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Where do you live? A lot of places have "stickfighting" which is just an analogue for stick/knife martial arts. Most will have you practice with both, but even if they just do rattan it's nearly the same as knife fighting in terms of the principals (just some strikes becomes slashes, etc). The concepts are very similar and transferable.
Actually, my undergraduate degree is in sport science
Close quarters combat. I promise you that mma is far more interesting than weightlifting. Not that it's a substitute for lifting heavy things.
just do mma 3x a week u faggots also getting turned into human lasagna is a great way to shed 50-90% of your body weight.
bombs all around Bangkok tonight. 2 at a hindu shrine. over 12 dead. My money is on the muzzies. stay safe, op
Maybe if you weren't a beta pussy he wouldn't be able to take your shit
Well you're in luck, because Deus Ex: Revision is coming out for the original very soon and that will be reason to play it all over again.
Yes, my chocolate friend; he used to work for Eidos.
Just found out my mma coach worked on deus ex. The original one. Fucking crazy
fucking immigrants
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