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He's saying we should ignore ridethecliche because he doesn't even lift
"You should feel my pain... I'll make them feel my pain." Thanks, Misc!
lmao that photo never gets old
so I bounced at a club tonight, it was a party for some highschoolers graduating. holy shit, our future is fucked. kids look like little justin beibers getting fucking hammered and fucking in toilets then zombie-walking around blackout drunk. Also outside some little mexican guy stopped me and was like "Holy shit, you're like a big version of me!" before getting pulled back by some girl he was having an argument with. lol also did my first BJJ class (no gi) today in 3...
Amateur ass-fucker indeed
Alcohol exacerbates mental problems and uncovers underlying feelings. Thus why some people act differently (more psychotic).
I would wash them in hot water and see how they fit after that. If that fails, go to a tailor.
Going to do brazilian jiu-jitsu tonight for the first time in 3 years. Also working the door at a club tonight for the first time, will be lulzy /fuji
I like Omar, though I didn't at first. He's got a good natty physique and pretty good lift numbers. He's also a nice guy.
Have you tried watching the new "Cosmos" show, hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson? It's good. Start at the first episode.
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