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Plot twist: Ted Cruz is collecting donations for ISIS
http://pocket.co/so5qq4 "The obsession some have with earmarking Western imperialism as the root of all global evil is paradoxically soft-racist. By putting the blame for the volatility of the Muslim world at large on the neocolonialist manoeuvres of the West, and not on the corrupt leaderships or religious fault-lines conspicuously manifested by the locals, these opinion-makers exhibit twenty-first century Orientalism, implicitly asserting that Muslims would readily act...
Does it matter?
Well shit
Why wasn't that mentioned in this thread? http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/12/middleeast/beirut-explosions/
Yeah but it's fucking cold there.
any non-Russian mouthpiece sources on that?
Kurdish area?
heard resonance from the shockwave?
Grandpa! Sorry I can't make it this year to visit...
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