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I lived in China for 3 years, then Hong Kong for 3.5 where i was politically active. I'm reasonably fluent in their moon-language.
A Chinese cop in uniform is there to pay lip service to security. They are generally kids who don't know what they fuck they're doing. A step above 保安 (security). I've seen them turn away and pretend they couldn't see man smashing his wife's face into the pavement. Useless cowards. The "real" Chinese cops don't wear uniforms; they are plain clothes. And they don't give a fuck about crime either-- they exist to bundle away threats to "public order" like protesters and...
Generally, combative techniques for the army are just for building confidence and conditioning. They aren't seriously meant for use. Same with those police techniques. (I guess nobody read this)Similarly, a China-cop like that would never find himself in those situations and they are filmed solely for propaganda purposes.
It's just Squat/bench/row/pullups alternating with squat/press/deadlifts. I regulate the sets as needed. Usually I do 5x5 for squat and bench, 3x5 for press, 1x5 for deads, and whatever for the others.If anyone is interested in martial arts, self-defense, or simply the human reality of violence, I highly recommend Meditations on Violence.Read it when you have time, it isn't long:
I just lift mwf with a stripped 5x5 and regulate to 3x5 when i feel dead. Mma Tues thurs sat, rest Sunday.
vag? If they're post op it's like fucking a meat pocket. Better in the butt do I or do I not look like a gentleman?
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Yup, 3x full body. Sunday is my only rest day.Think he... had some bad Chinese.
Well I'm certainly not fit, but yeah my coach can grapple for ages while my arms get pumped and I get wasted. It's all technique though, without the technique you're just powering everything out.I don't get injuries; we spend about 10-15 minutes rolling up and moving about before doing anything. You rarely start doing anything intensely (unlike squatting first thing in your workout) so it ramps up quite nicely. We don't use gi, it's all practical stuff for MMA.Also,...
I just do MMA. I used to compete in sub wrestling, but no stickfighting.
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