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Going to watch a strongman competition today. Expectations are low.
I'll be honest with myself: I didn't do much cardio and I didn't watch my diet well enough. Another month and maybe I'd have something.
This piece is pretty great: http://io9.com/i-fooled-millions-into-thinking-chocolate-helps-weight-1707251800
I can't find a single fucking place with decent lighting to take a picture. It's like taking a dick pic after taking an ice-bath.
I need to find good downward lighting
Isn't the milky substance in the stem poisonous?
Oh did we forget to mention it's a natty-only competition?
I'M BACK IN THE CONTEST, BOYS! here is my before pic from about 2 months ago at about 18%: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10boDJBu0UM5Te6TJ2CcheFBKvWiB3uzDGg/view?usp=sharing I'm still about 14% but I think I can drop a couple by doing muay thai and going low carb. But I'm having a hard time caring enough to suffer than much.
I started at too high bf. Went from 18 to 14% for this contest. I had no idea how fat I was
Huh? What were you eating? What is your maintenance?Maybe you're not eating as much as you thought?
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