resistance.
lookin good
use a wider grip, stretch wrists before you get to work sets
I like this guy:
He's saying we should ignore ridethecliche because he doesn't even lift
"You should feel my pain... I'll make them feel my pain." Thanks, Misc!
lmao that photo never gets old
so I bounced at a club tonight, it was a party for some highschoolers graduating. holy shit, our future is fucked. kids look like little justin beibers getting fucking hammered and fucking in toilets then zombie-walking around blackout drunk. Also outside some little mexican guy stopped me and was like "Holy shit, you're like a big version of me!" before getting pulled back by some girl he was having an argument with. lol also did my first BJJ class (no gi) today in 3...
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