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Does nothing for me. I need my lacrosse ball.
None needed, it's all explained right there in the abstract.
Sir, I am precisely thirty.
Jesus, you must be nearly... at least... 30.
I just want to tell you guys how much I love this thread.
Chinese and Norwegian nationals were murdered by ISIS a couple days ago. China vows to do something about it. Odds of China actually doing anything? The PRC has zero scruples, but they also don't give a shit about things outside their sphere. They play it smart and let the western countries bleed while they get the oil contracts.
I mean the issue with these groups is that you can squash their organizational structure at best, and then still everyone can just run away and join another organization with a made-up story.
Is there anything stopping ISIS from detaching a number of fighters to infiltrate the other groups?
Why, it's going to consolidate ISIS's forces?
New Posts  All Forums: