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That's what burning a fuck load of calories a day will do for you on a bulk
Can't think of any reason for a healthy person not to. Especially if you're interested in powerlifting.
Skinny guy came up to my after my workout today and was like "I was watching you squat, just so you know, you shouldn't lock your knees out each rep. You should almost lock them and then go back down. It will destroy your knees in the long run." me: "thank you for the advice."
Doesn't count until you make a facebook post with her face the moment you did it
Found a pastry chef who lifts on Tinder. Zomg. She is jacked. Bobo this ur future wifu?
send her to thailand and she can stay with me.gonna give her da pipe doe
he has an arch. Not sure what it matters, though.
Don't talk to me about squat. Can't seem to get past my hip/upper quad pain and I'm always afraid of straining it again. Will try using my oly shoes with more stretch reflex and if that doesn't work to make me feel more comfortable/uninjured then no idea what I'm gonna do
Lowering carbs/calories on my rest days might just be fucking awful enough to get me to workout 7 days a week.
but how bony are her knees?
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