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Terribly sorry to hear about all this, my thoughts are with you.
I saw my abs yesterday in the locker room mirror. Was so proud :'(
Do you like being dominated on the bottom?
Well she's right about the psychopath part doe.
commencement for what? phd? bachelors?
Hmm. Have you tried watching 3 more?
Nah watch more of his videos, maybe you'll see differently. He addresses the elephant in the room of the fitness industry: everyone is stupid and full of shit
holy fucking shit, kali muscle is literally the dumbest motherfucker in an entire community which is nothing but dumb motherfuckers:
That's steam's counter. I think it counts the time the programme is open though, and I just leave it running in the background.
I have spent 2500 hours over the last 2.5 years playing Dota 2. :/
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