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Reps on deadlifts as a goal and not a training method to hit a higher weight is silly to me. You reset the weight and set up which takes 5 seconds anyway. Just aim to hit 450 and on the way you'll be able to do 405x5
very good q actually. you're probably right, but I still want to have it
Nice avatar tess
nothing, what's up?
Bunch of retards in here who don't know how to reach goals.
I love burritos as homemade food. Super easy and convenient. STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO WRAP THE FUCKING THINGS THO. P.S. if anyone would like to leave a message for fuji to read, now is probably the time.
Um yeah I was like u wot m8?
8 x 4 is pushing it for front squats. I'd keep it 5 or under since your erectors will just get tired.
So close to 100 bench for 10. Got 9 and the last one was a little grindy
You should be able to deadlift what you can push for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: