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Too lolzy not to post here: Brb almost getting into a fight with someone at the gym. Warming up on bench. A guy, quite aggravated, tells me to rack the weight softly. The sound of the bar racking on metal hurt his ears. Me: dude, it's a gym. There's going to be noise. Him: you've been told before! About deadlifting! But you don't listen Me: I try to put the weights down as controlled as I can Him: no! No you don't care! Me: *puts headphones back on, because in my mind...
Yeah, likewise. Shame you're missing the pool party. Rhet I have a shitload of pseudoephedrine thanks to allergies. Wat do?
I'd put my saag in her paneer, if you know what I mean?
Back from vacation. Back to muay thai. Will go under the knife if I can't get rid of the fat in 2 more months.
lol ouch, that's fucking terrible. #2 fear.
easy phgts: https://www.facebook.com/Eason7/videos/o.1604399713151800/10101664789001488/?type=2&theater (182.5 x 3) lol deadlift boners: https://www.facebook.com/Eason7/videos/vb.19700560/10101664791246988/?type=2&theater¬if_t=like (190 x 1) Going for 200 next Monday @ 77kg. Will be a competition in a few months but it's separated into 75 and below/ 75 and up. wtf is that? will probably try for 75.
Today the most hilarious gym scale ever put me at 11.1%. I actually laughed. It consistently put me 14-15% for weeks
New leader of the physique contest
As per the contest small print, the winner will be chosen based on height.
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