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5 x 10 squats, even at 50% 1RM, are no joke *heavy breathing*
Fuji come to Bangkok. Guaranteed both of us dead in a week. Will be a great week tho.
Should I just make this thread about my sexual escapades?I mean. Because I have a lot of photos. @@
cool story broI think most people probably do 10 reps with any weight they can do 5 reps for. you just need to want it
22 I think.please no cops.Couldn't finish fucking one girl in their hotel suite, I'm embarrassed.Spent two hours with above girl. Get a call to come help my friend out with two girls. I am tired but i go.Summary:1. Couch fucking uncomfortable2. She takes too long to change positions3. She doesn't know how to kiss at all4. Slight peachfuzz over lipI lost it 20 mins in, was awks lol
so, this isn't a girl but I don't really care. Gonna go balls deep in there. But first, I need to go meet two college girls in their hotel room. brb going to hell
lol was about to make fun of someone's photo on fb for being blurry: Then I remembered he has MS
That article is bad. At least, the bit about the shins being vertical.
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