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do you stretch your calves/ankles out before squatting? Can you sit in the squatting position with your palms together and your elbows pushing your knees out?
315 squat for reps coming soon, feels good. don't look like a starting-strength faggot either
not sure where I could find it tbh. powerlifting doesn't exist in thailand
Dling 200kg next week but worried about my grip. Any quick tricks, like using the sticky sweat from the bottom of your scrotum as a quick-n-easy chalk?
dengue fever stealing my gains
Hypertrophy? pffh who cares.
lol strong everything. *m'lady*
tfw Jewish
I've tried changing to more narrow stance and it made my knees hurt. I tried putting my toes forward for TORQUE because Kelly Starret told me to, I got hip impingement pain. I tried squatting wider and lower and it made my hips hurt. I've finally found a back squat stance that I can apparently do with minimal maintenance to keep my fascia un-knotted and hips unimpinged, though it still takes work. Squat however the FUCK you wanna squat
Not really. his shoulder flexibility is insane. I've tried to squat nearly that close a grip and it gave me elbow tendonitis.
New Posts  All Forums: