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If you're looking for 965 +, then you're looking exclusively at gaming laptops:http://www.xoticpc.com/I don't like 15.6", there aren't any thin/light ones that I know of with a 965+ GPU. In the 13.9-14" range though, you have Aurus and the Razer Blade (2015). Both are very attractive.
u tryna get da pipe? edit: hit me up bro we'll have a good time
only on days ending in "-day"
But is it sponge-worthy?
Aren't you all about high rep and not strength training doe?
strong everything
they're like pre-workout. you end up dependent on them.
I think I want to be 170 or so for the aesthetics competition. That would gave me looking quite decent
5'10.5" 175 lbs
Stopped losing weight at about 2.2k calories. Should I drop to 2.0 or just start meth?
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