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just ordered Raloxifen and caber, gonna see if I can use it to reverse pubertal gyno. If you are awares of protocol plz aware. Seems to be 1ml/60mg daily for 10 days, then .5ml/30mg daily afterwords until change occurs. Not sure about caber dosage.
WTF the day I decide to lift instead of do Muay Thai as scheduled who shows up at my gym but FABRICIO FUCKING WERDUM FUCK MY LIFE
generally a safe assumption
Yah, don't feel tight enough otherwise.
I'm leaner since I'm working out 7 days a week, (lifting 4x but muay thai/mma 3x) but my diet isn't that caught up. I still don't have a 6-pack. Poverty 4 pack maybe. Definitely not a humblebrag. 110 felt easy so I just wanted to see where my strength was at. I let too much air out before the sticking point and my legs started spazzing out lol. I ended up having to rack it on the lowest pin after about 5 seconds. I have never failed a 1rm before on squat bench or dl in 10...
failed benching 120kg today at 75kg. Fucking embarrassing. I almost had it, but I couldn't grind it out. i used to be able to do at least 2 reps
OR eat mad fucking calories while burning mad fucking calories yolo 2 days muay thai 1 day MMA 3 days lifting
Thx bae you delivered
quest chips are a game changer edit: @fuji I have a maths question if I fuck a girl who is pretending to be Daenerys while I pretend to be Kal Drogo twice, then fuck a ladyboy once, what % gay am I?
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